“Cana, don’t drink from the barrel. Vijeeta, dance outside. Wakaba, don’t smoke in here. Gray and Natsu, have you been getting along well recently?” Erza started to scold mages in the guild one by one, but none of the people who were scolded dared to talk back.

Even Natsu and Gray are now very friendly and hug each other as if they were good friends. It was a really difference feeling from his first day when everyone fought with each other. It can be seen how high the status of Erza is in the guild.

After all, Jerry has heard from many mages that all the mages who have dared to fight back against Erza would have been beaten hard by her, including Natsu and Gray.

Therefore, in the face of Erza, no mages in the guild dared to refute it.

After a lap of scolding, Erza came to Natsu and Gray, saying that she needed Natsu and Gray to solve a problem that she encountered. Hearing Erza’s words, all the mages were shocked.

Because Erza is an S-Class mage, it must be something really hard that she needs a hand to help with the problem. Mirajane shone when she heard the words, and she named those three “Fairy Tail’s Strongest Team” on the spot.

Jerry was just a bystander, silently observing and listening. He did not take the initiative to join in or deliberately brush his presence. The guild has people coming to post missions every day, and the S-level mission has never been touched.

He once secretly went to see it. It is not uncommon for a mission such as exterminating dark mages, killing powerful demons that appear, and saving a certain town. Therefore, he was not very curious about the task that Erza and the others were about to face.

He is still focusing on researching magic.

After a week, because he often consulted with Makarov, he had a more comprehensive understanding of the magic in this world. The more he understands, the more he discovers that magic in this world really has many unique features.

Many types of magic involve time, space, and soul. There are many magics that can easily destroy a city.

After agreeing to meet at the train station early tomorrow morning, Erza and Natsu went home to prepare. The guild returned to normal because of Erza’s departure.

“Mirajane, I’m going back.” Makarov was not in the guild, and Jerry didn’t stay long. After saying goodbye to Mirajan, he planned to go back and experiment with the magic he just learned.

“I want to tell the president about this good news.”

After Jerry left, Mirajane used magic to record something and then sent it to Markrov. She felt that the president would be pleased to know about what had just happened.


The next day, in the ring space.

Jerry whispered to a Chimera. A complex magic circle appeared out of thin air, pulling the soul of the Chimera beast into it. Another magic circle flashed, and Jerry’s body instantly changed into the appearance of a Chimera.

“Interesting.” After feeling the power and ability of the Chimera and performing a few more magic experiments, he changed back to the human form again.

Now, he is learning this kind of magic, a way to change your form and obtain the power of a certain creature. The user can fully transform by receiving non-human souls such as animals, monsters, and demons and possess all their abilities.

Jerry just now transformed into a Chimera. While his appearance is not fully changed, he still maintains some of the Chimera’s characteristics.

Transforming into a Chimera changes Jerry’s strength, and his own strength is not much worse than a Chimera. What he really likes is that after learning this magic, when he encounters a truly powerful creature in the future, he can get their ability by using this magic.

“Someone is looking for me?” Just when Jerry was about to continue his research, he suddenly sensed something, teleported directly, and came to his front door.

“Mirajane?” Opening the door, Jerry had a surprised look on his face when he saw Mirajane standing outside.

Mirajane is a staff of the guild and generally does not leave the guild if there is nothing important.

“Jerry, the guild master has written me a letter to convey to you.” Mirajane directly explained her intention.

Jerry nodded when he heard the words, “Come in first. What did the guild master say?”

He knew that it was probably his first job as a Fairy Tail staff and it was about to start.

Needless to say, the guild leader is looking for him. It must be some mage who made trouble on a mission, and he needs to repair it.

“Jerry, your room. You can do space magic? “Mirajane walked into the room and looked at the huge space inside and the garden, lawn, etc.

“I understand a little. Does the guild master have any to say?” Jerry didn’t explain too much. He just smiled, picked up a teapot, and poured a cup of tea for Mirajane.

“I’m afraid your definition of “little” is different than mine.”

Mirajane began to explain the president’s instructions.

“The guild master asked me to find Erza and the others. Didn’t they leave in the morning? What happened?” Hearing Mirajane’s explanation, Jerry asked in surprise.

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