“How could I possibly go out and play? When the unknown demon god called for me, I went below to obtain the incredibly strong magic beans that could boost my magic power.” Jerry said while maintaining a serious expression as he looked at Aisha, who was tightening her waist and expanding.

“Magic beans that are super duper extremely powerful?” Aisha’s face was filled with confusion.

“This is it, look!” Jerry pulled a box of Bertie Bott’s prepared multi-flavored beans out of his pocket.

“Wow, those magic beans are actually incredibly strong.”

Bertie Bott’s multiflavored beans were taken from Jerry’s grasp by Aisha. Her eyes flashed green as soon as she spotted the vibrant jelly beans within. Aisha’s father Haas forbade her from eating any candy because the teething phase is still ongoing. She hasn’t indulged in candy in a while.

“Father will be returning tonight. Don’t tell Father that I went out and brought you super duper powerful magic beans, otherwise he won’t be happy.” Jerry quietly explained to Aisha as he shut the door.

He remembered talking to Haas on the way back and noticed that his expression appeared a little off. He also thought that his voice might have been off at the time. Yes, they are masked, but because they are a father and son, how could Haas not recognize his voice at all?

The most crucial factor is the body shape, which he can currently least conceal. Aisha must therefore make up for this funnel just in case.

“Jerry, don’t worry. I won’t tell King Hass.” Aisha gave Jerry a shoulder pat before jumping back to the couch to watch TV while holding the jelly beans.

Jerry actually sneaked down to get her sweets. How was this something he could tell his father about? She wouldn’t have any sweets left if Dad discovered it and gave Jerry a lesson.

“It’s very wonderful and sweet!”

As soon as Aisha put a jelly bean in her mouth, her eyes glowed. She appeared to have tasted toffee. Jerry shook his head and hid the broomstick and wizard outfit in the guitar bag beneath his bed.

Because Bertie Bott’s multi-flavored beans are beans with various flavors rather than candy, they won’t harm Aisha’s teeth.

“By the way, the incredibly strong magic beans come in a variety of flavors, so watch out when you eat them!”

“Urgh!” He was about to say something when he heard someone vomit from the sofa. Aisha had undoubtedly consumed a bad one.

He quickly washed and then looked at the time. The time had passed five o’clock. Jerry entered the kitchen, grabbed his apron, put it on, and began putting the meal together.

He couldn’t help but smile as he passed by the living room and spotted Aisha staring at Bibi’s multi-flavored bean box, looking like she wanted to eat but was afraid to.

Jerry pulled out his wand from under his apron and shut the sliding door between the kitchen and the living area.

“I’ll try it. Does “Practical Home Cooking Magic” work as advertised?”

The chicken that had been drowned in the water soared up and down on the cutting board with a wave of his wand, then ran over and swung the kitchen knife at it, quickly chopping it into chicken pieces of uniform size.

The ginger was automatically sliced into slices with a fruit knife in the air, the iron pan was heated, and the cold oil was added to the pan all at once. The garlic cloves also automatically flew up and chopped. Instantaneously, the entire kitchen appeared to become conscious of itself.

In less than 10 minutes, Jerry was served braised chicken nuggets, garlic lettuce, fried shredded pork with potatoes, and a sizable bowl of tomato and egg soup. The kitchen’s pots and pans quickly started to clean themselves.

“It’s actually extremely practical, I must say.”

These three dishes and one soup would typically take at least an hour to prepare if he handled the cooking himself, not factoring in the time it would take to clean up the kitchen after. But now, all he had to do was stand there while chanting a few spells while waving his wand, and in less than ten minutes, he had prepared dinner.

It is in fact highly useful because it saves you time, trouble, and additional effort while allowing you to spend some time reading the magic book.

In reality, he foolishly believed in the beginning that he would be able to conjure up a variety of delectables with the wave of his magic wand as long as he had mastered the Transfiguration Charm. But until he actually began to learn about it, he was unaware.

Transfiguration is more complicated than he anticipated. It has multiple branches and is taught separately. It requires a great deal of sophisticated magic knowledge. For instance: transformation between species, transformation of the human body, summoning, manifestation, Animagus transformation, etc.

It also adheres to the most fundamental principle of Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration. It is quite explicitly stated that the impact of using the Transfiguration Charm to transform one item into another is temporary. It will nevertheless transform back to its initial look once the allotted time has passed.

So it’s okay if you change a stone into a piece of bread, but if you eat that piece of bread, when the magic wears off, you’ll be left with stones in your stomach rather than bread. However, it’s acceptable if you turn a cup of green tea into rum. Because even if the magic is destroyed, your body won’t be harmed.

The end result is that the Transfiguration Charm cannot be used to create a table of delicious foods out of thin air. In actuality, Jerry’s present technique is similar to the majority of wizards’ magical cooking techniques. It saves a lot of time, but all the equipment and ingredients are required.

There is a restriction on employing this cooking magic, namely that the wizard must be proficient in the kitchen. Because the meal you prepare with cooking magic will taste just like the food you prepare yourself.

These culinary magic spells will have no effect on you if you are a kitchen novice. This and some related housekeeping magic are the same. The level of the wizard’s own chores affects the magic’s outcome.

Therefore, regardless of whether it is magic for the kitchen or for the house, it is all very basic and simple to learn magic. However, if you want a nice magic impact after casting, the wizard must have a specific degree of cooking and household skills.

Fortunately, Jerry has a lot of faith in this. After so many years of training, his housekeeping and cooking skills are the best.

He had never employed cooking magic before, and he thought the outcome was pleasantly surprising. After preparing three dishes and one soup to his satisfaction, Jerry cast another spell to preserve heat before leaving the kitchen.

Haas typically doesn’t leave for work until between 6:30 and 7:00, so he still has to wait more than an hour before he can start reading the magic book. Learning never comes to an end. You need to study more and refrain from taking breaks if you wish to use magic effectively.

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Published On: March 6, 2023

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