However, after complaining for a while, Jerry was a little impressed. The guild master ignited a flame in his hand, directly burning all the complaint letters, and spoke out.

“All of the above are not important. Screw them. I have something to say that, whatever happens, follow the path that you’ve always believed in. That’s the way of the Fairy Tail Guild!”

Hearing the guild master’s words, the mages suddenly cheered excitedly.

At this time, Mirajane covered half of her face and whispered, “I guess the guild’s finances are going to have a blow this time.”

He has been thinking about something, how to learn their unique magic from many kinds of different mages in the guild. Violent methods are definitely out of the question. While he thinks he can deal with the guild master, he doesn’t know how big his power is.

He is not a robber and has his own bottom line. He prefers to go in a peaceful way and trade in exchange for the magical knowledge he needs.

After Makarov’s speech was over, everyone returned to drinking and chatting happily. But because many seats were broken, many mages sat on the ground.

“Since Natsu recommended you, then I have no objection. I’ll let Mirajane handle you and stamp you with the emblem of our guild.” Makarov sat on the bar counter, poured a glass of wine into his stomach, and laughed.

At this time, Mirajane also came.

“It’s that easy?” Jerry showed a look of surprise.

He originally thought that a form like this must be filled in with a lot of detailed information about himself. After all, as the first-ranked guild of the kingdom, the identity of a newcomer must be reviewed.

Before he came, he used Imperius Curse to find a lot of people to ask for a lot of information and made up a document that seemed to be relatively convincing and good enough for him. Information like where his family lives, how many his family members are, and he used to live where.

He even considered that when they needed a Fairy Tail guild member to approve his membership. He planned to use a False Memory Charm to modify their memory. However, it turned out that there were only two contents on the form to be filled out, his name and what kind of mage.

“Isn’t this too simple?” Lucy asked the same question as Jerry.

Because according to Lucy’s knowledge, the other guild is quite strict in reviewing the information of the new recruits.

Mirajane smiled and explained, “Every wizard who comes to Fairy Tail has their own past and their own story. As long as you join Fairy Tail, you will be our partner and relative. Trust is the most important thing between partners and loved ones, so yes, it is that simple.”

“So Fairy Tail can become the strongest guild not only because of its strength.” Hearing Mirajane’s words, Jerry couldn’t help sighing in his heart.

Although the mages in the guild were fighting, it was obvious that everyone had a good relationship, and the respect that they had for the guild master was very high.

Perhaps, as Mirajane said, no matter where the mages come from, they have regarded this place as their home and their family.

“Celestial Spirit Mage? What a rare mage. If you train well, you will definitely become a great mage in the future.” Makarov took the two forms that Mirajane handed over and first looked at the one with Lucy on it.

Lucy straightened her back immediately, “Yes, guild master. I will work hard!”

Makarov nodded, then looked at Jerry’s form, “Mending Mage? What kind of magic is this? Why haven’t I heard of it before?”

“Guild master, it is a kind of magic that can repair items. Let me show you.” Jerry didn’t explain much. He waved his hand towards the hall and cast a Mending Charm.

Immediately, most of the tables and chairs in the hall were restored to their original state in an instant.

When Makarov saw this scene, his eyes suddenly widened.

“This is… The Arc of Time! One of the lost and ancient magic!” Seeing Jerry’s magic, Makarov immediately exclaimed.

The Arc of Time is an ancient and lost magic, the magic that no longer exists in the world. It can change items to the past and future through time.

The attack power of this kind of magic is not strong, but it can play an extremely important role at certain times and even reverse the battle situation. However, too few mages are talented to learn this kind of magic, which is why it is considered lost.

“Arc of Time, Lost Magic?”

Jerry’s heart moved when he heard the words, his spell does have a certain principle of time magic, but it is not entirely. Because the real time magic is not only used to repair items but allows someone to go to the past and future.

He can also use real time magic, but at his current level, it is very unstable to use without the help of a Time Turner.

However, it is still possible to stop the time in a certain area or to affect the time within a certain range. If there is time magic in this world, then maybe his time magic can be improved again.

“Jerry, are you interested in becoming the guild’s main sstaff?” Makarov stood up from the bar.

No wonder there was news from Hargeon City that a member of the Fairy Tail guild destroyed half of the city but did not press charges. It was mainly because of Jerry, a mage who knew the Arc of Time.

After so many years apart of making trouble in the guild, Natsu had come back, bringing a really good person to the guild. This time, the guild’s finances will be saved, and there is no need to listen to all of the Magic Council’s complaints all day.

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Published On: October 8, 2023

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