“What about you, Jerry?” Seeing that Jerry actually moved behind them, Star-Lord and others showed puzzled expressions.

Jerry raised his hand, “I won’t do anything,”

Before Star-Lord and the others could refute, they saw Hulk jumping and smashing toward them. They had no choice but to pick up their weapons and dodge.

“Groot, Drax. You go deal with the big guy; we’ll deal with the person who controls the big guy.” After dodging Hulk’s attack, Star-Lord immediately made a plan.

Hulk is Jerry’s friend, so their goal is not to kill the Hulk but to restrain the Hulk and then deal with the person who controls the Hulk.

Hulk roared angrily, and he was about to attack them. But he was suddenly entangled by a branch. It turned out that Groot used his ability in time.

Seeing Groot pulling him to put Hulk to the ground temporarily, Drax didn’t sit still. He jumped on Hulk and punched him.

After Drax smashed Hulk, he became even more angry. Drax was mercilessly flown out with his right hand and slammed into the Quinjet next to Jerry.

“Ouch.” Jerry looked at the dent that carved Drax’s body on the Quinjet and shook his head secretly.

Although Drax’s strength is not as good as Hulk, his body’s ability to resist blunt attacks is the best. He quickly returned to normal and rushed towards Hulk again.

Groot is tall and can assist in restraining the enemy. He can grow quickly, even if he lacks an arm or a broken leg. Drax’s strength is not low and tanks some of the beatings.

The two teamed up to fight Hulk. Although they were basically underpowered, they barely restrained him and bought time for Star-Lord and others.

Star-Lord and the others quickly saw the two.

Star-Lord and Rocket didn’t hold back after confirming that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were enemies. They just need to shoot them both dead. One is a Ravagers, and one is a bounty hunter. Although they had no formal gun-handling training, they had some of the best skills.

Unfortunately, the enemy is not an ordinary person.

Quicksilver can move at high speed and can disappear in the blink of an eye. Scarlet Witch cast a shield with both hands, blocking the attacks of Star-Lord and Rocket’s guns.

Star-Lord, Rocket, Gamora, and Nebula seemed to be pushed from behind and slammed forward. Quicksilver relied on his speed and knocked them out with force.

Gamora and Nebula are both trained fighters, and their physique is extraordinary. They immediately rolled when they fell and stood firmly on the ground as soon as possible.

Because of his body, Rocket quickly stabilizes himself on the ground.

In the end, only Star-Lord fell to the ground.

Star-Lord has half-god blood, and his body is very resistant to various energies. He can even resist energy in the Power Stone. But before his power is unlocked, his physique and reaction speed are not much stronger than ordinary people on Earth.

“Be careful of that man. He moves really fast.” Jerry stood at the door and kindly reminded him.

Star-Lord looked at Quicksilver, that stood there, and his eyes turned towards Gamora, “Both of you deal with the lady. Rocket and I will deal with this guy.”

Gamora and Nebula glanced at each other and turned their head toward Scarlet Witch. Star-Lord directly activated the thruster on his feet and flew into mid-air.

“You can run quick, but you can’t fly.”

Although Quicksilver has super speed, he can’t fly and is a bit surprised that he flew in the air. His physique is similar to ordinary people’s. He will die if Star-Lord shoots him.

However, he just used super speed and easily dodged a few bullets. But suddenly, he felt something wrong because he was forcibly pulled.

It turned out that, Rocket had moved to a seat and scattered several unknown triangle steel pieces near Quicksilver. After those steel pieces landed, they immediately opened and stuck him to the ground.

“You ain’t see nothing yet in this universe. Take this.” Rocket raised his hand, and the Quicksilver was shot immediately.


Scarlet Witch turned her head to see her brother fall to the ground, and suddenly her emotions were out of control. The chaotic energy in her body broke out. Gamora and Nebula were flown away from the spot.

“Alright, she has to rely on emotions to burst out the power in her body.” Jerry knew that she had a lot of magic power in her body. She can even control one of the Infinity Stones.

After practicing the Darkhold, she singlehandedly overpowered Doctor Strange and even went to the multiverse. But now, it’s hard for her not to be driven by emotions.

Gamora and Nebula are powerful proficient in close combat and because they go to war most of the time. At the same time, Scarlet Witch can only use her magic powers to attack.

Although they always thought about getting revenge, they had been in a laboratory and never killed anyone and didn’t know how to fight. Just like Quicksilver just now, when he saw Star-Lord flying, he didn’t know what to do.

Even when attacking the enemy, he thought about pushing down the enemy on his way instead of dismantling all of the weapons used.

Suppose Quicksilver received some training and carried a sharp dagger with him. He can basically kill all four of them instantly.

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Published On: September 20, 2023

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