After listening to Jerry’s story, Ego’s plan, and Thanos’ plan to exterminate half of the creatures in the universe, everyone fell silent. It’s not that they don’t believe Jerry. It’s just what Jerry said is too crazy.

The S.H.I.E.L.D. is now mainly tasked with cleaning up the remaining Hydras. The goal of the Avengers is to protect the Earth from alien invasion and clean up the existence that S.H.I.E.L.D., like Ultron, cannot deal with.

But the two enemies that Jerry mentioned are not invading the Earth at all but destroying all the planets and half of the life in the universe.

The former is that he will consume the Earth into his own body. Unless they leave the Earth in advance and survive in space, all creatures on Earth will die. The latter would kill half of the human beings on Earth and be randomly selected.

The key is that these two are existences that they cannot solve now.

One is a planet with the power of a godlike being, and the other has the most powerful fleet in the entire universe.

“Come on now, no need to be stressed.” Jerry watched the atmosphere in the entire room change.

“Actually, it’s not as serious as everyone thinks. As I said, Ego still doesn’t know that Quill has inherited his power, so as long as we ensure that Quill won’t be discovered by him, he won’t implement the plan.”

“Thanos and his army are powerful, but the Earth has us and Asgard. Everyone strives to improve their strength and prepare for war. When he comes, we’ll destroy them.”

“Jerry is right. What are you afraid of? If Thanos dares to come to Earth to grab the Infinity Stones, then we Asgard will send troops to support like last time.” Thor also raised his Mjolnir and spoke.

Midgard belongs to one of the Nine Realms. Anyone in this universe knows that daring to invade Midgard on a large scale, like declaring war on Asgard.

“I’m sorry, but Asgard wouldn’t exist at that time.” Jerry looked at Thor and recalled that in the original plot, Asgard was destroyed before Thanos invaded the Earth because of Ragnarok.

However, he didn’t say much and still wanted to give everyone some hope. He just wanted everyone to be a little more pressured and work together so that they wouldn’t split up later because of a governmental body restraining them.

“Like Jerry said, if he dares to come here, then we will fight. No matter how strong Thanos and his army are, we must face them.” Steve stood up.

Seeing that there was no fear in Steve’s eyes, Jerry couldn’t help but sigh in admiration.

After knowing Steve’s life experience, he had to admire his will. Every time he faced an enemy stronger than himself or even impossible to defeat, he never gave up, from the street gangster who bullied him, to Hydra, to being frozen for 70 years, to being controlled by Scarlet Witch and defeating Thanos to stop his plan.

He has always been the one who insisted on fighting to the end, never knowing to give up.

“Jerry, I thought you chose to disappear because of some things against you. I didn’t expect you to leave the Earth and to find those aliens who invaded the Earth.” Fury looked at Jerry.

He thought Jerry left Earth because of the conspiracy, and now he heard that Jerry came back to tell about all of this. It made him realize that Jerry left the Earth to find answers for the safety of the Earth. Proving that Jerry cared more about the Earth than he thought.

After hearing Fury’s words, everyone looked at Jerry. Apparently, they have the same thought as Fury.

Jerry disappeared for a few months and returned with such important news. Who would have believed it if he hadn’t left the Earth to tell about this news?

Jerry looked at everyone’s eyes and waved his hand embarrassedly, “It’s not what you think. I just want to go to the outside of the Earth to see new things and accidentally found out about it.”

Indeed, his original purpose of leaving the Earth was to go out for a walk. To find aliens suitable for his world to live in and provide him with magic power. As for this “news”, he knows it from his other world, and it would be hard to tell them where he got it originally.

“Well, we won’t discuss these issues for the time being. The most important thing now is to figure out the purpose of Ultron and then deal with him. Otherwise, he will keep making robots, which will be difficult if a war breaks out.” Jerry no longer bothered about this but turned the topic to Ultron.

Now, he wanted to set his focus on the problem to earn some red stars. Ultron’s purpose is to lift off Sokovia, create a big impact on the Earth, and exterminate humans, like the extinction of dinosaurs.

Therefore, the red stars will be a lot if he stops him. At least it should be much more than the 150,000 he got in Contraxia. He can go to the new world with these red stars and after the one-month cooldown.

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Published On: September 25, 2023

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