On the coffee table, Jerry waved his wand at the apples. The cup on the right side of the apple instantly burst out of a hole after the wand discharged an unseen, sharp blade.

“This accuracy could still use some work.”

Jerry shook his head helplessly after taking a glance at the whole apple and the cup next to it. He is now able to successfully release Sectumsempra after extensive practice, but because of his magical might, the power he employs is not extremely potent.

He requires Sectumsempra to strike wherever he directs. It is best if a fly flies by. He has an unseen, razor-sharp blade that can precisely remove the fly’s wings. He will need to practice a lot and for a very long time, so of course this will take time.


He cast a restoration spell to return the cup next to the apple to its original state and then repeated the ritual. But as he tightened his grip on Sectumsempra, a series of fire truck whistles abruptly erupted from the outside.

“Why are there so many cars?”

After giving it some thought, Jerry quickly grabbed a bag from the room and hurried outside after noticing at least three or four fire vehicles passing by on the road outside the complex.

There is a fire, and perhaps many people are going to be trapped. Once they are saved, he should have a ton of red stars.


Abandoned warehouse.

Jerry hurriedly retrieved the wizard costume from the bag, put it on, and rapidly exited the warehouse while riding a broomstick while chanting a spell.


Jerry, who was flying high in the air, saw the seven or eight fire vehicles speeding down the street and immediately sped on the broomstick, closely following them.

“Oh God, what is that?”

“Mom, there’s a bird in the air!”

“There are individuals flying around on broomsticks in this strange world, I tell you!”

The sound of the fire vehicle’s siren attracted a crowd of bystanders, who all shouted in surprise as they saw Jerry flying beside the fire truck.

Jerry used to work at night, so only people nearby the crime scene or the police who later requested surveillance could see him.

As a result, many people still don’t believe in a character like a “Wizard” despite the fact that most people have heard of them.

Everyone is aware that numerous media outlets enjoy exaggerating the facts in order to get traffic. Just a typical wizard? Or perhaps it’s simply a random magician performing a show in public, like David Copperfield performing flying-related magic acts.

But the sky was clear and bright today, on this sunny day. They actually witnessed a wizard-clad man soaring through the sky with a broom that appeared to be devoid of any high-tech components. They continued to be stunned. Nothing about this speed suggests wizardry.

Jerry didn’t care as he gazed down at the stunned onlookers on the street below. The public’s discovery will happen soon, and he has psychologically prepared himself for it.

Gaining more red stars while swiftly increasing your strength is the key. Everything else won’t matter as long as his strength increases. He constantly worries about these things because he is not one of those true superheroes.

Of course, it’s preferable to make an effort to present a positive image to the public. Otherwise, being viewed as a major villain and losing against other superheroes might be problematic.

He must uphold the greatest moral standard in order to make it safer, to put it more plainly, at least on the surface. Being well-known is beneficial for an event like today’s fire rescue.

Jerry deliberately lowered the height of his flight in light of this and waved to the stunned New Yorkers on the street.

Jerry was in the air for approximately ten minutes before he finally noticed the dense smoke rising in the distance. At that point, he jumped into the air and accelerated, directly rushing towards the location where the dense smoke rose from an extremely short route in the air.

His broomstick could travel at a maximum speed of 60 miles per hour, or almost 100 kilometers per hour. He used a shortcut from the air to arrive at the location.

Jerry finally arrived at the scene two minutes later.

Here, a tiny, six-story building caught fire for an undetermined reason along the street. There are currently patrolling police officers on the scene who had previously arrived early to keep the peace. Additionally, some reporters are transmitting the live feed while carrying cameras.

Jerry recognized one of them as an acquaintance. It was Lucy, the previous reporter who enjoyed photographing him. Lucy is a little-known news reporter. Jerry has broadened the potential for obtaining a red star throughout this time.

Today during the day, she was offered a live TV interview with a burger stand. She was only halfway through the interview when she suddenly fled into a nearby fire.

She then launched the live broadcast as she and her cameraman hurried to the scene of the fire.

“I’m your reporter Lucy, and I’m over here on Oak Avenue. Unexpectedly, there was a fire just now. The second-floor fire should have started it, based on the current circumstances. The fifth story is now where the fire is.”

“However, many occupants were trapped in the building, with the exception of a few who managed to escape by chance. The situation is urgent, and the fire brigade is still not here!”

“Oh my God, someone appears to be in the sky!”

Immediately after hearing a shout from the crowd of people watching the event, Lucy, who was speaking to the camera, looked up. At one pointed at the broom, which was being ridden by a short man dressed in a wizard’s robe, hovered above their heads.

“The magician I’ve been waiting for all this time is that kid, hurry and point the camera that way!” Lucy screamed at the cameraman as soon as her eyes glowed.

The cameraman responded in a flash. He held the camera up and focused on Jerry as he was flying through the air.

Without wasting any time, Jerry hurriedly retrieved his wand from his pocket and immediately performed a Flame-Freezing Charm on himself. He learned this rather old charm from “Guide to Medieval Witchcraft.”

The primary goal is to protect against being burned by regular flames.

The book explains that many wizards in the Middle Ages frequently used this spell on themselves when they were going to be burned at stake after being discovered by Muggles in order to avoid dying from the flames.

Jerry accelerated and rode a broomstick into the fourth story that was engulfed in flames while using the Flame-Freezing Charm.

Those who could have escaped the fire on the second and third floors must have done so, and those who were unable to do so were likely burned. If someone went in to save them, they would now be dead. There may still be hope for the only occupants on the fourth and fifth floors.

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Published On: March 6, 2023

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