After looking around for a bit, Jerry discovered a broomstick that didn’t appear to be too ancient, as well as a few magic books that appeared to be in excellent condition.

Common Spells and Solutions, Knowledge Over Black Magic, A Collection of Self-Defense Spells, and Fighting Poison with Poison.

It’s an unforeseen benefit of arriving at this moment. Of course, he also noticed a scarred bust of a wizard bearing the fabled Ravenclaw diadem, one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes. But he didn’t care about it.

He can’t use that item. He is powerless to destroy it, and if he takes it, the soul of Voldemort will have an impact on him. It’s best to disregard it.

“It’s already twelve o’clock!” He didn’t anticipate that while he was looking through it, time would fly by so rapidly.

Jerry hurriedly waited for twelve o’clock while clutching the broomstick firmly in his left hand, the magic wand in his right hand, the magic books in his left, and a box of Bertie Bott’s multi-flavored beans he had reserved in advance in his left.

[Forced return is initiated since there are insufficient red stars, and the countdown begins: 10, 9, 8, 7…3, 2, 1.]

The panel’s notice caused the entire universe to come to a stop once more.

“Why are you holding a peculiar broom and stick, Jerry? What kind of book is it?” Jerry regained consciousness and went back to his Queens, New York, home.

His sister Aisha’s skeptical voice simultaneously echoed in his ears. He should probably go into the world in an empty room next time.

Jerry sat on the sofa with a bag of Bertie Bott’s multi-flavored beans, a magic wand, and a book of spells in his hands. He then looked at his sister, who was staring at him, and made a decision in his heart.

“I recently purchased this broom during the day to sweep the space. Actually, I bought this wooden stick as a tool just for stirring soup. Regarding these books…”

He promptly said while grinning inwardly as he noticed the puzzled expression in Aisha’s eyes, “These books are a complete set of mathematics for primary school students that I bought especially for you, so that you won’t be bored during summer vacation.”

“What? What did you say, Jerry? Oh no, you actually approached undetected and used hypnotic magic on me.”

Aisha reacted immediately after learning that it involved mathematics. She jumped off the sofa instead of watching TV. She trembled, hurried into her room, and snapped shut the door while closing her ears.

Jerry’s mouth quivered as he noticed this. After turning off the TV, he went back to his room with the broomstick and magic book.

He is aware that maths is his sister’s greatest area of weakness. Aisha hates math because it’s a topic she’s never become good at since she was in school, and anytime Jerry tries to teach his sister in math, he will experience situations like this one where she is suddenly struck by various magics.


The time is eight in the evening. Because Haas is working the night shift today and won’t go back to bed, when Jerry went back to his room, he immediately fell asleep. He didn’t open his eyes till the alarm went off at twelve o’clock, at which point he silently walked his broomstick out of the neighborhood.

Jerry cautiously approached an abandoned factory that he had found while on patrol, dodging any passersby he might come across and the several cameras that were present. He isn’t being unduly cautious. Rather, there are instances when the power of technology just cannot be understated.

It is simple to determine his genuine identity if someone uncovers clues in today’s camera-filled city.

Jerry entered the facility, removed the sweater’s hood, and removed the broomstick from the huge black plastic bag.

He could tell it was a really old broomstick by looking at the words written on it.

He visited the library a few days ago to check out the books “The History of the Origin and Development of the Broomstick” and “Guidelines for the Initial Use of the Broomstick” in order to read them.

The Cleansweep series of brooms was created by the Cleansweep Broom Company. The broom he got from the Room of Requirement has a long history because it was first released in 1926. However, it doesn’t appear to be too ancient and may not have been used frequently.

Jerry set the broomstick down and carefully extended his right hand while remembering the spells he had learned from the “Guidelines for the Initial Use of the Broomstick.”

The right hand, which also casts the spell, is where the body’s magic power originates. It also has a strong connection to the ground-based broomstick. The broom happily rolled on the ground before ceasing to move.

Jerry shook his eyebrows speechlessly.

It would appear that he has little aptitude for learning magic and even less for riding broomsticks in the air. He used to be certain that if he enrolled in the broomstick class, he would be able to crush Harry and emerge as the class’s most notable student, but it appears that he has gotten a little sloppy.

The idea is that he can let the broomstick fly first, despite the fact that his body is strong and he needs to be very flexible to manage it as it flies through the air.

Without wasting any time, Jerry immediately turned on “Refreshing”. He started to regularly practice the spells for piloting the broomstick, quickly honing his skill as he relied on his super brain.

He was able to perfect the broomstick control magic technique in less than five minutes with the aid of mental refreshment. After perfecting the technique, he instantly stopped ingesting red stars because there were only more than 30 red stars left.

The broomstick slid into his right palm extremely neatly as he repeated the spell. Under the influence of Jerry’s thoughts, the broomstick carried him to float.

“Come on!”

In response to a command, the broomstick gradually gained speed and took off for the opposite end of the warehouse. He pulled it up once more just as he was about to hit the wall, and the broomstick flew back and narrowly missed him.

“Haha, Yes! Yes!”

It was fun to watch Jerry fly through the warehouse while controlling the Cleansweep broom. A man’s happiness is so straightforward. Riding a broom that can fly freely in the air is still a very pleasurable thing, even though Jerry’s spirit is about forty years old.

Due to numerous stresses and duties in middle age, people will grow more mature and steady. But in reality, you will discover that he genuinely displays a naive and infantile side when he is with himself or with peers who share his interests.

He even lost control a few times and nearly hit the roof while flying exuberantly up and down, left and right, in the warehouse. Jerry was able to master the use of the broomstick at last.

“It’s time to go outside and try it out!”

He noticed that it was close to one o’clock. Jerry changed into the wizard costume he had brought, grabbed his wand and broomstick, and then he left the warehouse.

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Published On: March 5, 2023

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