“Already bought one on the 25th street.” Jerry responded with a smile.

At the same time, he couldn’t help but sigh that Mirajane was so nice. She is very kind and caring to every mage in the guild, and she never seems to be upset about anything.

“Ah, that’s very close to the house Lucy rented. Yesterday, Lucy said that the house she rented was on 23rd street.” Mirajane looked surprised.

Jerry nodded, “It was only when I met Natsu that I found out that Lucy rented a house so close to the house I bought.”

After briefly chatting with Mirajane, Jerry came to Makarov, “Guild master, I bought some magic books to study yesterday. I don’t understand some of it and want to ask you.”

“Oh, Jerry. If you have any questions, just ask.” Makarov opened his eyes and saw that it was Jerry.

He personally promised this matter yesterday, and it is also his responsibility as the guild master to help the mages learn magic better. It’s just that the mages in this world all recognize that magic can only be better understood in battle, and reading wouldn’t do much.

Therefore, in addition to making money. Everyone takes missions to improve their magic through fighting with different enemies. Very few mages stay at home all day to study magic.

“Guild master, I saw a magic book about modeling magic yesterday. I have some questions about it.”

“Yes, Jerry. It seems that you have a strong interest in modeling magic. Let me tell you, modeling magic is mainly…” Makarov nodded and answered Jerry’s question.

He is most proficient in giant magic, followed by light magic, but he has understood most other magics. Although he is not a master in every magic field, he can still easily solve these basic problems like Jerry’s question.

“I also read a magic book about other magic yesterday, and I have some doubts to ask you.” Jerry got a satisfactory answer. His eyes suddenly lit up, and he gained a new understanding of new magic.

Makarov explained again. He didn’t expect that Jerry actually read two magic books yesterday, and they were different types of magic.

“Guild master, I read another book about this magic yesterday.”

Two hours later, Makarov stopped and then said to Jerry, “Jerry, it’s good that you want to learn magic. But I want to tell you that if you want to become a powerful magician, you can’t be too focused on all types of magic. You have to focus on the magic you are best at, while other kinds of magic are just auxiliary.”

In two hours, Jerry asked about a dozen kinds of magic-related knowledge, and Makarov couldn’t bear it. He couldn’t figure out how Jerry had read so many magic books last night. However, the words he told Jerry really came from the heart.

“I understand. I know that I am curious about all types of magic and want to know more.” Jerry knew that today was almost the end of the day. It was only the first day. He couldn’t force Makarov too hard on this matter.

The knowledge he learned from Makarov today is enough for him to digest it for a day. Within two hours, the number of mages in the hall gradually increased. Some had just finished their mission and came back to rest, and some were selecting more missions to do.

Jerry did not go home and continued to study and experiment with the magic knowledge he had just obtained. But began to chat with the mages present one by one. What he needs to do is not to get acquainted with these mages but to know the magic they use.

In this way, it is convenient for him to learn more magic knowledge from these people after he masters basic magic. His Arc of Time magic is very good for the guild, so the mages in the guild have a good impression of him.

In a short period of time, he obtained some information he wanted from the other mages. It turned out that the Fairy Tail Guild was called the strongest guild because it consisted of many kinds of magic.

In addition to Makarov, there are several S-Class Mages in the guild,

The grandson of the guild master, Laxus Dreyar. He has his own squad and has a bad relationship with most of the wizards in the guild. He is currently performing an S-level mission.

Mystogan is a very mysterious and powerful mage. Except for the guild master and Laxus, most members have never seen his true face.

He is known for his sleeping spell. Because every time he returns to the guild to take an S-level mission, he will put everyone in the guild to sleep, and only those who are powerful enough are immune.

Another one is Erza Scarlet, and she is currently performing an S-level mission. She always appeared in a knight armor made from magic itself and passed the S-class mage promotion trial easily at the age of fifteen.

She is the most popular mage in the entire guild. If something happens to the guild, everyone is willing to listen to her leadership.

The last and most powerful one is Gildarts Clive, the legendary S-class mage whose strength may not be much worse than the guild leader.

His crush magic is an extremely powerful magic that consumes a lot of magic power. Once activated, it may consume most of the body’s magic power, and Gildarts used this magic as his daily magic.

Three years ago, he set off to carry out the most difficult mission called “100 Years Quest”, and he has not returned yet. Most of the people in the guild have only heard of his name and have never seen him.

As for Mirajane, her magic power is currently second to the guild leader and stronger than everyone else. Though she says she is not strong, Jerry thinks it’s the other way.

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