“Drax, stop it. He’s dead already, and drag his body over here.” After greeting everyone. Jerry called Drax, who was still using his dagger in Ronan’s chest repeatedly.

“I’ll bring it to you.” Drax was feeling intertwined emotions of happiness and emptiness after getting revenge. Hearing Jerry’s voice, he got up and dragged Ronan’s body toward Jerry.

He knew that he could kill Ronan himself because of Jerry’s help, so he was very grateful to Jerry.

“Okay, if there’s nothing more. I’ll go back first.” Jerry took Ronan’s body into the ring space and waved to everyone.

Stakar raised his right hand, clenched his fist, and patted his chest, performing a Ravagers’ salute to show respect.

Contraxia respect someone that is strong. Jerry has proved how powerful he is, and he destroyed Ronan’s fleet and saved Contraxia, so it deserves the respect of all Ravagers.

It is estimated that it will not be long before Jerry’s killing of Ronan and his fleet will spread to all corners of the universe through the mouths of these Ravagers and bounty hunters. Maybe soon, Jerry will also have a special title in the universe.

“When you’re done, you guys can return to the spaceship, and then we’ll return to Earth.” After talking to Star-Lord and the others, Jerry Apparated back to his room in Yondu’s spaceship.

After returning to the room, he opened his panel.

“Fifteen hundred thousand?”

Seeing 150,000 red stars added to the panel, Jerry felt slightly disappointed, but it was also expected.

150,000 is not bad. It’s enough for him temporarily. After ten years in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, he is now used to doing magic research without relying on red stars as much as possible.

Red stars played a very crucial role in his initial growth period, but the past ten years have also made him know something.

While red stars are important, he shouldn’t rely too much on them. Otherwise, when the panel suddenly disappears when he is fighting, or he doesn’t have any red stars left, he can only on his own power.

He needs to use magic to replace the role of red stars as much as possible. This way, he is still powerful even if he no longer has the panel.

Closing the panel, Jerry began to summarize the battle just now.

Although the overall battle just now only lasted half a minute, compared to the previous time on the Kata planet, his strength was indeed much stronger. Ten years of training made him not only much more powerful in magic but also much more efficient.

Like his enlargement spell, originally, it could only grow to a height of 100 meters, but now it can grow to 235 meters. But the amount of power the spell consumes now is not the same as that used to grow him 100 meters.

Therefore, after the series of magic was cast just now, he still has a lot of magic power in his body.

Moreover, in his world, the number of rings used by the Meownian people has reached 1,200. A lot of people have started to use magic now. Even if he doesn’t meditate now, the total amount of magic power will still grow at a very good rate.

In the later stage, when he creates more rings, the power growth rate may be faster. Faster than the speed of his own meditation.


A week later.

A brand-new, specially modified Ravager ship slowly flew from Contraxia. It was Star-Lord’s Milano.

Jerry is too famous in the universe now. Because of his act of destroying the Ronan fleet, the news had been widely circulated in the universe through the mouth of the Ravagers. Yesterday, The Nova Empire also publicly expressed its gratitude to Jerry.

They were thanking him for the spaceships he sold to the empire and thanking him for dealing Ronan for the empire. At the same time, Star-Lord and the others were also exempted from the wanted list, and Jerry was included in the ranks of the eternal allies of the Nova Empire.

Therefore, when returning to Earth now, Jerry did not choose to use his ship because it was too eye-catching.

After getting his reward from Jerry, Star-Lord spent 1.2 billion to find a businessman to transform and upgrade the Milano, making it the best spaceship in the entire universe.

“Yondu still cares about you.” Standing in the spaceship’s cabin, Jerry saw Yondu salute at Star-Lord below.

Star-Lord looked at Yondu hiding in the crowd below. He sincerely expressed, “Well, he’s my only family member left.”

“No, you still have me.” Drax said to him from behind while naked.

Star-Lord turned to look at the disgust on Drax, “Jesus, put on some clothing or anything. There are girls in this ship.”

Star-Lord stretched out his hand and pointed over Gamora and Nebula, who were sitting and chatting together. Now Nebula has also joined Star-Lord’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

The reason is that five days ago, when Gamora and Nebula quarreled, Jerry secretly put two drops of Veritaserum in their cups.

The two cared about each other very much in their hearts, but each had their own way of dealing with things. In addition to the torture by Thanos since childhood, they have become what they are now.

Under the effect of Veritaserum, the two of them reconciled after they opened up their hearts. After the reconciliation, Nebula wants to leave and return to kill Thanos, but Jerry stops her.

While this is a good mindset, it is too naïve. There is no need to rush for her to get her revenge.

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