On the outskirts of New York.

A huge fire ring appeared out of thin air, followed by the Quinjet that passed through the fire ring and landed on the lawn.

“When you are here, any problem can be solved.” Seeing that the flight that originally took several hours was shortened to a few seconds, Tony couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

He remembered that when he and Jerry went to fight those Extremis, they had to fly and rely on the dragon. Now they can open a portal and reach their destination directly. It can only be said that Jerry’s magic has definitely become more powerful than before.

“Magic is such a convenient ability. Do you want me to teach you?” Jerry joked.

Tony immediately shook his head, “Forget it. I have no talent for that. I’ll just concentrate on my armor.”

After everyone got off the plane, there was a green lawn in front of them and scenery in front of them. In the center of the lawn is a two-story European-style villa with a large fenced yard.

“It looks like a safe house.” Tony swept around and found that it was not easy to see any high-tech devices.

In this way, the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Jerry pushed open the door along the path and walked into the villa.

“Honey, I’m home!” As soon as he entered the villa, Hawkeye shouted.

As his voice sounded, a woman walked down from the second floor with a surprise.

“I brought a guest. Sorry, I didn’t tell you in advance.” Hawkeye stepped forward to give her a hug and a kiss.

At this time, Tony whispered beside Jerry, “I’m afraid she’s an agent.”

Since being deceived by Black Widow before, when Tony sees people related to S.H.I.E.L.D., he thinks they are agents.

“But she’s pregnant.” Jerry rolled his eyes.

At this time, Hawkeye wrapped his arms around her and said, “This is my wife, Laura.”

Everyone hurriedly smiled collectively and raised their hands.

Laura also turned her head and smiled, “I know you people, but who are they?”

Laura smiled when she saw Steve because she often saw him on TV, and Hawkeye told her that the wizard was a man.

When she passed Jerry and saw Star-Lord, her expression became slightly puzzled. Her eyes were surprised when she saw Gamora, Nebula, and Drax. When she saw Groot and Rocket on his shoulder with a gun on his back, she was dumbfounded.

“Hello, ma’am, we are his friends from outside the Earth. We are the Guardians of the Galaxy, who guard the safety of the galaxy.” Star-Lord introduced himself.

From the trip, he knew Jerry’s title and fame on Earth.

When Laura was surprised that aliens came to her home, a boy and a girl ran downstairs on the second floor and happily jumped into Hawkeye’s arms. Apparently, the two are the son and daughter of Hawkeye and Laura.

“These two must be little agents. He told me before that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Agents nowadays are getting crazier.” Tony had an envious look in his eyes.

Jerry laughed and joked, “He just said that he doesn’t have a girlfriend, but he didn’t say that he doesn’t have a wife and children. You and Pepper will have them soon. If not, I can help you make some potions to, you know, stimulate both of you guys.”

“Is it effective?” Tony rolled his eyes.

Tony coughs, “I don’t need it, but I have a friend who wants to have a baby sooner. If your potion is useful, you can give me some, and I’ll give them the potion.”


An hour later.

Hawkeye and Laura went back to the bedroom upstairs to change their clothes. Dr. Banner and Black Widow went to the guest room to bathe. Star-Lord talks to Thor and asks if there is any unused item in Asgard that he doesn’t need or use anymore.

Gamora and Nebula walked in the woods while Hawkeye’s children surrounded Groot and Rocket.

Tony and Rogers were chopping some firewood outside the villa, but they all looked expressionless.

“Did Fury and Coulson say when they’re coming?” Jerry looked at the two people and reluctantly spoke first to break the ice.

Steve immediately replied, “He should be here. After all, we arrived here more than five hours early. I just contacted Hill, and according to their information, they should arrive in five minutes.”

“I don’t know how Fury and the others looked when they saw the aliens.”

“I guess he’d be startled. I deliberately didn’t say that Jerry returned with some alien friends.”

At this moment, the awkward atmosphere just now finally dissipated.

“Tony, I’m really sorry. Although I know it’s useless to say anything.” Steve looked at Tony and sincerely apologized to him again.

Tony didn’t refuse this time, just sighed, “Okay, it’s in the past now. I’m not a person who is easily swallowed by hatred. I heard that he has now joined Coulson’s S.H.I.E.L.D. team?”

“Yes. He wants to use the rest of his life and his ability as much as possible to amend his previous mistakes.” There was a bit of sadness in Steve’s tone.

He was heartbroken, knowing he had never intended to harm people back in the day, and he was just brainwashed to do all of Hydra’s dirty work.

“Maybe, if my father is here, he will forgive him.” Tony muttered something.

Bucky knew Howard Stark. Before, he was presumed dead in a war but turned out to be under the control of an enemy. Howard’s emotion was probably shocked back then when he saw Bucky on the night of the assassination.

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Published On: September 22, 2023

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