“About that, I don’t know. The guild master worries that when the three carry out tasks together, they may cause some ‘danger’. He wants you to watch them, and if something happens, stop them to prevent the council from taking action on them.” Mirajane explained.

It turned out that when Makarov received a letter from Mirajane and learned that Erza, Natsu, and Gray were teaming up for a mission, he was so frightened that he almost fell off the table on the spot.

Because he knew that Natsu could destroy half of a city, and with Erza and Gray, it was estimated that the entire city could be destroyed. So he first wrote back to ask Mirajane to find Jerry for help.

“Okay, do you know what they’re doing right now?”

Mirajane recalled and said, “Based on what Erza said, they seem to be going to Onibus Town.”

“Onibus Town, I know where that is.” Jerry nodded and agreed.

The next city is Onibus, which can be regarded as a neighboring city. Hargeon is nearly 370 kilometers from Magnolia, and Magnolia is also 300 kilometers from Onibus.

“Thank you for your help, Jerry.” Seeing that Jerry agreed, Mirajane left and returned to the guild.

The daily operation of the guild depends on her, and she can’t be away for too long. After sending Mirajane to the door, Jerry didn’t delay. He roughly calculated the distance, waved a hand to draw a portal, and started to leave.

When he appeared, he was already above the city of Onibus.

“I should find their location first.”

Reaching out his hand to draw a magic circle, using the magic that he had been studying for the past few days, Jerry instantly turned into an owl. At this time, he was not an ordinary owl but a magical owl with the ability to find people.

He recited Erza’s name silently, activated the owl’s ability, and something like map navigation instantly appeared in his mind, guiding him to fly toward the north.

“Not in the city?”

After flying over Onibus, the waypoint kept going north, and Jerry immediately understood that Erza and the others might have Onibus for some unknown reason.

An hour later, Jerry flew over a place and saw a large group of people making noises below. He didn’t care because there was no Erza. Two hours later, he stopped over the city of Oshibana, released the magic, and returned to his normal human form.

Because he finally saw the traces of Erza and the others. At this time, Erza is driving a magic four-wheeled vehicle, drifting wildly throughout the city as if she is looking for something.

On the roof of the vehicle, Gray was lying around and swayed in the wind. Natsu suffered from motion sickness. After a while, the magic four-wheeled vehicle flicked back and stopped in front of the train station.

“Come on, don’t let the mages of the Eisenwald blow flute, or everyone in this city will be cursed to death!” Erza jumped off the vehicle and was about to move forward.

Gray quickly supported Erza and said, “You drove the vehicle for more than two hours, and your magic power is almost exhausted!”

“It’s okay. Even if I don’t have magic power, I can still fight to the end. Besides, I have you and Natsu.”

At this moment, Natsu vomited. He hadn’t recovered from the motion sickness just now.

“Finally, I found you guys. By the way, why didn’t you go to Onibus but come to Oshibana?”

At this moment, a voice suddenly came from the air. Everyone looked up and saw that it was Jerry with two pairs of big white wings.

Lucy stared at Jerry and said with a look of surprise, “Jerry, why are you here? How did you grow wings?”

“Jerry can also do fly magic like me.” Happy flew excitedly and circled around Jerry.

After Jerry landed, he put away his wings and smiled, “I know a little about this magic. As for why I am here, the guild master asked me to come and help.”

“You are the Jerry that Lucy said. I heard that your Arc of Time magic can restore any destroyed buildings. It’s great to have you here. I’m Erza.” Erza stepped forward and shook hands with Jerry.

Obviously, she has realized that fighting with the enemy for a while may cause a lot of damage in the city.

Jerry held Erza’s hand and smiled, “Please advise.”

“Time is tight now. I’m going to ask about the information about the train station. If you have any questions, you can ask Lucy and Gray first.” Erza turned around, pushed aside the talking crowd, and walked towards a few staff members in the station.

Lucy talked about the situation they encountered while dragging Natsu, who was gradually recovering.

It turned out that on the way back from the mission, Erza accidentally discovered the mages of the Eisenwald, a Dark Guild. They seem to be conspiring to unlock some kind of evil seal and create disaster.

After their investigation, it was determined that the object was a magical flute, a dark magic tool that can use sound to release a large-scale curse and kill people in large numbers.

The mages of the Eisenwald carried the flute, hijacked the train, and successfully arrived at the station in Oshibana. The station in Oshibana, unlike the stations in other cities, is built right in the center of the city.

Therefore, they are now guessing that they must have wanted to use the loudspeaker of the train station to release the curse and kill everyone in the entire city at once.

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