Ancient One looked at Jerry, who was drinking iced milk tea and nodded, “Carmen, the power in your body seems to be much stronger than before. It seems that this trip has brought you a lot of things.”

Every time Jerry came to see her, his strength would improve a bit, but this time the improvement seemed to be bigger than usual. She couldn’t help but be surprised when she sensed Jerry’s appearance for the first time.

However, this is also a good thing for her. At least after she leaves, the Earth can be much safer with him around.

“As expected from you. I have hidden it well, but you can still see it easily.” Jerry put down the milk tea in his hand.

He remembered that he had been to Asgard before. At that time, with his spell, Odin could no longer see his strength. But this time, his strength is much stronger than when he left Earth before, and the mana shielding spell is more potent than before.

However, Ancient One still saw through the magic power in his body at a glance. It can only be said that in terms of real magic strength, he feels that he is still far away from the Ancient One.

Of course, this does not mean that his strength is stronger than Odin’s. Odin’s strength comes from his body, which is different from Ancient One, and everyone has different specialties.

When Ancient One heard Jerry’s words, she smiled, “Don’t underestimate yourself. Maybe I’m better than you in some areas of magic. As long as you keep improving it, I’m sure that you’ll surpass me.”

Ancient One was speaking from the bottom of her heart. She sat opposite Jerry and could really feel Jerry’s strength.

“You’re too kind. I am far worse than you.” Jerry obviously did not agree with her words.

He knew that what she was talking about was only normal strength—not including her borrowing Vishanti’s power.

In addition to borrowing the power of Vishanti, Ancient One secretly captured part of the Dormammu’s power in order to immortalize her life and prevent those powerful threats from invading the Earth.

Jerry would probably lose if Ancient One burst into full strength, even if he used the Reality and the Power Stone. Besides, the Time Stone was much more fun than his Power and Reality Stone.

Just like if he goes to Asgard to fight Odin, it is estimated that with his current strength, at most, he can tie with him. But that’s when Odin uses his own strength. If Odin drew power from Asgard, then he would definitely lose.

“Okay, let’s not talk about this. You come to me in such a hurry. There must be something very important.” Ancient One was no longer entangled in the issue of Jerry’s strength but led the topic to the point.

Jerry didn’t beat around the bush but told Ego’s plan and the fact that Thanos wanted to collect six Infinity Stones. He also took out the Power Stone and put it on the table.

“So that’s the whole situation. I came to ask you what I should do with this stone. Should I keep it in Kama Taj?”

“Karma Taj already has the Time Stone, so it’s not suitable to keep the Power Stone here.” Ancient One refused.

Just kidding, the Infinity Stone is both a power and a responsibility that a Sorcerer Supreme must bear. She could protect both of the stones in one place. But she has decided to retire and couldn’t just have both of them if someone takes her place.

As for her successor, Stephen Strange, although he is even better than her, he still needs time to train. The reason why she is so strong is that she has lived for hundreds of years. It will take a long time for Stephen to reach her current level.

“Then I should leave it to Odin. It should be safe if it were put there.” Seeing Ancient One refusal, Jerry immediately understood why, so he immediately suggested a second suggestion.

Ancient One heard the words, thought momentarily, and finally shook her head, “It’s a bad idea. Asgard already has the Space Stone. If you give the Power Stone, he will probably send it to the collector just to be safe.”

The Infinity Stones represent both great power and endless trouble. Odin’s lifespan was running out, and Ragnarok was about to come. Ancient One knew that Odin would not accept this Power Stone at this current time.

“You should continue to keep them. With your current strength, I believe you can protect them from being used by evil people. Plus, you’ve learned how to use them too.” Ancient One smiled and pushed the Power Stone on the table to Jerry again.

Jerry looked at her. He put the stone away, “Since you trust me, then I will protect it together with the Reality Stone and stop Thanos’ plan.” Jerry had already expected the result.

Ancient One has experienced countless battles and defeated countless powerful beings, including Dormammu, in the past few hundred years. Enemies like Thanos and Ego, who may cause major crises in the future, are nothing to her.

She just wants to spend the last two years relaxing, unloading the burden, and exploring the universe’s real mysteries. Therefore, she would refuse anything that would make her troublesome in the coming years.

However, even if Ancient One really put the Power stone in Kamar Taj, it doesn’t matter. She will allow him if he wants to study it or borrow it. When Ancient One is dead, it will naturally be given to him again.

The purpose of this trip is to let Ancient One and Odin understand that Jerry is not the kind of person who years the power of the Infinity Stones. In this way, he will be able to use the Power Stone on Earth openly and fairly.

After communicating with Ancient One about the ownership of the Power Stone, Jerry did not stay in Kamar Taj for a long time but returned directly to his villa in Queens with the others.

However, his magic mirror suddenly lit up before he was ready to discuss the next plan with the others.

“Huh, Dr. Banner?” Since handing the magic mirror to Dr. Banner, this is the first time Banner has contacted Jerry.

Opening the mirror, a face full of panic appeared in the mirror,

“Oh, God. They all said they couldn’t reach you, but I didn’t expect it to work. Jerry, I need your help right now.”

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