“I don’t know much about spells. I only started learning them recently, but I know a little about wind magic. I might know about them.” Jerry saw that everyone was looking at him. He smiled and walked towards the magic.

Indeed, he only learned some basics from the magic book in this world. He is still in the learning stage. If he relies purely on skills, he will definitely not be able to deal with such advanced spells like this one.

In the world he has experienced, he has encountered many similar situations, but nothing in the world is absolute. Either it’s just not enough knowledge, or it’s just not enough power.

As long as the power is strong enough, anything like absolute defense and the impossibility of breaking through is nothing.

The magic is indeed powerful. A normal S-class mage couldn’t break through the magic easily. That’s why Erigor was so confident.

But Jerry is different. His magic power is stronger than Makarov, and His magic power increasing every day because of the people in his ring space.

In addition, he has studied and studied so many magics in the world. He deeply understands many magics, especially the basic elements such as wind, fire, thunder, and water.

He came to this world to learn magic, not because of his own magic. Because he wanted to learn magic systems and theories, he had never seen before to perfect his own magic system.

Therefore, although this so-called high-level magic might be powerful, it is not in his eyes.

“Jerry, get back. You will be cut to pieces by it!” Erza was shocked when she saw Jerry walking toward the tornado.

This kind of advanced spell magic is different from ordinary magic. It needs to be prepared in advance and spend time in advance to arrange it in a specific place to activate it. There are many shortcomings, and playing a role in battle is difficult.

But this kind of magic has its uniqueness. Once this magic preparation is completed, the power will far exceed anything.

Therefore, if anyone wants to use brute force to destroy the magic arranged by Erigor unless Jerry’s understanding and application of magic is far beyond Erigor, no one can dispel it.

Jerry is not like Erza, Natsu, and Gray, who have been practicing their physical power all year round.

“You know a little about wind magic, and you want to break my magic? Are the mages of Fairy Tail so ignorant? Then I’ll wait until I see that you are cut into pieces, fly to Clover Town to send your guild master to death.”

Erigor had already planned to leave, but when he heard Jerry’s words, he was immediately annoyed by his “ignorance”.

Jerry shook his body lightly, dodged Gray and Natsu, who wanted to drag him back, stretched out an index finger, and powerful magic instantly burst out of his body.

A green breeze that looked like a substance flew out from his index finger and then forcibly merged into the tornado. In an instant, the rapidly spinning tornado seemed to be assimilated.

In less than a second, the violent tornado stopped spinning, turning into a gentle green breeze brushing over the train station and dissipating.

“It’s actually not as dangerous as you said.” Jerry put away his index finger, turned to Erza, and showed a smile.

“Impossible, how is this possible?” At this moment, Erigor changed his expression and let out a shout.

Even if he was the one facing it, it is impossible to dispel it so easily. Not to mention, the Fairy Tail mage is someone new. The key is that he just dispelled the magic easily as if he had solved the most trivial magic.

“Well done, Jerry. Leave it to me next!”

Natsu didn’t understand that much. Seeing that Jerry had broken the magic, he was overjoyed. Fire emerged from his feet and jumped towards Erigor.

Gray didn’t stay, his fists clasped, and used the ice magic, making an ice staircase rising from the ground, and then stepped on the stairs.

“Natsu, don’t get too excited. He’s mine!”

Seeing Natsu and Gray rushing towards him, Erigor moved. He waved the sickle in his hand twice, and two small tornadoes formed immediately. At an extremely fast speed, Natsu and Gray were directly knocked out.

The purpose of this train station was to trap the Fairy Tail mage who was tailing them, or more precisely, the S-class mage titled Queen of the Fairies, so that he could carry out the assassination without any hindrance.

As for the other two, he didn’t pay attention to them at all.

“I don’t know what method you used to break my magic, but since this is the case, then I will kill all of you first and then go to Clover Town!”

Erza ran out of magic power at this time, and there was no threat. Even if the magic tornado was dispelled, he doesn’t care that much.

This is the case with some overconfident people. They always feel that everything is in their control, and even if some things are beyond their control, they subconsciously turn a blind eye or convince themselves they can overcome it.

Jerry broke his magic easily. It may be a wind mage stronger than him, but he thinks that it is not the case. Because he didn’t think there could be anyone stronger than him.

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Published On: October 12, 2023

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