It is obviously impossible to learn the real secrets of this world through a book bought from a small magic shop. Jerry didn’t bother about the so-called catastrophe and the many blank historical records that followed.

He is most concerned about the specific magic system and the level of mages in this world. Fortunately, the record in this regard is still relatively complete.

First of all, regarding the magic system, the magic in this world is mainly divided into two categories, Caster Magic and Holder Magic.

Holder Magic is a magic that can only be used by using magic items as power. For example, Lucy used the Canis Minor key to summon a Celestial Spirit to fight, and the mage used Charm magic on his ring.

The characteristic of this type of mage is that they can use the same type of magic items to use magic with different attributes and characteristics. The weakness is obvious. If you lose the corresponding magic item, your strength will be greatly reduced, and you will not even be able to perform magic.

The Caster Magic is a magic where a mage uses his power to create magic alone.

Caster-based mages don’t need to borrow any magic items. They can cast magic if they have magic power in their bodies. The weakness is that magic abilities are relatively simple and easy to be restrained.

However, there are also special cases. Individual types of abilities can also release magic of various attributes.

Secondly, in addition to the general classification of magic, there are also different classifications for each type of magic. There are a lot of magic categories that are basically too many to count if we categorize them at all.

It can even be divided into dozens or hundreds of categories, each with its own characteristics and a perfect system.

In addition, there are some magics that are only mentioned briefly or have little knowledge about them, such as Ancient Spell, Lost Magic, and so on.

There is really a lot of messy magic in this world, and many of them can have a different kind of utility. Therefore, Jerry is still very satisfied after getting a general understanding of it.

Because it means that he can learn a lot of magic that he has never been in contact with, or he can learn how the magic works so that his magic power can be improved to a higher level.

He is not afraid that the magic in this world is strong, but he is afraid that the magic in this world is not strong enough to improve his strength.

On the contrary, the classification of mages in this world is very simple.

There is no subdivision such as elementary, intermediate, and advanced. It is simply divided into three categories: ordinary mages, S-Class mages, and Wizard Saints.

A mage who can join the guild normally already has good strength and can be categorized as an ordinary mage. It is difficult to judge the strength of ordinary mages. It does not mean that the person who fights face-to-face is stronger and the person who loses is weaker.

Because there are many types of magic in this world, and different magics restrain each other. It is difficult to judge them in detail because some are good at long-range attacks, some are good at melee combat, and some are good at sneak attacks.

S-class mages that is the top mages whose strength far exceeds that of ordinary mages. Normally, only one or two exist in a guild, and even weaker guilds may not have them.

Their magic strength is basically unaffected by external factors, and they have practiced their magic to the extreme, strong enough to deal with any type of mage with almost no shortcomings.

As for the Wizard Saints, it is actually more of a symbol of glory.

Wizard Saints is also an S-level Mage. For a period of time, the Ten S-Class Mages, who are recognized as the strongest by the entire kingdom, will be used for the honorary title of Wizard Saints.

“Maybe I’ll go to Magnolia tomorrow.” After putting away the magic books, Jerry looked at the map of the Kingdom of Fiore that he bought before and then determined the destination of his next stop.

According to the introduction on the map, Magnolia is the oldest magical city in the Kingdom of Fiore. Its prosperity is second only to the capital of Crocus. The most important thing is that in this city, there is the only and currently called the strongest mage guild, Fairy Tail.

If he goes to this city, he will have the opportunity to buy various magic books and magic items and go to Fairy Tail to ask them for guidance or maybe join the Fairy Tail guild directly.

But he had to wait until the perfect time for that occasion, given not all mages were driven by money. This time, he has enough red stars and doesn’t need to squeeze time as tightly as before.

As Jerry was thinking about his plans for tomorrow, a violent wave of magic on the sea outside the window suddenly caught his attention. A closer look at the magic fluctuation’s source seems to come from a ship outside the port.

“Isn’t that the ship from that guy before?”

He remembered that when the “well-known mage” left during the day, he loudly announced that he would hold a party on the big ship in the port at night, and anyone who was interested could participate.

“What a powerful magic.” The magic wave just now has not dissipated, and a more powerful magic wave came from the big ship again.

Immediately afterward, Jerry saw a huge wave sweep over the ship, rushing towards the villa on his side of the port together.

“Happy and Lucy?”

Jerry saw Lucy and the little blue cat before

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Published On: October 4, 2023

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