It’s been a week since Jerry joined the Fairy Tail guild.

As usual, Jerry went out to the guild, intending to go to Makarov to ask about magic. As soon as he went out, he met Lucy, who was also going to the guild.

After Lucy and Natsu came back from the mission, they knew from Mirajane that the house Jerry bought was not far from the house she rented. So they often go to the guild with Jerry in the morning together.

“I must take up the mission today, or I won’t be able to pay the rent next month,” Lucy said.

The book-stealing mission she and Natsu did last time was completed perfectly, but they did not actually receive any payment. Because the person who posted the mission had no money at all. Natsu and Lucy were very kind and didn’t pursue it, so they forgot about it.

Natsu’s magic caused the mansion to collapse directly. Jerry was sent to carry out the repairing work, but in the end, Natsu and Lucy found a lot of evidence of the duke’s crime, and the duke was directly arrested, so Jerry’s help was unneeded.

“You can do it.” Jerry gave her encouragement.

Lucy rents an entire house, which costs her 70,000 Jewels per month. She has her own living expenses, buying magic items, etc. She can’t pay the rent later if she doesn’t make any money now.

In this way, the two passed through Kardia Cathedral and entered the guild together.

“Mirajane, where’s the guild master?” After Jerry entered the guild, he greeted everyone and began to look for Makarov as usual.

However, after looking around, he unexpectedly discovered that Makarov was not in the guild. This was somewhat unexpected to him. Under normal circumstances, the guild master would not leave the guild.

“Jerry, didn’t the president tell you? He went to Clover City to attend the meeting with other guild masters.”

“A meeting?” A puzzled look appeared on Jerry’s face.

Mirajane explained with a smile, “Guild masters from various guilds will gather together regularly to hold report meetings.”

As she said that, she borrowed a brush from another mage and began to write in mid-air.

The brush is a kind of magic that can be used to write and draw in the air, and a mage named Reedus is a mage who uses “Pict” magic. It allows you to attack the enemy by drawing various weapons and animals.

“The most powerful mages in the world are the Ten Wizard Saints, who have close relations with the king, ministers, and others, and their existence is to maintain the order of the world.”

“At the same time, the existence of them is also to judge and punish bad mages, and below them is the guild alliance, which is composed of guild masters. They were responsible for conveying the matters decided by the upper ranks, coordinating and managing the world’s mages.”

“I don’t know about these things. It turns out that there is also a connection between the guilds.” At this time, Lucy also poked her head from the side.

Just now, she was choosing a suitable task for her, and when she heard Mirajan doing science here, she came over immediately.

Mirajane continued, “The cooperation between the guilds is very important. Because in addition to regular guilds in the world, there are also some dark guilds hidden in the dark. They are evil and often commit crimes. They are the targets that the kingdom and all guilds must focus on.”

“Where there is light, there must be darkness.” Jerry heard Mirajane’s words, and there was no surprise.

Whether it is this world or his world, it is impossible for all to be good people. This is true in any world. Since there are mages who symbolize justice, there must be mages who use magic power to commit crimes and gain personal benefits.

“That sentence sounds amazing. I want to write it down.” When Lucy heard the words, she quickly took out a pen and wrote down what Jerry just said.

In addition to being a Celestial Spirit Mage, Lucy is also a writer. She even secretly writes a novel on her own.

“Something’s coming! Erza, she’s back!” Just as everyone was chatting, a male mage opened the door of the guild with a look of fear.

Jerry knew this person was called Loke. He used ring magic well and had a good relationship with Gray.

However, Jerry discovers one of his secrets. Loke’s body is very strange and similar to Lucy’s Celestial Spirit, which he had been in contact with before. So Jerry felt that his true identity might not be human but a powerful Celestial Spirit.

“Erza?!” Hearing Loke’s words, the people in the guild who were laughing and laughing suddenly stiffened, and there was a trace of cold sweat on their foreheads.

“Erza Scarlet?” Jerry showed his curiosity. In the past few days, he has heard this name from the,

“What happened to everyone?” Lucy had just returned from a mission with Natsu and didn’t know much about Erza’s situation. Seeing everyone’s reaction, she was a little confused.

Mirajane explained, “Erza is currently the strongest female mage in our guild.”

As soon as Mirajan’s voice fell. A woman with crimson hair appeared at the door of the guild. In her hand, she also held a huge object that looked like the horn of some kind of monster.

“Her magic power is similar to Mirajane.” The moment he saw Erza, Jerry roughly detected the total amount of magic power in Erza.

“I told you that I will be back in a moment. I heard a lot of rumors about Fairy Tail lately, saying that we always cause trouble to the public. Have any of you guys done many things during my absence that made Master worry? Let me tell you, even if Master forgives you, I will not forgive you easily.” Erza threw the huge horn with one hand above her head on the ground, causing the entire guild to tremble.

Hearing Erza’s words, all the mages in the hall gulped.

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Published On: October 9, 2023

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