However, zombies have no intelligence. In order to exert their maximum strength, Jerry combined them with the giant spider. Commanded and controlled by the giant spider with the intellect of a typical human being, the zombie spider jockey is formed.

Now, with the help of this powerful zombie spider jockey, Jerry felt that dealing with Ultron’s robot army should not be a problem.

“A merely bigger spider wants to deal with my steel army? Too na├»ve.” Ultron paid no attention to the giant spider and the dead body sitting on it. He once again controlled all the robots to rush towards this side.

The leading giant spider jumped in front, looked at Ultron’s army, and ordered loudly, “Cover them with cobwebs!”

Immediately, cobwebs were thrown at the enemies, and the robots that were flying in them fell to the ground. The robots responded very quickly and immediately shot the cobwebs in mid-air. Energy cannon spewed out, destroying most of the cobwebs in an instant.

However, there were still some cobwebs that hit the robots.

In the blink of an eye, a small number of robots were stuck together by the mucus contained in the cobwebs and fell heavily to the ground. The mucus in the cobwebs was really corrosive.

At the same time, they underwent corrosion, and they were having trouble even more.

However, it is only aimed at ordinary robots. The super robots use rarer materials. Even if the cobwebs cover it, it will quickly break through by brute force and only leave a little damage to their body.

After several rounds of cobwebs, the spiders moved toward the robots.

With a loud noise, the two sides slammed into each other fiercely and then began a close-quarters fight. The giant spider has sharp legs and bite force, which can shred a normal robot.

Above it, there are Kree zombies to help the spiders with more attack force. They used their nails to tear apart robots that wanted to attack from the air and breathe out a mouthful of cold air to freeze them.

However, ordinary robots are easy for these spider jockeys to handle. The thousand-super robots are not a match for them.

They are taller, the metal that makes up their bodies is also harder, and their strength is much greater than the ordinary robots. They also cause a lot of damage to the spider jockeys.

Of course, if one of them is accidentally surrounded by spider jockeys, tangled by cobwebs and cold air to restrict their movement. They would stand no chance.

Among them, the most powerful one is at the front, the leader of the giant spiders that has Ronan on the back.

Ordinary spider jockeys are at a disadvantage when facing a super robot alone, at least there should be two or three spider jockeys to defeat one robot. But if it was Ronan’s spider jockey, they could take ten robots at once.

One is because the spider is twice as big as the normal ones, and Ronan is much stronger than any ordinary Kree soldier. With the help of his hammer, his strength is definitely way stronger than anything.

However, the spider jockeys are not alone. There are also Avengers and the others with their mounts.

When the spider jockey collided with Ultron’s army, Steve raised his shield and led everyone on their respective mounts to attack the robots in the air.

Just as the heat was in full swing above the city. Jerry was getting closer to the ground.

At this time, the hundreds of thousands of civilians who were successfully evacuated from Sokovia and the troops whom Fury lobbied to rescue them can see that Sokovia was descending from the sky.

All of them were attracted by the huge city in the sky and Jerry, who was holding the city.

“Is that an angel?”

“Isn’t that the Wizard?”

“The wizard is an angel who came to the world!”

Praise continued from the crowd. Many religious believers knelt on the ground at this time.

In the hearts of these people, Jerry is like an angel in their hearts at this time. The angel who came to save their country. They would probably scold them if they heard someone speak ill about the Wizard.

Many of those non-believers were shaken when they saw a big four-winged angel.

Jerry steadily put Sokovia back to its original position, slowly flew up, returned to his normal size, and came to the place where the Ultron army and the spider jockeys fought.

“Huh, it’s not over yet.”

At this time, the ordinary robots have been completely wiped out, and less than a hundred super robots are still struggling to fight. Of course, the Avengers, the others, and the spider jockeys were seriously injured then.

Jerry didn’t just watch but stretched out his hand, and a white rain of light fell from the sky throughout the entire battlefield. Immediately, the magical animals, humans, and giant spiders bathed in light and rain healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Jerry had cast an area-of-effect type kind of healing magic.

The robots didn’t get any healing because they were not organic creatures, and so did the zombies because they were basically dead already.

Ultron watched all the enemies who had been pushed to the limit, stood up, and returned to their previous condition. He felt an emotion that he had never felt before at this time, a feeling of despair.

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