At this time, Natsu was burying his head in picking a mission with a high bounty with Happy on the bulletin board. He wanted to fill his empty wallet and completely forgot why he brought Jerry to the guild in the first place.

“Staff?” A puzzled look appeared on Jerry’s face.

Mirajane seemed to see Jerry’s doubts and took the initiative to explain, “The wizards of the guild generally need to get rewards through the tasks issued by the guild, and some of these rewards need to be handed over to the guild.”

“The staff of the guild do not need to take tasks and can also get rewards. Of course, they get paid because of helping with the documentation and all of that, like me.”

A Guild is like an intermediary company. Most of the profit sources of the intermediary company are intermediary fees. Therefore, the source of income of a Guild came from the remuneration of the tasks or missions given.

Of course, there is also some additional income, such as drinks and food sold in the guild hall. It’s just that the Fairy Tail Guild is different from other guilds.

The guild master treated the mages of this guild as his own children. Therefore, when the mages are completing missions and causing a lot of destruction of public property, the guild will take care of them instead of letting them pay for themselves.

Although Fairy Tail is the largest and strongest guild, it has a lot of missions, completes most of the missions, and gets the most of the rewards. The Fairy Tail guild suffered a financial blow every time because there were always complaints like the destruction of public property.

Jerry’s appearance was a rain pouring down the dry land. His spell can completely repair the damage caused by the Fairy Tail mages, thus saving the guild from a huge fine. This is why Makarov wanted to recruit Jerry as a guild staff.

It would be better to pay Jerry to do the work than to hand over the money to the Magic Council. Every time the Magic Council fined the guild, they actually had to put in a lot more money than it actually needed.

In this way, the guild will not have to worry about their financial situation every month.

Hearing Makarov briefly explain the work he needs to do in the future as a staff and the corresponding salary situation, Jerry nodded and agreed without hesitation.

He wasn’t in it because of the money offered by Makarov, but he felt that becoming an employee of the guild would greatly help him learn a lot of different kinds of magic.

After all, he would definitely not take any guild tasks. He was not short of money, and there was no need to waste time to complete meaningless tasks. At that time, he would prefer to stay in this city and study the magic in this world.

But if he became a normal member and didn’t do any mission at all, then anyone would be suspicious about why he’d be a member of the guild himself. Thus, becoming a staff of the guild would solve this problem.

As Makarov said, his job is mainly to repair the damage to public properties caused by the guild mages during the mission so that the guild will not be fined by the Magic Council.

In fact, for him, this might be a way to deal with the guild mages.

Although it is the work of the guild, Jerry appears to help these mages solve the problem so that the council no longer fines the guild. Everyone is absolutely grateful to him, and his favorability will definitely rise.

Over time, he will become an indispensable presence in the guild and become the pillar of the guild. In this way, it is naturally much easier for him to ask the mages for some magic questions.

Most of the time, it is passed down from master to apprentice, and many of them have their own unique combat skills. He doesn’t need to ask about their combat skills. He just needs to learn the principles of those magics.

Rare magic, similar to lost magic, is not rare because it is not talked much. But mainly because there are few people who can learn it, which makes it very rare. There is Dragon Slaying Magic like Natsu. It is basically impossible to practice them without the help of dragons.

If there is a problem, the guild master will notify him, and then he will directly open a portal to the scene. He will then fix everything around with Jerry’s spell, which may only take two minutes.

After some consideration, Jerry feels that becoming a Fairy Tail staff seems to be a good choice.

“Jerry, don’t worry. I know that you came to the guild to take on tasks and hone yourself like everyone else. You don’t need to stay in the guild every day like Mira Jane. As long as you don’t have anything, I allow you to take the mission on the bulletin board like the other.”

“However, you have to pay attention to safety. After all, the Arc of Time can change things in the past and future. If you have time, you should learn other kinds of magic.” Makarov was in a good mood and gave Jerry some privileges that normal staff did not have.

“I see, guild master. When I have time, I will ask other mages in the guild for some magic lessons. I am very interested in them.” Hearing this, Jerry showed his smile.

“If you have any questions about magic that you don’t understand, you can also ask me. Although I’m old, I still learned a lot of magic when I was young.” Makarov drank another large glass of liquor.

Jerry’s eyes lit up when he heard Makarov’s words.

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