“I’ll leave the rest to you and see if I can restore the city.” After talking to everyone, Jerry left and flew to the top of the city again.

At this time, Sokovia has basically become a ruin compared to the previous condition. Countless robots broke out of the ground, the whole city rose from the ground, and the war caused huge damage to the city.

Buildings collapsed, land destroyed, and most of the property in Sokovia was destroyed. If this happens, problems will still occur in the future, especially for those poor civilians. He wanted to try it out to see if he could restore the city to its original state as much as possible.

“Reparo!” Jerry took out the Reality Stone from the ring space and combined it with the magic power in his body. He cast a Mending Charm that enveloped the entire city.

On the outskirts of the city, hundreds of thousands of Sokovians saw that Jerry had become smaller. They ignored the warnings of the army soldiers and walked towards the city’s edge.

However, when they saw the dilapidated city, the faces that were full of joy just now turned into sadness instantly. Although Sokovia is only a small country, it only has one city. In the eyes of most Sokovians, this is their only home in the world.

Now, the only home is in ruins. They were devastated by war more than ten years ago, and they managed to drive away the invaders. Just when many people had started to cry, they found that Jerry just flew over the center of the entire city.

Immediately afterward, they saw a huge light emanating from him. The light began to spread around the city. All the places covered by the light began to undergo miraculous changes.

The collapsed building was rebuilt again, and the broken stone returned to the broken ground. It was as if the entire city had been turned upside-down. In just a few minutes, the ruined Sokovia had returned to how it was before the war began.

“This is a miracle!” Lucy, the reporter, came over with a helicopter and looked at the restored Sokovia.

Jerry put away the Reality Stone and nodded with satisfaction, “It’s a good thing that I have this. Otherwise, there is no way to cast a Mending Charm on such a large area like this.”

Preventing the earth from being hit by Sokovia and helping hundreds of thousands of Sokovia people rebuild their homes can earn him a large number of red stars.

At the same time, Ultron stared blankly at Sokovia, who had been rebuilt, and knelt on the ground,

“How can human beings be so powerful? Am I wrong? If all disasters can be prevented, if everything can be restored like this. Then what’s the point of my existence? And what’s the point of what I’ve done?”

When Stark originally created Ultron, the program set was to maintain world peace and protect the safety of the Earth. However, because of the influence of the Mind Stone, there was a little error when it was born. It judged, according to the history of mankind, that the human race will sooner or later destroy itself and the Earth in war.

So he wants to maintain world peace and protect the Earth; the most fundamental way is to exterminate the human race.

However, Jerry’s strength has made him discover that maybe his idea is wrong. With the Wizard and Avengers guarding the Earth, humans cannot destroy the Earth at all.

Even the ruined city can be restored to its original state. When the Earth is destroyed, can the Wizard restore it as long as there is enough time?

Ultron’s program seems to be confused. After he knelt on the ground, there was a small “boom”, and his head exploded.

“Self-destruct?” He actually blew himself up because he saw Jerry fully restore the entire city, and everyone looked at each other in dismay.

When they saw that Sokovia was restored to its original state, they were not much less shocked than Ultron.

“It seems that you have dealt with him. In that case, I have something to do, you guys can take care of the rest.” Jerry Apparated in front of them, watched Ultron on the ground, and put the shrunken ship in his pocket.

Afterward, he took the small coffin in Tony’s hand, and all the spider jockeys were returned. So do all of his magical animals.

“Jerry, what do we do when you’re gone?” At this time, Star-Lord and others saw Jerry draw a portal to leave.

“Steve and Tony want to discuss with Fury to build an Avengers base in upstate New York. You can go there, and you said you were looking for your family members, right? Fury could help you do that. After I’m done, I’ll go see you.” Jerry patted Star-Lord on the shoulder, waved at everyone, stepped into the portal, and disappeared.

Seeing the portal disappear, Star-Lord turned to look at Steve and Tony, “Does he always do this?”

“Yeah.” Tony shrugged.

He had always been like this every time a major event had ended. On the Battle of New York, the port battle, the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters incident, and the battle of Sokovia this time.

The Wizard turned the tide every time. After all the enemies were dealt with, he just left without saying anything.

They didn’t know that Jerry did this because he didn’t like wasting time and wanted to check his rewards as soon as possible.

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