“Why do I feel like he’s laughing maliciously?” Lucy watched Makarov laughing so happily and whispered to Mirajane.

She didn’t envy Jerry’s becoming a guild staff as soon as he joined. After all, she dreamed of becoming a mage of the Fairy Tail guild. If she becomes a guild staff, then there is no difference from her previous life.

On the other side, the mages in the hall found that the tables and chairs had been restored to their original state under Jerry’s magic, and they all gathered around curiously. When they learned that Jerry’s magic was Arc of Time, they all let out a burst of exclamation.

However, when they knew that Jerry became a staff of the guild and would help them solve the troubles of destroying public properties, they celebrated.

In this way, both Jerry and Lucy were approached by Mirajane to stamp the guild’s emblem. After becoming an official Fairy Tail mage, Jerry did not stay in the guild for a long time but left the guild first to familiarize himself with the environment.

Since he will be staying in this guild for a long time, he must have a place to stay. Mirajane said that most of the mages in the guild rent houses in Magnolia using their own income from doing missions.

Therefore, he also plans to buy a house near the guild.

Of course, buying a house is the second thing he looks after. The most important thing is to go to the magic shops in the city to see if he can buy more magic books and some good magic items.

As the largest city in the Kingdom of Fiore, it has the most magical shops and the most magical items to be sold.

“There’s a kid who can do magic in here?” Just after leaving the gate of the guild, Jerry saw a child push the door into the guild, but he didn’t care too much and continued his shopping plan.

According to Mirajane’s words, he first found the real estate agency hall in the east. Soon, there was a staff member who came forward to him.

“Do you have any requirements for the housing you need to buy?” The female staff asked with a smile.

Jerry thought for a moment and said, “There are no special requirements. I just need it to be close to the guild.”

It doesn’t matter what the house looks like. After he gets it, he will change it on his own. As long as he is close to the guild, he can do his work and learn more about magic more easily.

With his portal, it doesn’t matter if his house is far away from the guild. But it would be troublesome if someone from the guild wanted to find him.

“Very well.”

The staff was a little surprised that Jerry’s request was simple. After all, buying a house in this city is not a trivial matter for a mage, especially since he is new. He saw a magic circle quickly appear in the hands of the staff, and then houses that met Jerry’s requirements appeared in front of him.

“Amazing that a typical sales staff would actually know how to do magic.” Seeing this, Jerry was surprised.

In Hargeon, he didn’t see anyone who could do magic. In fact, this is normal. In this city, buying magic books and learning some simple magic is not too difficult.

Therefore, there are many ordinary people who can use magic, but there are not many people who can really use magic to fight and become mages. The profession of being a mage pays a lot, but it is also very dangerous.

Many ordinary people learn magic just to make life easier for them.

Just like the staff in front of her, the illusion magic she has learned is just for the convenience of customers to see the details of the house so that they don’t need to visit the houses one by one.

“This one, please.” After a brief glance, Jerry picked a small two-story house.

There are no high-rise buildings in this world. All the houses are the kind of houses that are similar to small houses.

The female staff continued to ask with a smile, “Are you paying in installments or paying in full?”

“One-time payment, how much is it?” Jerry’s answer didn’t hesitate at all.

“One and a half million Jewels in total.”

“Alright then.”

Jerry took out 1.5 million Jewels in cash and put them on the table beside him. It made the staff feel like he didn’t take out 1.5 million at all. This made the female staff couldn’t help but think about mages making a lot of money. She might apply for a guild.

But soon, she shook her head and threw out this unrealistic thought. She knew how risky it was, and being a mage is very risky.

“Okay, Mr. Jerry. Let’s contact the house’s current owner and go through some procedures. You can get the keys and move in in about two hours.”

“I still have something to do, and you can deal with the things. I will give you a tip if you do help me with that. I’ll pick up the keys in two hours. Is that okay?” Jerry took out another hundred thousand and put it on the table.

“Of course, I can do that. I will handle the follow-up procedures.” Seeing the extra 100,000 Jewels, the staff hurriedly responded.

Because she knew she would make a three-month wage in just two hours if she handled it on her own.

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