“Any solution?” Fury asked.

Jerry smiled, “I can use magic to leave something this body in advance. If an ally is born, then, of course, it will be fine. If another Ultron is born, I can immediately use magic to control it forcefully.”

“Jerry, are you sure you can control it?” As soon as Thor heard Jerry’s words, his heart began to shake.

He can distrust Tony because, in his eyes, Tony is an ordinary person. But Jerry is different. It’s just the Mind Stone that makes him still have some concerns.

“Don’t worry. If the magic I left behind can’t be controlled, then I’ll just destroy it.” Jerry narrowed his eyes.

He can’t guarantee that under the influence of the Mind Stone, the contract magic will be released successfully, but if it really fails to take effect, he can rely on his power to forcibly destroy it.

Vision has a Vibranium body that normal weapons cannot destroy, has stronger strength and speed than ordinary robots, flies, and emits energy rays from his head. Overall, he is really strong.

However, these are nothing to Jerry.

While his body defense is amazing, his body can be destroyed by Jerry’s magic sword. As for the energy ray launched by the Mind Stone, the destructive power is not too strong, and his Protego Charm can completely block it.

Vision’s most difficult ability to deal with is changing his physical matter to go through walls. He can deal with space magic or punch his soul out of his body.

The most important thing is that although Vision’s ability is powerful, he is not suited for a fighting type. Even Corvus Glaive can seriously injure him with a sneak attack.

However, if things go well, Jerry doesn’t have to worry so much at all because Vision will turn out to be good.

Hearing Jerry’s words, everyone suddenly realized that they seemed to have overlooked a problem. No matter how powerful this newly-born creation is, can he be stronger than Jerry?

Jerry has a Power and Realit Stone that he has and can use, which is not inferior to the Mind Stone. Therefore, their worries are obviously a little too much.

“In that case, I agree with the idea.” Thor took the lead in raising his hand, and then everyone raised their hands.

Jerry took Tony, Dr. Banner, Fitz, and Gemma to Tony’s laboratory with the Regeneration Cradle.


Early in the morning, as the sun slowly rises over New York.

In the laboratory of Stark Building, Tony and others said to Jerry, who had been deducing magic with his eyes closed/

“Okay, now we have input all Jarvis’ system into this body. As long as he provides enough energy, he can wake up.”

“Okay, then leave it to me.” Jerry opened his eyes, walked to the Regeneration Cradle, raised his hands, and a complex magic circle quickly formed. Seeing that he pressed it hard, the circle quickly shrank to the size of a thumb and got into the top of the body.

At this moment, the Mind Stone on the forehead of the body lit up as if resisting the influx of Jerry’s magic.

Jerry was already prepared for this. He took out the Power Stone and held it in his hand, forcibly pressed the energy of the Mind Stone back, and violently imprinted the magic in the body.

“It’s done!” Sensing that the contract was successful, Jerry waved his hand again, and a thundercloud appeared out of thin air on the Regeneration Cradle.

“Come on out.” With Jerry’s voice, a powerful thunder and lightning poured into the body.

Suddenly, Vision opened his eyes and flew out of the Regeneration Cradle. The people who had been waiting outside heard the commotion and immediately rushed in.

Vision floated in mid-air, glanced at everyone in the laboratory, and finally fixed his gaze on Jerry. He just wanted to fly down to say hello to Jerry, but he received Jerry’s order in his mind, so he slowly landed in the center of the laboratory.

“Are you Jarvis or Ultron?” Tony looked at Vision and asked.

Vision looked at his hands, “I’m neither Jarvis nor Ultron. I’m myself, or you can use the name that he just named me, Vision.”

“Which side are you on?” Steve stepped forward.

Vision turned to look at New York City outside the laboratory glass window, “I’m on the side of life. Ultron wants to destroy life, so I will help you deal with him.”

Vision stated his role, and Jerry had countermeasures. After confirming the problem, everyone chose to believe in Vision and began preparing to go to Ultron’s lair in Sokovia.

Vision can force Ultron out of the Internet. As long as they kill all the robots made by Ultron, they can eliminate Ultron completely.

To deal with Ultron as soon as possible and prevent him from creating more robots, everyone decided not to rest. They simply had breakfast for fifteen minutes to replenish their energy and set off with their own equipment.

The Avengers, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Scarlet Witch with her brother, and Vision are all dispatched to defeat Ultron.

Ten minutes before departure, Vision and Jerry came to the roof of the Stark Building.

“What do you need me to do?” Vision looked at Jerry respectfully and asked.

Jerry looked up and down Vision, “You can just live out your life as you should do if I don’t call you.”

Jerry’s magic only makes the subject unable to disobey his own orders and does not erase the subject’s sanity. Vision is still Vision, just like Norbert can still live like a normal dragon.

“Thank you.” Vision respectfully thanked Jerry.

His life has just begun, and Jerry intends to give him the right to live freely.

“Well, you don’t need to call me so formally later in front of everyone.”

Seeing that everyone had packed up and came to the top of the building. Jerry briefed everyone and drew a portal to Sokovia.

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Published On: September 26, 2023

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