To deal with Jerry, Ultron integrates Stark, Hydra, and Chitauri technology by creating an improved version of the jammer invented by Hydra and integrating it into the anti-gravity device.

“Everyone who hasn’t evacuated, don’t panic. Go to the big square in the city’s center and leave in my spaceship.” Jerry looked at the remaining civilians, reached out, and took out his ship.

It would take him about ten minutes to crack that device. It would be better if he just used his ship this time.

“Enlarge yourself to the maximum and evacuate the civilians.”


With a roar, Jerry’s ship immediately enlarged and moved toward the central square of Sokovia. As it got closer and closer, the ship gradually changed from a palm size to a giant Viking ship that was one kilometer long.

The remaining civilians below saw the ship, and their hearts instantly turned from sadness to joy. All the rescuers headed by Steve also began to fight against the robots to protect the civilians from reaching the ship dropped by Jerry.

Although many people and magical animals are on the rescue team, there are more robots. The robots are not afraid of death, and the people in the rescue team need to protect the civilians while fighting them.

Because of Jerry’s magic, most animals and the rescue team don’t suffer much harm.

Most of the robots even started to change their target to the civilians rather than the rescue team. What was even more irritating was that they flew towards the ship itself, trying to destroy the ship directly.

Unfortunately, what Ultron didn’t know was that the ship was not just a simple ship.

“How dare these robots try to do such things.”

The huge oars on both sides immediately turned into giant blades, madly attacking all the approaching robots. In the blink of an eye, hundreds of robots trying to destroy the ship were chopped into a pile of pieces.

“No need to guard them. I’ll take care of it from here. All of you just do what you need to do.” After the ship slashed down, the robots, it said to Steve, Coulson, and the others.

Steve and Coulson rode hippogriffs, and after they heard that, they flew over to the civilians who had not yet evacuated. The ship is not only powerful but also has its own thoughts, so they really don’t need to worry about anything.

“Tell everyone the bad news. The anti-gravity device built by Ultron under the entire city cannot be deactivated. Once it is disturbed, it will form a reverse thrust, causing the city to drop rapidly and hit the earth.”

“The only way now is for Thor or Jerry to bombard the device with powerful energy after all the residents are evacuated, causing the entire Sokovia to explode directly in the air.”

Just as everyone worked together to fight the robots and escorted the last civilian to board the ship, Tony had already checked Ultron’s device and told everyone through the channel.

Hearing Tony’s words, everyone fell silent.

If the whole of Sokovia is bombed, hundreds of thousands of Sokovians will completely lose their homeland and have to live in other places. Although various countries on the Earth may lend support, some may not going to treat them nicely.

Certainly, these hundreds of thousands of Sokovians in the future will certainly have a very difficult life.

“Wait for everyone to evacuate and then blow it up.” Steve made a difficult final decision.

Compared to the safety of the entire planet, blowing up a city is nothing.

If there are still people in the city who have not been evacuated, they will definitely not use the lives of the people in the city in exchange for the lives of the people below. But now it’s a city without people, and it’s a fair trade.

As if aware of everyone’s intentions, all the robots controlled by Ultron gave up attacking the civilians. They rushed towards the top of the Ultron base, where the anti-gravity device was located.

“All of them going for the device. Ultron wants to turn the device to let the city fall in faster!” At this moment, Thor’s voice came from everyone’s earpieces.

It turned out that Ultron planned to use Sokovia civilians as bait to entangle all the Avengers, and they decided that they would not sacrifice the civilians in the city to destroy Sokovia to ensure that Sokovia rose to the predetermined height and fell.

But now, Jerry threw a ship that could carry all the remaining civilians to evacuate, and it was so powerful that his robots could destroy it.

Seeing that all the remaining civilians had boarded the ship and successfully evacuated the city, Ultron knew that these Avengers would definitely destroy the city to ensure the safety of humans on Earth.

Therefore, he had to choose to turn the device and let Sokovia fall in advance. In this way, although the power is smaller than expected and cannot destroy the entire Earth, it can destroy more than half of the population.

At that time, he can take advantage of the chaos on the Earth, find a way to get some vibranium, rebuild the city, and do the same thing again.

However, Thor arrived just when he was about to turn the device, and Vision knocked him out.

Therefore, he called on all the remaining robots to rush to the position of the device. As long as any robot touches the device, the device can be turned on, and the city starts to fall.

“Vision, did you erase Ultron from the Internet?” When everyone rode their mounts and gathered to the device’s position, Jerry had broken the jammer and Apparated next to Vision.

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Published On: September 27, 2023

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