“Understood.” The voice of Dawn can be heard from his bracelet.

When Star-Lord saw this, he quickly opened his bracelet again and called, “Dawn, come down immediately and pick me up to go to Contraxia.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t come down without Lord Carmen’s order.” Dawn’s apologetic voice can be heard from his bracelet.

He looked up at Jerry, “I spent 800 million, and she betrayed me. What did you do to her?”

Jerry smiled, “Sorry, Quill. You can’t go to Ego now. I can’t let him absorb the power in your body. Otherwise, the universe will be in danger. But don’t worry, when I am stronger and can kill him. I will take you there.”

Dawn was born after the explosion of a star, which has a soul. Of course that Jerry can form a contract magic on her.

When Dawn was installed on the Milano, Jerry told Star-Lord to install her on the Milano. In order to prevent him from leaving Earth, and secretly drove the Milano to find Ego.

Without the Milano, Star-Lord wouldn’t be able to leave the Earth. Even with the Earth’s technology, making a spaceship that can do space jumping is not enough.

“Quill, calm down. Jerry is right. Let’s stay on Earth for a while.” Gamora was obviously much more rational than Star-Lord and immediately comforted him.

Rocket and others also stepped forward to stop Star-Lord. It’s just that everyone’s way of doing it is different. For example, Rocket is arrogant and vicious, and Nebula is cold-hearted, and it is definitely impossible to count on them to comfort Star-Lord emotionally.

Therefore, Jerry heard these words on the side.

“Quill, look at yourself, man. You’re a feeble human and wouldn’t stand against him.”

“But my 800 million…”

After a series of “comforts”, Star-Lord finally realized that it was useless, but he was still talking about his 800 million.

“It’s only 800 million. If you stay on Earth, I will give you more money later.”

Jerry stepped forward, patted Star-Lord on the shoulder, then continued, “I’m going to Kamar Taj now to see The Ancient One. Are you with me, or are you just want to stay here all day?”

Ancient One and Odin have said before that they don’t want two Infinity Stones in one person’s hands because that is likely to cause a great disaster. Now, he has violated this rule with the Power Stone and the Reality Stone in his hands.

Now that he’s back, he needs to talk about this matter. However, he didn’t think it was a big problem.

In the movie, Ancient One did not know that Doctor Strange gave the Time Stone to Thanos, indicating that she did not see that far into the future.

She is determined to wait for Doctor Strange to take her place in her current state so that she can unload the burden of the Sorcerer Supreme.

As for Odin, his strength continues to weaken, and he has few years to live. He also needs a strong ally to face possible future crises.

“Alright, I’ll go with you.” Star-Lord and the others replied in unison.

Sorcerer Supreme, Kamar Taj, and Mages, all of which Jerry has just briefly introduced to them. It is something that they wanted to see definitely.

“Come on then.” With a swipe, a portal leading to Kamar Taj appeared in front of everyone.


“Wong, teaching new students, I see.” While passing through the portal to the training ground in Kama Taj, Jerry saw Wong teaching the new mages to practice spells.

The life expectancy of Kama Taj’s mage is similar to a normal person. Therefore, in order to protect the Sanctuaries and protect the Earth from being invaded by dimensional threats, it is necessary to constantly add new mages to maintain the inheritance and strength of the entire Kamar Taj.

Some of these new mages inadvertently learned about the legends of Kamar Taj. They came here because of the news, passed the test, and stayed. Some of the masters in Kamar Taj went there to teach the new students.

Wong and Mordo generally guide these new students. If their talent is good, it is also possible that Ancient One herself will teach them later.

“Jerry? It’s been a long time. Where have you been all this time?”

Wong turned his head and saw that it was Jerry and was slightly surprised.

Jerry often came to Kamar Taj to ask Ancient One about magic and was a frequent visitor to the library. This time, the sudden disappearance of him and not coming back for more than half a year surprised Wong.

“Who are these people?” Wong stared at them. He saw Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket, Groot, and Drax coming out of the portal following Jerry.

Star-Lord is partially human, so there is nothing strange about him. As for Gamora, Rocket, Groot, and Drax, it can be seen at a glance that they are not Earthers.

“During this time, I went to other planets outside the Earth for a spin. These are friends I met in the universe. By the way, is Master Ancient One there? I have something important to say to her.”

“She is making tea in the hall.” Wong was a little surprised by the appearance of several aliens. After all, he has seen many strange-looking creatures from other dimensions in Kamar Taj all these years.

Jerry nodded, then pointed to the five and said, “Wong, please help me take care of my friends.”

After he finished speaking, he let the others go for a walk in the yard by themselves and then walked to the hall alone.

As he opened the wooden door and stepped into the hall, Jerry heard Ancient One’s voice, “I just made a milk tea with some tapioca pearls like you said last time. Would you like a cup?”

Ancient One had already noticed Jerry coming to her.

He sat on the opposite side of Ancient One, reached out, and used magic to turn the milk tea that Ancient One poured for him into iced milk tea in an instant, “Thank you.”

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