When Natsu saw that Jerry could actually repair houses and items, and he had not joined any guild yet, he saw an opportunity. If he can bring Jerry back to the guild, the guild master will be happy.

When Jerry heard Natsu’s invitation, he was stunned for a moment and smiled, “It would be an honor.”

Just now, he deliberately showed his magic just to attract Natsu’s attention and show his worth so that if he applies to join Fairy Tail later, he should be able to pass easily. He didn’t expect that after seeing his magic, Natsu actually sent him an invitation to join the guild. Could it be that his magic is rare in this world?

However, since Natsu had invited him, he naturally had no reason to refuse. Seeing that Natsu invited Jerry to join Fairy Tail, Lucy suddenly showed an envious look on her face.

Fairy Tail is the guild she wants to join the most. If it weren’t for Bora, who promised to help her join Fairy Tail, she would not have gone to that boat party.

Seeing this, Jerry rolled his eyes and reminded Natsu, “What about Lucy? Lucy said Fairy Tail was the guild when she was eating during the day, and she would love to join them.”

“Lucy wants to join my guild? That’s no problem. I can take you there to meet the guild master, and he will definitely agree.” When Natsu heard Jerry’s reminder, he immediately patted his chest.

Fairy Tail’s membership requirements are character and strength is second. Natsu feels that both Jerry and Lucy meet this condition.

“Great!” When Lucy heard the words, she jumped up in joy. She didn’t expect her dream to come true so easily.

Jerry just smiled and said nothing. From the performance of Natsu and Happy, it can be seen that Fairy Tail should have no Celestial Spirit Mages.

He was still interested in Celestial Spirits, so he deliberately asked Lucy to join Fairy Tail together. So that when he had time later, he could ask Lucy to come over and study magic together.

On the other side, when the angry city guards saw that the city had returned to its original state, they were also stunned and stopped. Later, the officer who issued the order was the first to recover and walked over with the guards.

Originally, Natsu and Bora destroyed half of the city in their battle. The guards will definitely arrest all those involved and send them to the court for judgment. Although mages are powerful, they still have to obey the law.

However, now that the city has been restored by magic. According to Lucy and the girls who escaped from the ship, they understand that Natsu did not deliberately destroy the city but to save them, and in the end, they did not press charges against them.

When all the dust settled, the sky gradually brightened.

Under the invitation of Jerry, the three had breakfast in Hargeon and then got on the steam train to Magnolia.

“Jerry, when I go back. I’ll make some money by taking on a mission and treat you to a big meal next time!” Natsu assured Jerry as he stepped on the train.

Lucy was full of excitement. They would arrive at Magnolia at noon and then go to the Fairy Tail guild.

“No, it’s okay. Just keep the money to yourself.” Jerry waved his hand. Although he didn’t get along for a long time, he probably understood Natsu’s character.

Not long after they found their seats, the train started slowly with the sound of a whistle. Sitting by the window, Jerry looked through the window, and he felt something.

For some unknown reason, he suddenly remembered the Hogwarts Express, the days of studying magic at Hogwarts in the first few years. He also thought about Hermione, who was sitting next to him every time he took the Hogwarts Express.

At this moment, a vomit pulled him out of his memory. After taking a closer look, it turned out that it was Natsu who vomited on the seat. Fortunately, Happy seemed to have expected it and quickly took out a bag he had taken from the restaurant in the morning and handed it to Natsu.

“Natsu, what’s wrong with you!?” Seeing this, Lucy immediately became worried.

Happy jumped onto him and explained, “It’s alright. Natsu has a problem with getting dizzy on the transportation. When the train stops, he will be just fine.”

“No wonder…” After hearing Happy’s explanation, Lucy instantly remembered the scene where Natsu had jumped onto the boat yesterday and was beaten by a group of Bora’s men.

Jerry was speechless when he saw Natsu. Unexpectedly, Natsu has such a strange weakness as getting dizzy when getting on to vehicles or transportation. If Natsu fights him, he will only change the ground into a vehicle, and Natsu will have trouble fighting.

“Wingardium Leviosa.” Smelling the peculiar smell coming from the bag, Jerry shook his head and cast a Levitation Charm at Natsu, and his body immediately floated up from his seat.

As if taking a special medicine, Natsu instantly recovered from his dizziness. The main reason for motion sickness is that the vestibule of the ear is stimulated, the sense of balance is disrupted, and the nerve function is disturbed. Thus, dizziness and vomiting occur.

When Jerry used the Levitation Charm to lift Natsu’s, all of those problems disappeared.

“Whoa, I’m okay now!” Natsu thanked Jerry for the first time.

He had been dizzy for more than ten years, but today, someone helped him with his dizziness. Although it is a temporary solution, it’s better than nothing.

“What kind of magic is this?” Seeing Natsu moving excitedly in the air, Lucy once again showed a surprised look because she had never heard of this kind of magic before.

One thing she realized, isn’t Jerry a Mending Mage that can only repair things?

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