As long as Vision erases Ultron from the Internet, Ultron can no longer show up again, and by destroying all robots in the city now, Ultron can be completely defeated.

Destroying the robots in front of him is not a difficult task for Jerry. With the defensive power shown by those robots, he can deal with all of them with a large-scale magic attack.

“He has been completely erased.” Vision replied.

“Come on, I’m starting to like Earth a little bit. This is much more interesting than going to the Sovereign Empire to destroy some battery-eating monsters.” Rocket was riding on a Chimera and holding two guns.

Every time a robot breaks through Rocket’s line of fire and, they will be obliterated or ravaged by the Chimera.

As a magical animal on the same level as a dragon, the Chimera has no special magical ability, but it has a high resistance and is very powerful.

Similarly, Steve throws his shield, Thor wields his hammer, and Hulk punches the robots. Star-Lord, Drax, Barton, Skye, May, and Groot start to attack the robots one by one. In less than a minute, the robots were wiped out.

“Is that the best you can do?” Thor said.

Ultron looked at Jerry, “As expected from you if it weren’t for your return, my plan would have been successful now. But, I came prepared.”

At the time of his birth, he saw Jerry as the most dangerous enemy who could threaten his plans.

Even if he disappeared from the public eye, he mobilized all the surveillance in the world and found no trace of him. Still, he did not completely relax his vigilance, except for preparing more robots than the original plan.

He also used his ability to mobilize all the bank funds through the Internet and purchased a large number of resources.

“I’ll show you.” Ultron stretched out his hand. The ground beneath him suddenly split in half, and then a huge metal cabin rose from the ground.

An electronic sound rang, and the metal hatch slowly opened. It turned out that what was inside the metal cabin was a densely packed super robot that looked the same as Ultron.

“You had to ask.” Steve glanced at Thor.

These super robots are not on the same level as ordinary robots. If an ordinary-level robot can kill even Black Widow, then this version is a robot that can compete with Thor in hand-to-hand combat.

Now, there are a thousand of them, and there are at least tens of thousands of ordinary robots that are gathering behind Ultron.

A series of electronic sounds rang out, and the thousand super robots reached out to unplug the charging cable behind them and then walked out of the metal cabin together.

They said in unison with Ultron, “This is the best I can do, something that I wanted to do for this planet. Replacing all humans with them.”

“Hey, that’s not fair. We are less than one-tenth of yours.” Star-Lord rode on Norsa’s back and complained.

Tony flew to Jerry’s side and said, “Jerry, we may need your full power.”

However, before Jerry could answer, Ultron over there laughed again, “This world has never been fair. Isn’t this what you humans said? And I forgot to tell you, I don’t need to touch the device at all, as I can activate it remotely.”

Everyone heard the device that was still running, and suddenly, there was no sound of the buzzing machine turning. At the same time, the anti-gravity field emanating from Sokovia disappeared in an instant.

Sokovia paused in the sky at this time and then began to fall down, and the speed was getting faster and faster.

“Wizard, your strength is strong. But I wanted to know how can you defeat me in this situation and how can you prevent the Earth from being destroyed?” Ultron said to all of them.

After Jerry appeared and robbed his Vibranium body, he knew that the plan would not be so smooth, and he had to prepare something else. So, he made a backup plan when he made the anti-gravity device and set up the remote control function.

He saw that the city hadn’t reached enough height, so he didn’t turn off the device remotely and deliberately made a false impression that he had to touch the device to turn it off.

“I think there is only one solution now. Thor, Jerry, you bombard the device with your strength and blow up the entire Sokovia mid-air.” Tony thought for a while and then gave the most suitable plan.

Now that there are no civilians in Sokovia, blowing up Sokovia can at least save the Earth. Of course, they have to stop Ultron’s army in front to buy time for Jerry and Thor.

“No need for that.” Jerry took out a mini coffin and handed it to Tony.

“I’m going to stop the city from falling, and you deal with the Ultron army. If you can’t beat it, open this small coffin. I have prepared some small things in advance, which should be able to help you.” Before Tony could react, Jerry disappeared in place.

“I didn’t expect that Ultron became so much more cautious than the original plot, but these are useless in the face of absolute strength.” He Appeared below Sokovia, and Jerry stretched out his hand.

“Wingardium Leviosa!” A blue magic light directly hit the city, and the whole city froze instantly.

Then, the 200-meter Jerry appeared below the entire city.

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Published On: September 28, 2023

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