In Seoul.

A portal appeared out of thin air, and Jerry went straight through the portal and flew toward the laboratory below. After walking around the laboratory, Jerry soon discovered Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, Helen Cho, and several Ultron robots.

At this time, Ultron used his mind scepter to control Cho’s mind. She uses the “Regeneration Cradle” brought by Ultron to create a special body.

“How long will it take for my body to take shape?” Ultron saw that there was a little human-shaped Vibranium inside and asked Cho

Cho replied while controlling the machine, “I’ve never seen such a special substance. It’s beyond my imagination, but it will take at least twelve hours to build so that I can transfer your consciousness.”

“Twelve hours?” Jerry was stunned for a moment.

He thought it should have started after staying at Hawkeye’s house for a day. But he was 12 hours early. If he stays here for 12 hours, he’ll fear Steve and the others will try to find him.

“No, that’s too long. The Wizard who disappeared has come back. If we draw more time, he’ll come here.” His tone suddenly changed when Ultron heard that it took 12 hours for the body to form.

According to his original plan, he can wait 12 hours here by using Scarlet Witch to damage the Avengers severely.

But because of the sudden appearance of the Wizard, the Avengers have not suffered any serious damage, and there are a few more helpers. If they stay here, they are likely to be discovered.

Ultron’s brain has all of Stark’s technology and can control the Internet. He knows all the information about the Wizard and what he can do.

He ruled out Jerry before in his plan because after he was born, he traced the trace of the Wizard through the Internet, and he doesn’t seem to be anywhere on Earth. Now that Jerry suddenly appeared again, he needed to change plans.

“There is no way to create it without twelve hours of process. It is impossible to build this Vibranium that you brought into an organic body in just a short time.” Cho shook her head when she heard Ultron’s words.

Ultron ordered directly, “Then carry the Regenerative Cradle to the base in Sokovia. I will use two of my robots to bring it.”

“That works, but you have to bring these devices. Otherwise, you won’t be able to upload your consciousness after the body is completed.” Cho nodded.

However, at this moment, the Regeneration Cradle suddenly made a sound.

“How is this possible?” Cho was surprised.

Ultron asked anxiously, “What’s the matter? Is there something wrong with the body?”

“No… There may be something wrong with the detection system, or the Vibranium you are carrying is causing some calculation errors in the machine. Because the body you need is almost finished!”

Cho pointed to the Regeneration Cradle, and the body was going to be filled. It is estimated that it will be completely completed in a while.

“It seems that God is on my side.” Ultron looked at the body in the Regeneration Cradle with joy in his tone.

Jerry quietly removed his magic from the Regeneration Cradle, “That should be it.”

It turned out that Jerry was afraid that it would take too long and his team would not worry about him, or Ultron would take away the body to his base, so he secretly cast time magic on the Regeneration Cradle.

Just now, he accelerated the time for the Regeneration Cradle and Vibranium body inside it so that it quickly processed for twelve hours. Fortunately, Ultron is a robot with an amazing perception of mechanical objects and knows nothing about magic, while Cho is just an ordinary scientist, and she can’t detect magic either.

Only Scarlet Witch knew magic, but she couldn’t use it fully yet, let alone detect advanced time magic. Therefore, they didn’t notice Jerry’s magic at all.

“Vibraniums are not only compatible with tissue cells, but also bond with each other. S.H.I.E.L.D. may never imagine that it can be used to create such a perfect body.” Cho looked at her masterpiece and said with admiration.

Ultron reached out, took the mind scepter, took out the Mind Stone inside, and put it on the body, “This omnipotent substance is used to make a small shield. Typical human thinking. They only focus on the surface and never dare to use its potential fully.”

“According to the data, it will take about ten minutes for the cells of the Vibranium body to complete and then integrate the stone. Now, we can start the stream of consciousness and upload your brain.”

Cho checked the data displayed on the Regeneration Cradle and then inserted some plugs on the cradle into a pair of Ultron’s robot bodies.

“I can sense him. He seems to be dreaming?”

Scarlet Witch looked at the red body inlaid with the Mind Stone inside and couldn’t help but feel a touch of kindness. She couldn’t help but reach out and touch it.

“Is it because both of their power came from the same origin?” Jerry stepped aside and sensed that the power of the Mind Stone on Vision’s forehead was echoing the power of Scarlet Witch.

The source of Scarlet Witch’s power is her magic, but because Hydra experimented with the power of the Mind Stone, it also contains a part of the Mind Stone’s ability.

This is also why Scarlet Witch can use her power to destroy the Mind Stone in the movie.

He felt that Scarlet Witch liked Vision partly because of getting along with her and partly because of the influence of the Mind Stone.

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Published On: September 25, 2023

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