Behind this set of armor are two pairs of silver metal wings, allowing Erza to float in the air. Two matching magic swords in her hand have very special magic fluctuations, which is obviously not a normal magic sword.

Jerry saw her magic sword gently swaying, and hundreds of the same magic swords appeared in front of her out of thin air. It quickly rotated with a sharp aura that could cut everything.

Every magic sword is extremely fast and powerful. Even if the mages of Eisenwald used defensive magic, they would still be inflicted.

“That’s amazing, all gone with just one move.” Lucy looked at Erza in mid-air.

“It’s really great.” Jerry nodded as well.

This is still the magic that Erza uses when her magic power is almost bottomed out. If it is in its prime, it is estimated that the number of swords just now will be more and the power will be even greater.

“It’s the Heaven’s Wheel Armor, the armor created by Erza that can fly and can carry out long-range attacks. In addition, Erza has more than a dozen different armors, each of which can greatly improve her in a certain aspect.”

“No mage can restrain Erza, which is why she is called the Queen of Fairies, the strongest female mage!” Happy explained proudly.

“It’s so good.” At this moment, Lucy looked at Erza, and her eyes suddenly showed the light of admiration.

“Let’s see if there is a chance to learn this kind of magic from Erza.” Jerry was moved when he saw Erza’s Requip magic.

Mainly because the armor is really nice. On the other hand, this magic belongs to a Transfiguration type of magic. The stronger his abilities, the stronger the Transfiguration.

After finishing all the mages of Eisenwald, the armor on Erza dissipated and returned to the armor she wore every day. But after landing, her body swayed again before she regained her footing.

Jerry knew that the magic power she had just used was a lot.

“We should go to the top of the building and told the surrounding citizens to evacuate outside the city first so that no one would be hurt even if Erigor used the flute.” She knows she can’t help with her current situation, so she plans to take Jerry and Lucy to evacuate the crowd first.

Jerry didn’t object and ran to the roof together. His job is to repair the damage Erza and others may have caused in the battle. Of course, if he really encounters a problem that cannot be solved, he is still happy to help them deal with it.

It’s just that doing this might gain his favorability by asking for certain magic lessons from them. Moreover, Fairy Tail mages are strong. He knew that they might be able to deal with the situation easily.


However, just when they came to the roof, they found that Natsu and Gray were already there, and the entire station was wrapped in a tornado.

Natsu and Gray are trying various methods to break through the barrier formed by the tornado, but no matter whether it is flames, ice, or their bodies, they will be blown back by the powerful force of the tornado.

“It seems that my group has been wiped out. It’s amazing, but fortunately, I was prepared and arranged this magic in advance.”

Outside the tornado, Erigor held his scythe in one hand and the flute in the other. He was looking at Erza and a few people appearing on the roof of the train station with a surprised look in his eyes.

“Erigor, what are you trying to do?” Erza stepped forward to test the tornado’s strength and was bounced back by force.

At this time, she had realized that Erigor’s target might not be the station, nor the citizens of the city.

Erigor laughed, “What am I going to do? Do you think I am going to kill these people? What good can that do to me? My real target is the Clover Town. I want to make those who expelled us from the alliance pay the price. “

“Clover Town? The target was those guild masters who were in a meeting.” Jerry immediately understood.

He only learned from Mirajane yesterday that Makarov and most of the guild masters of the Kingdom Mage Guild went to Krobar Town to attend the regular meeting of the leaders. Erza and the others instantly understood Erigor’s real goal and immediately rushed toward the tornado again.

However, they were bounced back by the powerful force of the tornado.

“It’s useless. There’s nothing you can do against this magic!” Seeing that Erza and the others couldn’t break through it, Erigor sneered proudly.

“The magic power in my body is exhausted. I change into my armor and use the sword to break this tornado. Lucy, Jerry, have you two learned the art of dispelling spells?” Erza got up and asked Jerry and Lucy.

She knows that Natsu and Gray are good at fighting. They don’t understand any basic magic theories or anything like that. Although she understands a little, she can’t dispel advanced spells like the one in front at all.

Therefore, she can only count on these two people who she doesn’t know very well.

“I only know a little bit. I can’t dispel such an advanced and complicated technique.” Lucy replied awkwardly.

So, everyone looked at Jerry with hopeful eyes.

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