Flying in the big sky on a broomstick certainly requires a far higher sense of experience than doing it in the cramped space of the warehouse. My ears were whistled by the June morning’s cool breeze, and the wizard’s robe fluttered like a pair of black wings.

The top speed is 60 miles per hour, which is equal to 100 kilometers per hour for a car. Driving on the ground is far less thrilling than soaring freely through the air without any barriers, even though it is not extremely fast.

But only during the summer is this possible. You’ll likely need to visit the hospital the next day to get water and take cold medication if you fly like this in the winter.

After feeling as though he was ready to be blown into a fool by the chilly wind in the sky, Jerry started to lower his height. He then soared between tall structures and into other locations that he had previously been unable to reach.

Because he used to patrol mostly in a few streets and alleyways around his town because he was running solely on his legs, the crime rate in the region has significantly decreased, which has also caused a significant decline in his ability to earn Little Red Stars.

With a broomstick in hand, he can broaden the scope of his patrol without having to stress about making it home in time.

Flying in the air gives one a line of sight that is undoubtedly far better than the line of sight below and can more quickly and precisely identify various illegal and criminal actions.


In a luxury neighborhood building’s top-story duplex building in Queens.

A rope was used to bind a three-person household to the ground. Two masked robbers, one tall and one thin, were brandishing knives as they demanded the safe’s password from the family’s head of household.

Despite his intense rage, the father unwillingly gave the two robbers the code to the safe in order to protect his family.

They excitedly stuffed the piles of gorgeous loot in the safe into the suitcases they had prepared just as the two criminals opened the safe in the bedroom. A black figure eventually materialized outside the bedroom’s glass window.

“Such a thing would not have been noticed by me if there were no broomsticks.”

Jerry suddenly rolled his eyes and noticed a chamber in the building next to him while he was riding a broomstick between tall buildings. He was immediately thrilled to learn that someone was investigating a break-in.

He pulled out his wand and silently gestured in the direction of the young child in the bedroom, who was being cuddled by her mother and whose eyes widened when she noticed her. Jerry cast a charm to unlock the window in the bedroom.

The window’s lock automatically opened with a sharp noise.

The two criminals, who were loading money, turned their heads as their parents, who were staring at the thief, heard the sound coming from the window and felt a chilly breeze suddenly blowing into the bedroom. Then they all displayed looks of skepticism.

A young child in a wizard costume was floating outside the window while riding what appeared to be a broom.

Outside the window, flying? But how is that even possible? It’s more than 100 meters above the ground. This is the 28th floor.

“Good night!”

Jerry opened the window and waved his wand very courteously at the astonished individuals within. Before the two criminals could recover from their stunned state, he directed his magic wands at them, sending two magical rays their way.

“Petrificus Totalus!”

When the magic light struck the two criminals, they instantly froze, fell to the ground with a bang, and the blades in their hands were all over the floor.

Jerry finally located the body-binding spell in a magic book in the library after much searching. Even with his magical prowess, he can instantly petrify regular adults thanks to a very practical offensive spell. However, its petrification is distinct from the basilisk’s petrification.

The body-binding spell merely uses magical force to bind your body and limbs; your eyes can still move, you still have consciousness, and your senses, including the five senses, continue to work as usual.

You can either wait for the time to naturally untie it after being affected by the curse, or you can employ the universal solution spell. The basilisk’s petrification, however, is distinct. There is absolutely no feeling, and it has actually petrified into a stone. It will be identical to a corpse if there is no method to open it.

The two have different degrees of magic.

Jerry restrained the two robbers before using the Transfiguration Charm on the rope around the father’s wrist in the bedroom. The rope was then transformed into noodles.

He then pointed to the safe with his wand. From the safe, two hundred dollar bills shot out and fell into his hand. Jerry learned The Summoning Charm, a very old spell, from the “Guide to Medieval Witchcraft.” This spell is reportedly going to be covered in the fourth grade as well.

Its spell is quite straightforward but really helpful. In order for an object to fly to you from anywhere in the world when you summon it, you must focus and vividly picture it in your mind. The magic spell in question is simple to learn but challenging to perfect.

Simply told, the item you call, its weight, size, material, magic strength, proximity to you, and whether it is a living or inanimate object will all have an impact on how successful your summoning spell is.

Just like now, it would be simple for Jerry to succeed if he simply conjured two lovely, dollar bills, but it would be challenging if he attempted to do the same with the heavy safe.

The challenge will be greater if the safe is in another room and not close to him. The difficulty would rise linearly if what he summoned was not a safe but something endowed with a magical ability or a living creature. Additionally, summoning someone using the summoning spell is impossible and has no impact.

He couldn’t simply shout “Accio Aisha” to summon his younger sister, who was sound asleep at home and lying on her back, even if he had perfected his summoning spell.

“They can only be paralyzed by my spell for ten minutes. Make a police call right away. I’ll get these two bills as a reward!”

Jerry quickly rode his broom away from the window after placing the cash in his pocket. The father who responded quickly broke free, cut the rope holding his wife and daughter captive, went to the window, and poked his head out.

“Oh, my God, there is magic in this world.” He couldn’t resist shouting as he watched the figure of Jerry on a broomstick slowly vanish in the air.

He promptly tied up the two robbers, who had been rendered helpless by magic with a rope, and then he dialed 911 to call the police.

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Published On: March 5, 2023

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  1. it seems i was too harsh on him. taking 200$ although not moral, isn’t that immoral, considering he just saved their lives, and there was likely to be more money in the safe.

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