“Please step back. The train just derailed and had an accident. You can get on the train when everything is going under control.” At the entrance of Oshibana Station, a few uniformed staff were explaining to the civilians waiting for the train.

Everyone didn’t believe what they had just said. At this moment, Erza passed through the crowd, came to the back of a staff member, and patted his shoulder.

“Can I ask what’s the situation now?”

“Who are you? It’s off-limit here, get out!” When the staff saw Erza, they immediately questioned angrily.

However, what awaited him was not Erza’s response but a hard headbutt.

“What’s the situation now?” Erza quickly came to the second staff member.

As a result, the staff member was frightened and only paused for a few seconds, then suffered a headbutt and passed out. She came to a third staff member and asked the same question.

“She just needs someone who can answer her question.” Lucy looked at the staff who had been brought down one by one by Erza.

She discovers that Erza looks normal on the surface, but she is actually a monster. For example, seeing Natsu’s motion sickness on the train, Erza’s solution is to punch him.

“That’s Erza alright. The questions she asks should be answered as soon as possible, and the things she asks you to do should be done as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may experience her iron fist and headbutt.” Gray shrugged and explained.

“Quite unreasonable for her to do that.” Jerry also twitched when he saw this.

“Let’s go. The mages of the Eisenwald are all inside, and the army has just rushed in. But they haven’t done anything.” Erza walked over quickly and waved at Jerry and the others.

She obtained most of the information from the staff with threats. Natsu finally recovered from his motion sickness. So all of them go to the station quickly.

“The people in the army have been wiped out?” Not long after entering the station, they found a soldier wearing armor lying on the ground.

Obviously, the so-called army is not the opponent of the Eisenwald mages at all. Jerry was not surprised by this.

According to Lucy, many mages are in the Eisenwald guild. Before being expelled from the guild alliance, they took on assassination missions, and their overall strength could also be ranked first in the alliance.

Its strongest mage is Erigor and has the title of “Death God”. Such a powerful guild cannot be defeated by an army composed of ordinary people.

Passing through the fallen soldiers, they soon met several mages from the Eisenwald Guild and Erigor in the lobby of the railway station.

“You’re from the Fairy Tail and still here?” Erigor was holding his scythe and didn’t seem to be surprised by the arrival of Erza and the others. Instead, he used his magic to fly over.

“I assume you are Erigor. What are you doing with the flute?” Erza stepped forward and asked.

Jerry didn’t pay attention to the conversation between Erigor and Erza but first sensed the magic in Erigor’s body.

“His magic power is good. He should be very close to an S-class mage.”

“Kill them and let them know how powerful our Guild is!” After Erigor waved his hand and issued an order to his men, he directly used his magic to dodge and escape.

Seeing this, Erza conjured a magic sword, “Natsu, Gray, go stop Erigor. I’ll handle the others.”

At this time, because she had just driven the magic vehicle, she had not recovered much magic power. She could not catch up with Erigor and deal with his men instead.

Although Natsu and Gray felt they could handle it by themselves, they still fought each other because of their rivalry.

“I’m not going to let you go after Erigor.” At this moment, a mage slapped his hands on the ground, and dozens of shadows stretched out from under him.

“Shadow Binding?” Jerry couldn’t help but look at the magic as he watched the enemy.

“Be careful!” Lucy hurriedly reminded.

But as soon as she finished speaking, she heard Jerry next to him seem to have chanted a spell.

Immediately afterward, she saw dozens of shadows stretching out from Jerry’s body, rushing behind Natsu and Gray at a fast speed and blocking them all.

“Impossible!” The mage was shocked to see his magic was stopped.

As the third-in-command of the Eisenwald Guild, his shadow magic is rare in this world. Few people can master it. Moreover, Jerry can accurately intercept every shadow he stretches out.

“Jerry, you know shadow magic?” Lucy looked at Jerry in surprise.

Jerry smiled, “Oh, I only know them a little bit.”

Shadow magic is the magic he learned from the “Shadow” card. Although it is more commonly used, he has not researched it much. Even so, with his magic power and understanding of magic, it is not weak to the enemy’s magic.

He chanted a spell again, and the mage on the opposite side was wrapped and was unable to do any magic or combat anymore. This mage is good at manipulating shadow magic and never imagined that one day he would be bound by the same magic as his.

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Published On: October 11, 2023

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