If Jerry wants to make magic just like Bora did, he might have to spend more time on researching it. The magic that Natsu showed next felt that it would be difficult to copy without knowing the principle.

The knowledge he now has about fire magic is beyond his grasp. He saw that when Natsu was facing Bora’s attack, he swallowed all the flame magic into his stomach. Moreover, he clearly felt that after Natsu ate the purple flame, the magic power in his body actually increased.

They heard a loud roar from Natsu, his fists smashed together, and a huge dragon-head-shaped red magic circle appeared instantly. He blew it hard, and a powerful flame shot out from his mouth. The power was several times stronger than Norbert’s fire.

This powerful flame directly destroyed the big ship on the shore, the remaining Bora’s men, and the empty house left by the shore. Bora also relied on his own magic to quickly take him up into the air to escape.

At this time, Happu flew to Lucy’s shoulder, “The dragon’s lungs doe breathing fire, the dragon’s scales for dissolving fire, and the dragon talons that are wrapped with fire. Natsu uses an ancient spell that lets his body take on the qualities of a dragon.”

When Happy explained it, Natsu added flames to his hands and feet, greatly strengthened his body with flames, jumped into the air easily, and continued fighting with Bora.

“But I’ve never heard of this kind of magic.” Lucy watched in shock as Natsu finished beating Bora. Obviously, it was the first time she heard about Natsu using this kind of magic.

When Jerry saw this, he immediately knew that the ancient magic used by Natsu was estimated to be one of the few in this world. At the same time, he is also more interested in the magic of this world.

“This was originally a magic used to deal with dragons, also known as Dragon Slaying Magic. It was given to Natsu by Igneel.” Happy explained again.

“Dragon Slaying Magic? It seems that the dragons in this world are very different from the dragons in the Harry Potter world.” Jerry’s heart moved when he heard the words.

Dragons in the Harry Potter world are not much different from ordinary animals. He felt that if he encountered a dragon in this world in the future, he might be able to find a way to make something new.

According to the introductions in the magic books he saw today, this world not only has the legend of dragons but also various powerful entities and demons who can destroy the entire city at every turn.

“Fire Dragon Iron Fist!”

Natsu beat Bora and smashed more than a dozen houses. The fight finally ended.

“It’s amazing, but this is beyond what I’ve ever seen.” Looking at Natsu, who beat Bora and waved to them, Lucy was shocked.

She saw the small half of Hargeon City that was destroyed by the battle between the two.

“Jerry, you are here too?” Natsu greeted Jerry enthusiastically when he saw Jerry.

He was very fond of Jerry, who invited him and Happy to lunch for free before.

“The perpetrators are there. Get them!” Before Jerry could answer, hundreds of armored guards suddenly appeared in the distance.

Obviously, their goal was to catch Natsu, who had destroyed half of the port.

“It’s over, run! I don’t have any money to pay them!” When Natsu saw the guards appear, he seemed very experienced and was about to run away with Happy.

However, Jerry stopped him, “Don’t run. Leave it to me.”

Without waiting for Natsu and Lucy to wonder, Jerry had already stretched out his hand and chanted a spell on more than 100 buildings damaged by the fight.

“Reparo!” A powerful magic power emanated from Jerry’s body, instantly covering more than 100 buildings.

Immediately afterward, everyone saw that time seemed to be reversed. After a few seconds, the damaged buildings were all restored to the way they were before the battle.

After casting the Mending Charm, Jerry turned his head to look at Natsu and Lucy, “Actually, I forgot to tell you that I am also a mage. You can call me a Mending Mage. I am very good at repairing magic. Although I have not joined any guild yet.”

“Repairing magic? Those kinds of magic exist?” When she saw Jerry’s magic repairing half of the city, Lucy was shocked again.

At this time, her deepest feeling is that the world is so vast that there are so many powerful magics outside that she has never heard of.

There is the ancient magic called Dragon Slaying Magic that can devour flames to strengthen the body, and now there is a magic that can repair everything.

At the same time, she also realized everything does not seem from the outside. The boy who fell down on the side of the road, who was hungry, turned out to be a powerful Fairy Tail mage.

At first glance, the rich client who doesn’t know much about magic turns out to have amazing magic. However, she was very happy about this. Given that she had run off from home to meet powerful people with different kinds of abilities.

“Jerry, you can join our guild if you want.” When Natsu saw Jerry’s magic, his eyes burst into flames, and he immediately put his hands on his shoulders.

Fairy Tail, the most powerful guild in the Kingdom of Fiore, is also the most destructive guild in the entire kingdom. Due to them dealing with missions and everything, it caused great damage to local buildings when fighting the enemy. They were often being warned and fined because of their action.

Natsu is one of the mages who often causes destruction because of the nature of his magic. Most of his magic are wide-ranged attacks with a lot of destructive power.

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