“If that’s the case, then I’ll take you with me.” Seeing Jerry taking out the orb, Nebula immediately looked at him.

She didn’t expect that there would be someone like him in this universe. If the person in front of her doesn’t speak, she doesn’t know why Star-Lord and Gamora sold the orb to this guy.

“You are too arrogant. You want to take away my subordinates and guests at every turn. Who do you think you are?” When Yondu whistled, his arrow flew out from his waist and hovered beside her.

The more than 100 men behind Yondu also pulled out their weapons simultaneously, aiming at Nebula and the Kree soldiers with hoods covering their faces. Seeing this, Nebula had a look of fear in her eyes.

Yondu was put a bounty by the Kree and still acted leisurely. His strength is not weak, especially his powerful ability to control his arrow with a whistle.

During this time, Nebula asked about Yondu and his group at Contraxia. Nebula believed that the elite Kree soldiers she brought could deal with Yondu easily, but it turns out it’s not.

“Captain Yondu. As far as I know, you have long been kicked out of the Ravagers. They will not fight against Ronan for you. You’re a traitor to them, and you want to fight against Ronan?”

After she finished speaking, she looked at the Ravagers behind Yondu, “And you, do you really want to sacrifice your life for Yondu? As long as you choose to help me catch these three guys, I’ll pay all of you three million units.”

However, what Nebula couldn’t believe was that after she finished speaking. Yondu didn’t do anything. The men behind him also didn’t do anything.

This is unbelievable to her. According to some information she has learned, some members of the Yondu team seem to have long complained about Yondu, and these people have always put money first. It should be impossible for them to refuse a monetary reward.

It stands to reason that after what she said just now, at least half of the people behind Yondu should defect.

Yondu regarded Star-Lord as his own son in his heart. As for the group of his men, they wanted to move to Nebula’s side, but they didn’t dare to do so. Because there’s Jerry, and they would be turned into something worse than maggots if they defect now.

“Yondu is trying to protect you. It seems that he cares about you.” Jerry patted Star-Lord on the shoulder.

Jerry has seen all of the Marvel movies. He knows that although Star-Lord is fatherless, at least he had his father figure in Yondu. Because he truly cared about Star-Lord and sacrificed himself for Star-Lord.

Star-Lord shrugged, “I don’t think so. Maybe he just wants to take the opportunity to have a good relationship with you. Since you know he’ll get more money by doing your mis-“

Before Star-Lord finished speaking, Yondu slapped his head, “You brat, how dare you think of me like that?”

Seeing that Yondu and Star-Lord were arguing. Nebula said in a low voice, “Ronan, the negotiation failed. It’s clear for us to execute the plan.”

It turned out that Nebula’s mechanized eyes and the Dark Aster had already been linked together, and everything from her appearance to the present had been projected into the Dark Aster’s command room and was seen by Ronan.

As her voice fell, the Dark Aster and the aircraft all moved towards them.

The Dark Aster and the aircraft shrouded the sky above the city. The strong sense of oppression suddenly made everyone except Jerry startled.

However, at this moment, thousands of spaceships inlaid with the same logo flew from a distance and confronted the Dark Aster.

At the same time, an old man walked to the street with a group of people in Ravagers’ uniforms.

“Little girl, tell Ronan that Contraxia does not welcome him. Take these disgusting Kree people off here immediately. Otherwise, don’t blame me for burying him here.”

“Stakar, you’ve already exiled Yondu from the Ravagers. Why fight against Ronan for him? Even if you do, you will die in his hands.” Nebula frowned when she saw Stakar.

Originally, when she saw Star-Lord and Gamora appear, she thought that today would be smooth sailing. But she did not expect things to be completely different from what she thought.

Stakar glanced at Yongdu, “He is indeed a bastard. The horns of freedom will not play for him after death, and the colors of Ogord will never flash on his grave. But he is standing on this planet now, and the Ravagers will protect him.”

“This is our territory, and no one can take people away here forcefully. It will make you the enemy of our people, and we are never afraid of any enemy, especially the Kree.”

After hearing Stakar’s answer, Nebula couldn’t help but twitch.

“Ronan, what should I do now?”

Starka protects Yondu, Yondu protects Star-Lord, and Star-Lord protects Gamora. It seems that Jerry is the only one who she can deal with.

At this time, a blue light was projected from the Dark Aster in mid-air. As the light disappeared, Ronan appeared on the street with a large group of Kree soldiers.

“Stakar, I take orders from no one. If he gives me the Orb in his hand, I will leave immediately or else.” Ronan pointed to Jerry, who was standing there.

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