Ronan saw that the enemy had taken his weapon away. He immediately roared and rushed in front of Jerry. Unfortunately, just when his fist was about to hit Jerry, he cast another spell.

Suddenly, a green wind appeared out of thin air. Ronan flew and smashed it into the buildings on the street.

When the Kree soldiers saw that Ronan was thrown into the air by Jerry, they immediately raised their guns to attack Jerry. Before they could raise and aim toward Jerry, another light shot out toward them.

After it hit, a lot of them turned into a rooster.

“Don’t move. Because of Gamora’s sake, I’ll give you a chance. But if you move, I will do the same to you.”

The Transfiguration Charm didn’t hit Nebula. She was about to pull out her weapon when he heard Jerry’s words. She looked at the roosters all over the place and was frightened that she didn’t dare to move.

If it were before, since Nebula was Ronan’s henchman, Jerry would definitely not go easy on her.

But after watching the movie, he knew that she was actually quite sad. Thanos used her as a foil for Gamora since he was a child, and then every time she failed to compete with Gamora, a part of her body was removed. Now, half of her body has been transformed into a mechanical body.

In fact, Jerry never understood what Thanos was thinking. Why would he think that if he killed other people’s families, grew up, and tortured them when they were a child, they would be loyal to him instead of getting revenge on him?

Maybe he was too confident and felt that he could hold back his arrogance, or maybe he felt that they could never fight him.

“Launch an all-out attack, don’t think about the other people or anything. Just shoot!”

Ronan jumped from the building and returned. Using a communication device on his suit, he issued an order to the Dark Aster and all the aircraft above.

“You, I’m going to tear your head off with my own hands!” After the order was given, he roared again and charged toward Jerry.

“Ronan, your opponent is me!” At this time, Drax shouted at Ronan again without fear.

“Oh, take this.” Seeing this, Jerry waved his hand, and magic light hit Drax’s body.

It is the Fight and Power card magic that was given to Drax. With Jerry’s magic, Drax’s power increased exponentially. After punching Ronan, he pushed him back several steps, completely overpowering him.

“Thank you, small boy!” Seeing that Ronan was beaten by himself, Drax raised his hand and thanked Jerry with a smile.

The principle of the “Fight” card is to integrate all of the fighting knowledge that the creator has seen and learned and improved it. So that anyone without any fighting experience can become a fighting master.

Because of Jerry’s magic, Drax used martial arts to dodge Ronan’s attack and launch a counterattack to hit him hard.

Seeing the Dark Aster in the sky revealing rows of energy cannons, the densely packed Ronan’s aircraft fleet also started to move. Stakar took out a walkie-talkie to notify all of the Ravagers. But halfway through his words, a hand suddenly held down the walkie-talkie.

“All Ravagers, prepare yourself and b-“

“Just leave it to me. Just get your people to fly away from here with your spaceships, be careful!” Jerry Apparated beside Stakar and stopped his order.

Although Stakar was shocked that Jerry could get close to him without even noticing it, he was skeptical about what Jerry said.

“Stakar, I know it’s crazy, but just follow what he says.” At this time, Yondu also came over with Star-Lord and Gamora.

Star-Lord explained, “Jerry is a very powerful mage. He once defeated a whole fleet of the Kree Empire by himself. That’s why he has a 100 million bounty by the Kree Empire.”

“Alright then.” Stakar hesitated for a while but chose to trust Yondu.

He ordered to the walkie-talkie, “Attention all Ravagers. Retreat to a safe distance and wait for my orders!”

He didn’t really let the Ravagers leave but retreated to a safe distance to be ready at any time. If Jerry couldn’t handle it, they would help him to attack the enemy. As a leader, sometimes you can’t just rely on feeling.

At this time, Jerry had left Stakar and came to a pink-skinned female alien, “This weapon of yours is beautiful. How much is it?”

“Ten thousand. This is a new product. It’s made of Super Alloy and very sturdy.” The pink-skinned female alien’s eyes lit up immediately.

She exited the store to watch the war, grabbed a weapon to defend herself, and got a buyer unexpectedly.

“Take this. It’s 100,000 units. Keep the change.” Throwing a metal block of 100,000 to her, Jerry took the weapon, spread out two pairs of wings, and flew towards Dark Aster quickly.

While flying, several magic was released one after another. After ten years in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, his magic level has improved a lot and increased significantly.


The first thing he does is cast a Shrinking Charm on the Dark Aster. Under the magic, the Dark Aster suddenly shrunk more than ten times the original size.

It is just a little bit bigger than Yondu’s spaceship.

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Published On: September 16, 2023

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