“Wearing clothes hurts my body. My nipples are sensitive.” Drax explained.

As soon as his voice fell, Rocket couldn’t help but laugh, “Your what is sensitive? Man, I’m dying.”

“People on our planet don’t wear anything.” Drax said angrily at Rocket mocking him.

“Even women?” Jerry was shocked.

Drax nodded, “Of course not. Why would any man or woman want to wear clothing like that?”

“Such a good planet, such a good culture. It’s a shame that it’s now gone, damn Ronan.” After listening to Drax’s answer, Star-Lord couldn’t help showing a look of regret.

Jerry can only sigh.

It seems that there are still many beautiful planets in the universe that he has not seen before. After ten days and passing through eight jumping points, a familiar blue planet finally appeared in the eyes of everyone.

“Is this your home? It looks beautiful.” Rocket sat in the driver’s seat and looked at it.

On the other side, Star-Lord looked at the Earth before him and seemed to remember something.

After a moment of silence, he replied, “Yeah, before Yondu took me away, it was beautiful.”

“Quill, let Dawn turn on the signal-blocking mode.” Gamora reminded.

Although the Earth is only a planet that has not yet set foot on the cosmic civilization, the technological knowledge of humans is not low.

There should also be someone who could take them out because they were seen as extraterrestrial threats. Like Jerry Carmen, for example.

Even her father is afraid of the Earth.

She still remembers that some time ago, Thanos sent Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian to lead the huge army of Chitauri to Earth.

As a result, both of them died on Earth. What is even more strange is that Thanos did not take all the army to attack the Earth back but did nothing to it.

She guessed that it was very likely to be related to the powerful Asgardians, and it may also be because there was Jerry at that time.

She had always thought that Jerry was familiar, but she finally remembered that Thanos once said that a mage on Earth killed Ebony Maw, and that person should be Jerry.

“There is a group of superheroes on Earth. Many of them are good, and many of them are my friends. I can introduce them to you when I get to Earth.” Jerry saw Gamora turn to look at him and said with a smile.

Jerry understands very well that despite the underdeveloped technology of the Earth, they can still kick in some alien threats, and their strength should not be underestimated.

“Don’t worry. Milano is equipped with the most advanced technology. For Earth, it is absolutely impossible for them to find out about us. Fasten your seat belts, and we are about to land.”

In his heart, the Earth is still the Earth he left twenty years ago, and even if it develops, it cannot develop so fast. He spent 1.2 billion on the Milano, let alone the Earth and even the defense system in Xandar may not be able to find him.

“Dawn, turn on stealth mode.”

After the Milano entered the atmosphere, the coordinates were entered by Jerry. Star-Lord immediately ordered towards the coordinates after coming to the sky over New York.

A voice sounded inside the Milano, “Understood, master.”

The entire Milano went into stealth mode.

“I don’t know why, but I feel that this is different from the average intelligent system.” Nebula listened to Dawn’s voice, seemed to have some emotions, and wondered.

Gamora shook her head, “Maybe because of its price. Remember that most of Quill’s money on upgrading the Milano seems to be spent on Dawn. There must be something unique about it.”

“Of course, Dawn is not an ordinary intelligent system.”

Star-Lord raised his head proudly and then said, “Dawn, who is the most handsome man in this universe?”

“Of course. Well, Star-Lord.” Dawn’s unique voice sounded again, but this time the answer was not as firm as before.

Nebula and Gamora looked at each other and looked at Star-Lord with a look.

Seeing this, Jerry smiled and shook his head. When the businessman recommended Dawn to Star-Lord, he was reluctant to buy it. After all, the system is priced at 800 million, which is too much for him.

The reason why he still bought it, in the end, was because Jerry told him at the time that 800 million was definitely worth the money.

Based on Jerry’s words, he took out his 800 million, bought Dawn, and installed it on the Milano.

Because when Jerry saw Dawn, he noticed there was something. He could clearly sense that Dawn was not only a simple, intelligent system but also had a soul and thought itself.

He felt that if he could combine it with the Milano, he might be able to create a powerful spaceship like Jerry’s.

In order to learn the true origin of Dawn from the businessman, Jerry used the Imperius Curse on him at that time. It turned out that an exploding star created Dawn. It accidentally absorbed something and integrated it into the system.

Two minutes later, somewhere on the outskirts of New York. Jerry and the others walked out of the Milano.

“Dawn, try to stay in the air for a moment in stealth mode. I will call you if anything happens.” Star-Lord took a deep breath of Earth’s air, then waved his hand towards the Milano.

Dawn responded with a sound and drove the Milano into the sky.

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