Turning the rice cooker upside down, the monster on his knees had been beaten by Erza three times. Jerry cast a strong magic and quickly activated the sealing magic.

The items that were originally used for sealing magic were thermos cups or Russian nesting dolls. After only improving the sealing magic, he chose a rice cooker with a larger size to improve the effect of the sealing and seal stronger enemies.

As if sensing its own destiny, the monster was so frightened that it immediately fled. However, the suction is so strong that the strength of its body can’t move at all. Plus, it has been severely injured by the three mages just now.

Just like that, the monster with a height of more than 300 meters turned into a vortex and gradually shrank. It was sucked into the rice cooker in Jerry’s hand.

He closed the lid and finally set a rune on the seal. Jerry held the rice cooker, flapping his wings, and slowly landed on the ground.

“It’s already sealed. Are you guys alright?”

After Jerry practiced sealing magic by himself, he found a strong enough creature to test it, and the monster was sealed. Although the animals in his world are strong, most of them are average.

Only its various endowment magic can work.

In theory, sealing magic can seal a series of creatures, such as animals, monsters, demons, etc., if they meet the conditions.

Jerry’s body, magic, spiritual strength, and other aspects should be at the level of sealing demons, and the only difference is his understanding of sealing magic.

The strength of the monster is strong. In terms of power, he can also transform into a giant more than 200 meters and then add more magic to strengthen himself against the monster.

But what he really valued was this legendary monster and the magic that came from this monster itself. He can’t wait to see if the magic is as powerful as the rumors. Therefore, he sealed the monster in one swoop for him to do research on it later.

“Nice! I didn’t know you could seal it.” Seeing that Jerry had sealed the monster, Erza instantly released her magic armor and landed on the ground.

Gray just lay down on the ground. Like Erza’s fighting style, he fights in close quarters to save his magic power. If he keeps using the ice magic, it will consume a lot of magic power.

Only Natsu was still breathing fire everywhere, and it seemed that he was doing fine.

His magic power is pretty unique, given he could strengthen himself by consuming fire to add more magic power to his body. The more he ate fire, the more he got stronger.

Therefore, Natsu’s power may be as lethal as Erza, and his endurance and fighting ability are definitely better.

“It’s finally over!” Seeing that Jerry sealed the monster, Lucy took Happy away from the station.

They didn’t say anything when they saw Oshibana city had been completely turned into ruins.

When they first arrived in Oshibana, there was a bustling and lively city, but now everyone was scared away, and even the whole city was completely destroyed.

A huge magic circle took shape in the distance. Hundreds of mages wearing green robes and holding wands appeared.

“The Rune Knights!” Erza saw the identities of the mages at a glance. She hurriedly stopped Natsu from fighting.

The Rune Knights are the most powerful armed force of the Magic Council. They are all composed of mages and are specially designed to deal with various magical events that occur in various parts of the kingdom.

At the same time, it is also one of the forces that the Council uses to frighten various guilds.

“After the police chief is nowhere, they’ll be here taking over the situation.”

Hearing Erza’s reminder, Jerry let out a sigh.

“You should be ashamed, Fairy Tail mages. The only thing you could do is always destroy a city.” A woman wearing white clothes and long black hair led the mages of the Rune Knights and quickly surrounded Erza and the others.

“In order to destroy the Eisenwald’s Guild and the monster that unleashed this chaos, it leaves us with no choice.” Erza stood up and explained to the black-haired woman.

The black-haired woman replied, “Of course. After receiving notice, I took the Rune Knights and rushed with the Council’s emergency teleportation magic to see that the monster had been sealed.”

After speaking, she turned her eyes to the rice cooker in Jerry’s hand. Erza looked around at the Rune Knights who had surrounded them and frowned.

“It’s good that you managed to seal the monster, but destroying an entire city is another matter. The result will be brought to the Council for questioning and will be decided after the judges’ trial.”

“What if we repair the whole city?” Jerry took the initiative to speak.

Gray, Natsu, Lucy, and Happy seemed to have thought of something. The sadness on their faces disappeared, and instead, they showed a smile. They forgot that Jerry is the most proficient in repairing things with his Arc of Time magic.

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