“Nice one!” Erza took control of the mage on the opposite side, and her eyes lit up.

In this current situation, having as many hands to help the fight as possible would be best.

Her original plan was to use Jerry as logistic support personnel who would repair the building after the enemy was dealt with, and he was the person who needed to be protected in a fight. Now, suddenly, he does not require any protection and could help them in a battle.

“Deal with them. Those two are trying to get Erigor.”

At this time, the second-in-command mage of the Eisenwald saw that the Shadow Mage was defeated. He moved directly to intercept Gray and Natsu.

But when he was halfway through, Jerry waved his hand, “Sectumsempra!”

Several transparent blades flew out and cut off the mages’ fingers. Without fingers, the second-in-command mage could no longer cast magic and let out a scream. He fell heavily to the ground and fainted.

“J…Jerry, was that your magic just now?” Seeing the state of the mage, Lucy was shocked.

Jerry shrugged, “Yes, a space-cutting magic. I’m not very skilled at it. I wanted to cut his weapon but I didn’t expect to cut his fingers.”

He did it on purpose. Not cutting his head directly was considered a merciful act on his part. After all, these guys are planning to curse and kill all people. They are obviously not good people. They deserve to die, and he can earn red stars along the way.

“Don’t pity the enemy. Especially these guys are from the Dark Guild!” Erza shouted while holding a sword in her hand to fend off the mages she was fighting.

Unlike Lucy, she has experienced many scenarios and has seen too many things on the battlefield.

The mages of the Eisenwald Guild saw that the second and third leaders of the guild were defeated, but they were not afraid. After all, they were in large amounts against a few people and one cat. They could overcome them in numbers.

Jerry watched Erza rushing up and did not go to help. He stood there quietly and observed. He wanted to see what the true strength of an S-class mage was like and what Erza’s unique magic was like.

He has already learned some basic magic that he learned from the books he bought at the magic shop, but he doesn’t feel that it is much help. He could only conjure several cold weapons.

At least, his magic sword currently has few things that can deflect physical or magical damage.

This is also the reason why he chose to stay instead of following Gray and Natsu in pursuit of Erigor. As for the flute, he didn’t care about it at all.

If Natsu and Gray can’t stop Erigor, then it’s not a big problem. He could also cast a Disquieting Charm that covers the entire station, and the problem will naturally be solved.

Besides, Natsu and Gray’s magic power is not much different from Erigor’s. At most, their combat experience is a little worse, and they still have a good chance to win.

“So fast!”

In Jerry’s eyes, Erza was carrying a magic sword. Her speed was under the blessing of magic, but only an afterimage was left on the spot, and she had already appeared in the group of mages.

The magic sword in her hand moved quickly, and the magic weapons summoned by the Eisenwald mages shattered when they touched her sword. Their strength was not at the same level at all.

She changes her weapon very fast, sometimes a sword, sometimes a spear, and sometimes an axe. Now, her weapon became a long-handled axe, and she directly cut the enemies with it.

Within a few swings, several enemies who rushed in front of her were all slashed and fell to the ground with serious injuries. Lucy also took out her key at this time and summoned the Cancer Celestial Spirit.

Most of the mages of Eisenwald in the back saw that Erza’s melee combat was so strong, and they were not stupid. They all stopped and opened the magic circles one by one, planning to use long-range magic to kill Erza and Lucy directly.

However, at this time, Erza did not show any signs of fear.

“Oh, here comes Erza’s Requip Armor Knight Magic!” Seeing Erza jumping into the air, Happy exclaimed excitedly.

Obviously, he has seen Erza’s magic long ago and knows what will happen in a while.

Lucy, Cancer, and Jerry had been staring at Erza for a long time. Their eyes focused on Erza, waiting for her to transform.

Jerry watched a huge magic circle light up on Erza’s body in the air. The original armor on her body disappeared, and then her whole body was wrapped in a burst of light, revealing her graceful body faintly.

He couldn’t help but remind him of the pictures of several magical girls who were transformed from time to time when he was a child.

The group of mages of Eisenwald were so fascinated by this moment that they forgot to continue casting spells.

However, changes her armor really fast. The light dissipated in less than half a second, and a silver ornate armor covering her whole body appeared.

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