On the Stark Building.

Tony, Steve, and the others looked at Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver behind Jerry and asked, “Jerry, what’s up with them?”

“They have abandoned the dark and turned to the light.” Jerry put down the Regeneration Cradle and briefly explained what happened in Cho’s laboratory.

Although everyone had some grudges about them helping Ultron, the two brothers and sisters were spared, knowing that both of them had tragic lives beforehand. Of course, it’s kind of impossible to trust them fully, but it depends on what they do later.

“Dr. Banner can degenerate the tissues on this body, and I can release the program in its brain. You go to rest first, and the rest can be left to me and Dr. Banner.” Tony looked at the Vibranium body in the Regeneration Cradle.

Just when everyone nodded, Scarlet Witch stood up, “We can’t just leave everything to him. He’ll make things worse.”

“I know your story, but Ton is not a crazy-minded person.” At this time, Steve stood up and defended Tony for the first time.

Everyone knows that Scarlet Witch’s family was killed by a missile made by the Stark Group, but that was because Obadiah, who was managing the company at the time, sold the weapons privately to terrorist organizations in order to make more money.

Tony didn’t know about these things, and since Tony became Iron Man, he directly stopped doing arms deals and changed his business model. Everyone thinks that the reason why Scarlet Witch is like this now is because she doesn’t know Tony’s character wholly.

“Ultron doesn’t know the difference between saving the Earth and destroying the world. Who do you think it learned from?” Her words silenced everyone.

Jerry smiled when he saw this, looked directly at Tony, and said, “Tony, I know you don’t want to destroy it. Don’t deny it, you know that I can read minds. You have to tell what you’re going to do with it. It is better to say it and let everyone discuss it together to see if it’s okay.”

Tony glanced at everyone and sighed, “Indeed, I don’t plan to destroy this body because I want to use it to destroy Ultron completely.”

“What? Do you still want to create another robot? Can you stop thinking about fiddling with things that you can’t control at all? Is Ultron not bad enough?” After listening to Tony’s words, Thor immediately walked towards Tony.

However, he found that his feet were entangled and could not move.

“It’s okay, Thor. Just listen to Tony for now.” Jerry used magic to stop him.

“Look, I know you guys would act like this. I want to ask, do you know why Ultron can flow on the Internet but can’t control the missiles and nuclear bombs launched by various countries?” Tony raised his hand.

Fury stepped forward, “According to our investigation. It seems that an unknown department has been changing the passwords of these missiles, so Ultron has no way to initiate it.”

“Unknown department, is it our ally?” Natasha asked.

“It’s Ultron’s enemy, but not necessarily our ally.” Fury shook his head.

At this time, Tony pressed a button and said, “It’s our ally because he’s Jarvis.”

“Good evening.” A yellow sphere formed above everyone.

“Jarvis’s internal operation matrix has surpassed Ultron as long as we implant him in this Vibranium body. We will have a powerful ally who can drive Ultron out of the Internet and wipe him out. Plus, it doesn’t have the murderous intent like Ultron. “

Seeing that everyone was still hesitating, Tony continued, “Ego, Thanos, alien armies, terrorists, the Earth is in crisis at any time. We need a strong ally, and this body made of Vibranium, Soul Stone with Jarvis’ program, will be our most beneficial helper.”

“But, Tony, can you guarantee that Jarvis will help us later, not Ultron?” Fury said what everyone cares about in one sentence.

After pausing for a moment, Tony replied, “I can’t guarantee it completely, but according to the current algorithm, there should be no problem with him.”

Jarvis is no longer a simple, intelligent system; it has evolved and gained its data knowledge from several sources. It can be said that it is very close to how a real person would act.

“You are too arrogant. According to Jerry, the Mind Stones condense the energy of the universe. You couldn’t understand it. How do you know that there will be no accidents and result in another Ultron?” Thor still objected.

He doesn’t understand any scientific principles, and his thinking is very simple. Since Tony has created Ultron, it is possible to create another Ultron that he can’t control. Tony’s explanation convinced some people, but the majority were on Thor’s side.

If they destroy the current Vibranium body, they only need to deal with Ultron. According to Tony’s explanation, he may create a powerful ally to help them later, but they also may create another powerful enemy.

Of course, Tony was the one who created Ultron, which made them wary about it. If there is no Ultron, then the others would agree with him now.

Upon seeing this, Tony sighed helplessly. He knew what the result was.

However, just when Tony thought it was concluded. Jerry spoke up.

“Actually, I agree with Tony’s words. After all, we really have yet to find a way to eliminate Ultron completely. Even if we eliminate all his robots, as long as there is Internet, he will not die and will always come back.”

“Of course, Thor. Don’t worry about it; I know what your concerns are about that there will be a situation like the second Ultron. Don’t worry, I can deal with that.”

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Published On: September 25, 2023

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