Jerry flapped his wings and held Sokovia with one hand. Immediately, the entire city of Sokovia was frozen in mid-air motionlessly.

Of course, the Levitation Charm alone is not enough to float the entire city in mid-air unless Jerry is given a few months to draw a large number of runes under the entire city.

However, with his current size, this is no problem. If it doesn’t work, he can use the Power Stone or the Shrinking Charm to make the whole city smaller.

This is also the reason why Jerry didn’t care much about Ultron’s shutting down the device. He just cared about whether Vision completely erased Ultron from the Internet.

After holding Sokovia with his hand, Jerry held up the entire city and slowly descended toward the ground.

He said to Tony and the others above, “I have stopped the city, and I will slowly drop it to the ground.”

“Nice job!”

Above the city, Tony and the others looked at the city that was descending at a slow speed, and when they heard the voice from Jerry below, they all showed a look of surprise. This time, not only will the Earth not be smashed by Sokovia, but the city will be saved.

“Impossible!” Ultron heard Jerry’s voice and was frustrated.

He didn’t calculate that Jerry actually had the ability to hold up the entire city. According to his plan, Sokovia was supposed to be blown up, use his army to eradicate all the Avengers, and then continue his plan to destroy the Earth.

Now, this situation has completely reversed his plan.

Half of the army flew out without further ado and quickly moved to the bottom of the city. He knew that if he wanted to continue the plan, he had to deal with Jerry, who was holding the city first.

Tony and the others were shocked when they saw this, and they rushed over to stop them.

However, something strange happened.

Half of the robots just flew over the edge of the city of Sokovia suddenly disappeared and flew into the city again from the other side of the city in the opposite direction.

Half of the robot army was stunned for a moment, then turned their heads and wanted to fly out again, but they also disappeared when they crossed the edge, appeared from the other end, and entered the city again.

“Wizard!” Ultron suddenly let out an angry roar.

At this time, the Wizard had cast some strange magic when he was not paying attention.

Jerry had secretly used the “Loop” card just when everyone’s attention was distracted, with Jerry’s ship destroying all the robots. In this way, as long as Jerry does not dispel the magic, Ultron will never be able to leave Sokovia.

“If that’s the case, then I’ll kill you first.”

Seeing that it was impossible to leave Sokovia, Ultron flew, and a thousand robots immediately rushed toward Tony and others. He will use all the Avengers’ lives to force Jerry to undo his strange magic.

“Jerry, this better be work, or we will be in trouble.” Looking at Ultron rushing forward, Tony opened the small coffin in his hand.

Although the magic arranged by Jerry restricted Ultron from leaving Sokovia, it also restricted them from leaving Sokovia if there was no help at this time.

As the small coffin box opened, a huge spider three times bigger than a car jumped out of the coffin and landed in the crowd. On the back of this huge spider, there is also a figure holding a hammer.

“Ronan?” Seeing the figure of the giant spider, Star-Lord, Gamora, and other Guardians of the Galaxy members were surprised.

The one riding on the giant spider was Ronan, who was killed in Contraxia before. Although he had a bunch of hair grown on his body, Star-Lord and the others still recognized him.

As the giant spider jumped out, a large number of slightly smaller spiders jumped out of the small coffin in Tony’s hands, one after another. There are at least three thousand of them.

Moreover, there are also several bodily figures on top of the spiders. These figures have long teeth and long nails, and their eyes are dull. Seeing this bizarre scene, Ultron and his army stopped their movements.

Seeing this, the giant spider under Ronan jumped to the front of Tony and the others.

“The master ordered me to bring my people to help in the battle. Our bodies are magic puppets made by the master with the bodies of Kree warriors, so don’t be alarmed.”

“This world is crazy. Spiders can speak?” Tony nodded with some difficulty, and Rhodes behind him couldn’t help but complain.

Ancient wizards artificially bred the giant spider. It has its own thought like a normal human do. When it is an adult, its body is comparable to the size of a car. It is highly poisonous and has amazing jumping ability and fast reproductive ability.

A long time ago, Jerry caught some giant spiders from the Forbidden Forest and kept them in his world.

Ten years later, Jerry tried to improve the species of the giant spiders and injected a modified version of his enhancer so that the giant spider’s body, strength, speed ​​, and defense were greatly improved.

The Kree people behind them were from the Contraxia War, and Jerry used all the corpses to make a zombie army.

Because of the magic, these Kree zombies have physical deformations like hair and other physical properties. These Kree zombies have super strength and defense and can also use their mouths to spew cold air for long-range attacks.

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Published On: September 28, 2023

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