“You bastard, how dare you look down on me? I’ll burn you to death!”

Natsu was knocked down by the tornado before. He shouted and stood up. A magic circle appeared in front of him, and a huge fire spewed out immediately. Similarly, Gray also used his own magic.

Countless ice spears shot out from Gray’s magic circle and stabbed towards Erigor fiercely.

“I’m Erigor, and I’m not something you trash can fight against!”

Facing the attack of fire and ice on the left and right sides, Erigor did not panic at all. He danced with the scythe in his hand, and a huge magic circle appeared on him. A powerful storm took shape in an instant, and he wore a suit.

Whether it was Natsu’s fire or Gray’s ice magic when it was sprayed on his suit, it was directly slanted by the airflow around it and deflected in another direction without hurting him.

The deflected fire and ice fell to the ground. The powerful, destructive power of the magic directly turned all the houses near the station into ruins.

“It’s a good thing that everyone has evacuated.” Lucy looked at the ruined houses and breathed a sigh of relief.

The battle between mages is dangerous. If you encounter it, you must stay away immediately. This is a basic rule that all ordinary people in this world should follow. When they saw that a huge tornado had wrapped up the train station, they left the city immediately.

As long as they were okay, the council would compensate them in case their property was destroyed.

“How is this possible?” Seeing how easily Erigor deflected their attacks, Natsu and Gray exclaimed at the same time.

“It’s useless, your fire and ice can’t break through my magic at all!” Erigor laughed loudly.

He aligned his hands with Natsu and Gray, and a magic circle appeared. Countless sharp wind blades were madly moving toward Natsu and Gray.

Natsu added flames to his feet to increase his speed, dodging as much as possible, while Gray used his magic to create an ice shield.

“If it goes on like this, they won’t be able to get close at all. Let alone defeating Erigor!” Erza looked at Natsu and Gray with a worried look on her face.

As if thinking of something, she turned to look at Jerry, “Jerry, can you do something about it?”

Erza felt that Jerry could do something, given that he had previously torn down Erigor’s magic. Because at that moment, she felt a very terrifying magic fluctuation from Jerry. It’s just that the fluctuations flashed only a little, making her a little unsure if her intuition was wrong.

Compared to Erigor’s belief that Jerry used some trick to dispel his magic, she is more inclined that Jerry may be a mage with an S-class strength.

“Well, I can use some tricks to break through his suit.” Jerry nodded.

Since Erza had asked him, he didn’t refuse. However, he didn’t want to be too conspicuous, so he had to play along with the situation. It is estimated that it will not be long before his name will be famous in the eyes of mages in the entire world.

At present, he just wants to study magic first, and he doesn’t want to be so high-profile.

He stretched out his hand and pointed at Erigor again, and a soft green wind flew out from his fingertips and quickly merged with Erigor’s suit. Like the previous one, Erigor’s powerful defensive magic disintegrated directly into a breeze and brushed across his face.

“Now!” Natsu and Gray saw a chance and immediately lunged a counterattack.

First, Gray used a fishing net made of ice to catch Erigor so that he could not escape, and Natsu shot flames from his entire body towards Erigor at a very high speed.

“How is this possible?!” Erigor was directly hit hard by Gray and Natsu. He passed out after crashing more than a dozen houses in a row.

He couldn’t figure out what had gone wrong because his plan was flawless.

As Erigor was sent flying, the flute in his hand was also thrown onto the road directly opposite the train station.

“We won!” Seeing that Natsu and Gray teamed up to finally take down Erigor, Lucy couldn’t help but jump up on the roof.

Today’s experience was a little too thrilling.

Unlike the previous missions, which were only about defeating a beast and stealing books. This time, they faced an entire guild, and the enemies were all dark mages who did killing for a living.

If it fails, it may that the entire guild master will be cursed and killed. This kind of incident would cause a total uproar in the kingdom.

“We have to take it to the guild master and find a way to re-seal it,” Erza said and stood up again.

“Thank you, Jerry.”

“It’s okay. I just know a little bit of wind magic. It’s just luck that I was able to restrain him.” Jerry waved his hand.

Lucy comforted, “Jerry, you are already powerful. You have the Arc of Time. You can also do fly magic, shadow magic, and wind magic. You are the most magical wizard I have ever met.”

But after a few words, she suddenly realized that Jerry knows so much magic. Why should he be the one giving support? Shouldn’t the one who really needs support be the weakest and basically useless one?

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Published On: October 14, 2023

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