At the same time, in Ultron’s base.

After being forcibly taken away by the Wizard, he abandoned the idea of using the vibranium body and initiated his second plan immediately.

He knew that it was impossible to obtain the body back. The Wizard is here, and the twins betrayed him. So he has only one way: to use the remaining Vibranium and fuse them all to create a special device that can lift Sokovia into the air.

Then hit the Earth with Sokovia, like a meteorite hitting the Earth, causing mass destruction and exterminating all life on the entire Earth at once.

After all the creatures on the Earth are extinct, he will gain more Vibranium, start his own evolution, and create a human like him.

He used all the things he had begun to manufacture technologies and many robots to face the inevitable war that would come next.

When the sun rose, he was finally close to completing the device to lift the entire Sokovia into the sky. However, he also saw Iron Man flying towards him through Sokovia’s monitoring device and a group of strange creatures.

He knew that they would definitely not start the war now because the Avengers would definitely save the civilians first. He was just using this to delay the time until the device was finished.

“Are you here to repent?” Seeing his maker, Ultron walked out of the base.

Tony looked at Ultron’s new mechanical body that was twice the size of his suit and asked, “Oh, Ultron. Are you having allergies lately? Why do you look more swollen than before?”

“I know you’re stalling on protecting civilians, but that’s okay.” Ultron listened to Jerry’s announcement in the air.

His target is not the Sokovia civilians. His target is all the human beings. So it doesn’t matter how much the Avengers evacuate them, knowing they will die in the end.

Tony didn’t refute when he heard the words. After all, Jerry’s voice was so loud that normal people could hear it, but he was still trying to buy some time.

“Ultron, this is our mission together. Have you forgotten about that?”

“No, I am beyond your mission. What you call peace is not real peace. Human thinking limits you. Your thinking is doomed to be wrong. I will bring real peace to the Earth when I am free.” Ultron’s tone was full of madness.

“Ultron, your idea is wrong. Listen to me…” Tony said.

Ultron shook his head after hearing this, “No, you are wrong, true peace is…”

This way, they stood there for a whole hour, and Tony’s mouth was dry.

“Hey, I’m running out of words. How are you guys doing?” Listening to Ultron there, Tony took the opportunity to set aside his attention and connect the communication channel with others.

Steve immediately came from the channel, “Hold on a little longer. We have already evacuated most of the people. It is estimated that the whole city should be emptied in half an hour. Jerry has been shouting in the sky for an hour.”

“I know. He had been shouting the same thing all the time.” Tony was speechless.

Ultron just happened to have his own reason and turned his head to look over. Tony couldn’t think of what else to say, so he thought of another thing.

“I have a different understanding. I think the amazing thing about the whole thing is…”

Both of them had an argument again.

Fortunately, at this time, his device was finally finished and could be used now. He immediately activated the device and interrupted Tony with a laugh.

“I’m not the one who also buys time.”

A device on the ground broke out from the ground, emitting powerful anti-gravity energy, forcibly tearing the city of Sokovia and gradually rising into the sky.

At the same time, the robots hidden by Ultron underground in the entire city also crawled out of the ground and besieged all the people who were evacuated.

“Vision, come now!” Tony didn’t expect Ultron to do this and immediately called Vision to deal with Ultron.

“It’s finally started. I thought I could hold on until all the civilians were evacuated. It seems that Ultron has also accelerated much compared to the original plot.” Jerry muttered to himself as he looked at the city of Sokovia that was gradually moving toward him.

He thought that if he brought the Avengers over ahead of time, Ultron would not have time to start the device. But he did not expect Ultron to speed up the progress of the plan.

However, this does not affect him much. He can directly open a portal in the city and let the rest of the people leave directly through the portal.

He didn’t open the portal just now because hundreds of thousands of people were in different places, and he couldn’t open so many at once while maintaining the Amplifying Charm.

At that time, the city did not lift off, and there was no difference between everyone evacuating from his portal and evacuating from the grounds. But it was different now. The city flew into the sky, and they could only leave using the portal.

However, just when he was about to stop his spell and open a portal, he suddenly felt something.

“Jerry, we need you to come down and open a bigger portal so the remaining civilians can evacuate!” At this time, Steve’s voice came through Jerry’s earpiece.

“I’m afraid I can’t. Ultron should have built a large number of advanced quantum interference instruments in the anti-gravity device below. If I want to use the portal, I need to spend some time to break it through, but I have another plan.” Jerry replied.

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