“Help! Help!”

Jerry, who had just hurried to the fourth floor, turned on “Refreshing,” and significantly sharpened his five senses, he heard a tremulous call for help coming from a nearby room.

He had a plan and rapidly maneuvered around the stones and steel that were falling off in the corridor owing to the violent burning before reaching a flaming red iron door.


Jerry dashed inside the room battling the flames after a repelling spell smashed the loose iron door away. He discovered a young woman in a nightgown covering her lips and nose with a wet towel in the steamy, tiled bathroom.

As she continued to ask for assistance, the woman’s eyes began to stray and her voice became progressively weaker from smoke inhalation. If he arrived later, it is predicted that the other person would pass out and become a corpse as they were consumed by the flames.


The woman in the nightgown was the target of his Flame-Freezing Charm, but Jerry didn’t say anything. Instead, he simply picked her up, placed her on his broomstick, and flew out the window, dodging the flames.

“I leave it to you!”

He gave the woman in the nightgown to the officer in charge of preserving order after landing. He again sped into the flames on a broomstick without waiting for the other person to answer.

All of these are red stars. He will lose some stars if one person is not saved.

He spent some time looking before discovering two young men at the elevator’s entrance. When the fire started, they undoubtedly tried to flee via the elevator, but the dense smoke knocked them to the ground.

Jerry dashed out of the flames on a broomstick, gripping one arm with one hand, using the Flame-Freezing Spell and the floating spell.

He saved more than 20 individuals, big and tiny, men and women, who were trapped by the flames and plummeted down by the heavy smoke by moving back and forth between the fourth level, the fifth floor, and the half-burned sixth floor.

At some point during this time, the fire department showed up. The fire was finally put out after many fire vehicles simultaneously sprayed water for rescue.

When Jerry eventually put the elderly couple, who were hugging and preparing to die together, who were hiding on the sixth floor’s roof, to the ground. He was praised in silence by the onlookers as well as the police officers who were in charge of maintaining order.

For a brief moment, as he listened to the enthusiastic ovation all around him, he even thought that even without the red star, things appeared to be going well. However, he swiftly shook his head and dismissed this dangerous thought.

Even though the current him is only marginally more powerful and invincible than the average person, he shouldn’t harbor such arrogant and risky beliefs. He must first take care of himself because that is not something that regular people can do.

” Thank you so much. What should I call you, wizard?” A police officer in a sheriff’s outfit approached Jerry at this time, a glad look on his face.


Jerry was startled to see the person approaching and reacted instantly, “Wizard, I really like this title. Since I was a young child, I’ve studied magic in order to be brave and lend a hand to others.”

That’s correct. Given Haas’ position as sheriff, it seems reasonable that he would respond to such a large fire in Queens.

“To have such insight at this age is truly admirable!”

“However, you have to go back to the police station with us, as we need to register your identity,” Haas said after first sighing and appearing a little perplexed.

“I’m sorry, my circumstance is unique. I’m sorry I can’t go back with you!”

How was Jerry able to accompany Haas back to the police station to register his identity? Hackers with marginally more powerful skills can gain access to typical police stations’ secrecy features and obtain his information.

Jerry grabbed the broomstick and took off into the air before waiting for Haas to respond, vanishing from view.

The other reporters, including Lucy, who eventually squeaked in from behind, all lost their focus. Jerry declined to take the interview. He wouldn’t have retreated on a broomstick if Haas hadn’t just stopped him.

What he said contains numerous errors. He is not a trained psychoanalyst or a professional spy. He might accidentally reveal some of his information if he is not careful because of a few phrases he deems trivial.

Haas expressed some uncertainty in his eyes after Jerry vanished and asked, “Why does this Wizard’s voice sound so familiar? “

“What are you talking about, Captain?” The team members standing behind Haas noticed him muttering to himself and peered over with interest.

“It’s nothing. Send the injured to the hospital in an ambulance right away.” Haas hurriedly gave the policeman his orders in an effort to clear his mind of the weird thoughts.

“But why did we let that wizard go away this time? How about Director George’s order?”

“Is there anything I can do? Have you seen it? he can fly. Can we fly? Don’t discuss those pointless things. It’s more crucial to save people right away. Also, let the director know where I am so they can find me if anything happens.”


Jerry lifted the broomstick high into the air as he walked away from the fire and unlocked his property panel. He smiled broadly as he observed the attribute panel’s more than 3,000 red stars.

He earned a lot of stars for saving a life. He saved more than 20 people at the fire scene and received more than 3,000 red stars, which is more than he would have earned by diligently going on patrol every night for a week.

Indeed, the greater the catastrophe, the more red stars someone can earn for taking part. In fact, Jerry has demonstrated that he may still receive a red star even if he causes a calamity on his own before acting.

For instance, red stars might be awarded if he deliberately set fire to a structure before running to save others. But ever since he learned about this bug, Jerry has quietly resolved that he cannot use it to farm red stars since it would be impolite.

Today, he is able to start fires, save lives, and earn red stars. Tomorrow, who knows that he will kill some civilians along the way?

It is difficult to close Pandora’s box once it has been opened. The desires of a human are limitless. If one doesn’t know how to control them appropriately, he will eventually turn into a power-mad crazy.

At that point, he will be willing to do anything, even if it means sacrificing the one he loves the most, so long as it can be done in exchange for strength. He had to prevent himself from seeing that.

His first goal in acquiring power was not to acquire power for the purpose of acquiring it, but rather to defend himself and his loved ones. The argument is that there isn’t a single airtight wall in existence. If he continues to act in this manner, he will eventually be exposed, at which point he will truly turn into a villain.

How can one become the villain in the Marvel universe? He doesn’t want that to happen to him in the end.

He headed back to the empty warehouse and packed the wizard’s outfit and broomstick into his guitar bag. After carefully avoiding the crowd and the security cameras, Jerry put on his hat and went back to his neighborhood.

However, a figure unexpectedly jumped out from the side just as he opened the door and was about to enter the room. “Jerry, how can you leave me alone and go out to play?”

Upon closer inspection, it became clear that it was Aisha, who had just woken up from a nap and was already furious at not being able to find him in the entire house.

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Published On: March 6, 2023

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