Jerry cast another spell on himself. Just before everyone below recovered from the shock of why the Dark Aster suddenly became so small, they saw Jerry begin to expand rapidly. In the blink of an eye, he turned into a giant with a height of more than 200 meters.

Likewise, the weapon in his hand has also become big.

“Why do I feel that he seems to be a little bigger than the previous time?” Star-Lord looked at him in the sky.

Jerry was no longer smaller than the Dark Aster.

Rocket was sitting on Groot’s shoulder and said, “It’s not a little bigger. It’s twice as big. Last time it was about 100 meters, but this time it was 230 meters.”

“I am Groot.” Groot pointed to Drax, who was still fighting with Ronan over there.

Rocket turned his head and glanced and found that Drax was punching Ronan. His blood splashed out, and he shook his head, “I don’t think he wants us to help him in that situation.”

More magic was added to Jerry to increase his strength. Time magic is added to the Dark Aster, which temporarily disables its movement time, preventing it from attacking and escaping.

Another magic is added to the weapon so that his weapon has faster movement and is more powerful.

“Let’s go!”

Jerry flew over the Dark Aster, rotated 360 degrees, and smashed the Dark Aster from top to bottom as if playing baseball.

With a loud bang, the Dark Aster was like a baseball ball that went for a home run. The strong impact from the Dark Aster moving at high speed made a big part of Contraxia turn into a big pit.

The entire Dark Aster is like a soda can that was violently crushed, completely deformed to the point that it is close to being scrapped. The Kree soldiers who operated the Dark Aster inside had been crushed.

“Not bad.” Putting away the weapon, Jerry nodded with satisfaction and then looked down at the aircraft below that had all stopped attacking.

“You guys are next.”

The aircraft from the Dark Aster is different from the normal combat aircraft. It is much smaller in size and can only hold one person. The only disadvantage is that the attack power is not strong, and the advantage is that it is fast, flexible, and has a wide range of coverage.

At this time, the Kree soldiers on their aircraft looked at the giant outside that destroyed their Dark Aster in one hit.

It’s like a low-level creature seeing a high-level creature. At this time, Jerry is a high-level creature far beyond them. Just looking at him makes them feel inferior.

However, the Kree are worthy of being one of the most aggressive races in the universe. In particular, these are all people who followed Ronan to betray the Kree Empire and declare war. They all flew toward Jerry, focused on him, and launched an attack to kill him.

Jerry’s voice sounded like thunder in the air. Immediately, everyone below found that the sky of Contraxia had turned darker. It turned out that a large black cloud suddenly appeared over the planet after Jerry’s voice sounded.

Tens of thousands of thunderbolts emanated from the black cloud and precisely blasted toward the densely packed aircraft below. When the Kree soldiers in the aircraft saw this, they immediately controlled their aircraft to avoid the thunder.

However, no matter how fast the aircraft is, it can’t defeat the speed of lightning. As a result, the aircraft was struck and fell from the sky to the city below like rain.

Jerry chanted another spell again, and a green wind flew out. It quickly grew larger and flew towards them. He opened a portal leading to the ring space, and the aircraft was swept away in that direction.

After recovering all the aircraft, he flew to the place where the Dark Aster fell and reached out to grab the deformed Dark Aster. He pulled it out of the frozen ground with all his might and put it into his ring space.

Although the Dark Aster and the aircraft were damaged a little by him, it didn’t matter. He just needed to cast a Mending Charm, and he could restore them to normal.

Both the Dark Aster and the aircraft use the Kree language. Unlike the dark elves’ spaceship, he can use the translator and use it.

As for those Kree corpses, of course, he can make something out of it.

S.H.I.E.L.D. used a corpse of a Kree to develop GH.325, which can heal serious injuries and even death. Even if someone has been dead for a moment, they can be brought back to life.

Coulson and many seriously injured and dying agents were all resurrected by Fury with GH.325, but they stopped using it due to the side effects. This shows the strength of the Kree’s body.

Therefore, Jerry felt that these Kree corpses could not be wasted. When he is free, he will study the method of creating an undead army that he learned from Voldemort and other magical knowledge from the books he bought about magic in Hong Kong.

After recovering the Dark Aster, Jerry returns to normal size and Apparate in the street just now.

“See, I told you Jerry can handle it. He’s one of my Guardians of the Galaxy, you know.” While everyone was still stunned, Star-Lord stepped forward and put his arms around Jerry’s shoulders.

It took about half a minute before and after. The Dark Aster and the aircraft that threatened the entire Contraxia just now were all wiped out by Jerry. It’s a relief that neither of them didn’t dare to attack Jerry despite the 100 million bounty on him.

It is estimated that there is no force in the universe that will provoke a person who can destroy Ronan and his fleet in half a minute because of money.

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