The monster was about to make his first move on all of them. Since it just woke up from a long slumber, it needs to consume something to rejuvenate its power. To it, the most delicious-looking thing to be consumed now is the mages in front of it.

The monster sensed that the brown-haired wizard had a strong magic power, so strong that even it felt jealous.

Therefore, he plans to make a move and use its ultimate move to destroy the group of mages there and consume them. After that, it’ll start to destroy everything.

“The monster is trying to cast his magic now!” Erza had jumped and had not yet reached the monster. Her intuition gave her a hint that something extremely terrifying would happen within a second.

As the monster opened its mouth, a huge magic circle appeared. Erigor thinks that the monster can curse and kill the guild masters in one fell swoop. But how powerful will the power be?

“I can’t just die. I just joined the guild and became an official Fairy Tail mage!” Seeing this, Lucy was even more frightened.

“Jerry, what are you doing?”

Suddenly, a familiar figure appeared on top of the monster’s head. He fixed his eyes and saw Jerry. Just now, Lucy was complaining in her heart, but why was Jerry already in front of the monster at this moment?

“Jerry!” Erza fluttered her wings and stopped in the air, looking at Jerry’s figure on top of the monster’s head, and her eyes suddenly showed a look of hope.

The magic that just appeared in an instant is very similar to a very rare magic, Teleportation Magic.

After Jerry used Apparition to appear in front of the monster, he spread his two pairs of wings and reached the top of its head. The magic of the monster was stopped.

Although he feels that he has improved the Protego Charm eighteen times, he should be able to block the magic coming from this monster. But he chose the simpler way to deal with it.

“What’s the matter? Can’t do anything?”

The monster tried to open its mouth and aimed the magic toward the mages on the ground but suddenly found that his magic circle was restrained because nothing happened after that.

Seeing that his magic was successful, Jerry used Apparate again to return, folded his wings, and stood beside Lucy.

“What’s up with you guys?”

Natsu stood at the side, looking at the monster, who was still aggressive. But now he stopped opening his mouth since he was a bit confused about what had just happened.

Erza directly held her sword and rushed again, “Jerry used some kind of magic to limit the magic, take advantage of it, and kill it!”

Natsu immediately followed. Just like that, they surrounded the monster, and an alarming battle began in the city.

The monster’s giant body had unparalleled power but also reduced its speed and flexibility. Its body has not recovered fully, and the mage’s attack gradually overwhelmed it. Natsu’s magic also restrained the monster’s three eyes.

“Jerry, how did you just prevent it from releasing its magic?” Lucy stretched out her head, glanced at the terrifying battle, dodging a stone that could hit her head, and asked Jerry next to her.

Jerry smiled, “Oh, it’s a trivial magic I learned unintentionally. It’s not very lethal, but it helps me in this type of situation.

The world like Fairy Tail is not that bad. Some mages need to cast spells to get their magic out. In the Harry Potter world, all wizards who do not master nonverbal casting will lose against those who can do nonverbal casting.

“How much magic do you really learn?” Lucy’s mouth twitched.

“Well, a lot!”

Jerry looked at the monster that had been beaten outside and disappeared again in place with Apparition.

When Lucy saw Jerry suddenly disappearing again, she sighed, “It makes me jealous seeing that someone like him could do that.

“Lucy, you want to learn movement magic like Natsu and Jerry?” Happy fluttered his wings and said to him.

“What are you talking about? Why do you speak like you’re mocking me?” Lucy grabbed Happy and started shaking him quickly.

“Oh, I remembered something!”

After being shaken by Lucy, Happy immediately took out a key, the Golden Zodiac Key, and handed it to Lucy.

After the book-stealing mission, the Duke was a Celestial Mage and arrested. The Virgo Celestial Spirit took the initiative to release the Duke’s contract and then hoped that Happy could hand her over to Lucy.

Outside the train station, Jerry once again landed on top of the monster’s head. He was seen holding a rice cooker with various runes in his hand.

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Published On: October 15, 2023

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