“My biggest interest is to study various types of magic, so I want to dabble in all kinds of magic. Just like Lucy, your Celestial Magic, and Erza’s Requip Magic, I’m interested in that.” Jerry explained.

She immediately patted her chest and assured, “You are interested in Celestial Spirit Magic? You can come to my house and ask me for advice at any time. I can teach you!”

Being able to guide such an excellent person to learn magic is actually quite a fulfilling thing for her.

Erza also nodded succinctly, “If you are interested in my magic, I can teach you too. But you have to prepare a lot of money because making all kinds of armor is very expensive.”

As a companion of her own guild, Erza has made Jerry her new family. So even if Jerry didn’t help, as long as he made a request to learn magic from her, she was still willing to teach her magic.

“Money?” A look of doubt appeared on Jerry’s face.

Perhaps seeing Jerry’s doubts, Erza immediately explained, “My knight armor is the same as ordinary weapon and armor. I just used magic to develop a special space where weapons and armor can be stored and then summon them when needed.”

“So the important thing is not the magic. The important thing is the armor. If you want powerful armor, you need to spend a lot of money to go to the magic shop for special customization. I know a very good one and can recommend it to you.”

It turned out that Erza’s dozen sets of armor were all custom-made by a special magic shop. The only improvement she made was from changing her weapons and armor. This is why Erza is willing to teach her magic.

Creating a dozen sets would need a lot of money, and ordinary mages don’t have that kind of money at all. Secondly, those armors are at best for display to Erza. Even without those armor, her own combat power is really strong.

“Thank you.” Hearing Erza’s explanation, Jerry was not too disappointed.

Being able to summon all kinds of powerful armor and wear them instantly is good magic in itself. As for the issue of armor, although it is not made by magic power but by specialized weaponsmiths, it is not a problem in the first place.

Because as long as it is related to money, it is not a problem for him. Besides, he is also a master of alchemy himself. Maybe after the weaponsmiths make it, he will be able to make some magic changes and add some new functions.

He can also cast a Mending Charm so that he doesn’t need to worry about it being damaged.

His red stars can suffice him in this world for a long time. Learning new magic is always good, especially considering that it can be integrated with alchemy. The spells in this world are quite interesting, so he must study them all of the time.

“It’s ridiculous. I really can’t stand it anymore. Let me kill you all myself!”

Just when everyone came out of the train station, they planned to tie Erigor and then took the flute to Clover Town to find the guild master to seal it.

Immediately, a huge black magic circle appeared out of thin air over the entire city. A powerful dark energy came out continuously and finally gathered together and turned into a huge monster with three eyes.

“It’s so big!” Looking at the huge monster in front of her, Lucy was so frightened that she almost fell to the ground.

Jerry made a visual inspection. The height of the monster was estimated to be close to 300 meters. With this physique, the magic of an ordinary mage was just a tickle for the monster.

However, although this monster has a big body, it does not have much magic power in it. Maybe it has been sealed for too long. Jerry feels that the magic power of this monster is worse than Erza’s.

“Your soul smells delicious, and eating you will definitely restore my strength as quickly as possible!” After the monster appeared, it immediately turned its eyes towards Erza and the others.

It felt like a very powerful soul among these people, especially the brown-haired man, the soul breath that it exudes even makes it salivate. If it eats the souls of these people, it feels that not only its own strength can return to its peak state, but it can even surpass those monsters that are far more powerful than him.

“Why does this monster tell everyone that you are not in your peak state as soon as it comes out?”

Erza had finally recovered some magic power at this time, stood up, and instantly summoned a set of black armor with wings that could fly at high speed and a large black sword.

“We can’t let it leave here, or it will cause a great disaster!”

The monster in front of him is a legendary demon that feeds on human souls. According to records, it once killed three human cities before. In the end, it was defeated by a large number of powerful mages and sealed it up.

If it is the peak condition of the monster, then they can’t fight it at all. But the monster said that he had been sealed for too long, and its condition was not at its peak.

So they have a little chance against it.

Natsu and Gray didn’t know what they were looking for. Even though the monster looked huge, they still responded to Erza’s call and rushed towards the monster.

Looking at the three mages rushing, the monster directly used his most powerful magic.

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