Ten minutes ago, the Dark Aster was about one million kilometers from Contraxia.

Ronan is roaring loudly towards the screen, “Thanos, your daughter betrayed us a long time ago, and I don’t know how the Nova Empire got a lot of spaceships for their army. Which they have been attacking me at all times.”

“I need you to help me so I can help you continue to find the orb.”

Thanos looked at Ronan on the screen, “Gamora is my daughter. She will not betray me. We agree that you help me find the Orb, and I will help you destroy the Nova Empire. I’ll give you another two months. If you still can’t bring the Orb back to me, I will kill you and then take the Orb back in person.”

After speaking, the screen went dark. Obviously, Thanos was no longer willing to talk nonsense with him.

“Thanos, when I get the Power Stone, destroy Xandar, and unify the Kree Empire. I will kill you with my own hands!” Seeing this, Ronan waved his hammer angrily, sending out a powerful shock wave that directly shattered the screen.

At this time, his loyal soldier, Korath, hurried in to report, “Master, there is news from Nebula that Star-Lord and Gamora appeared in Contraxia.”

“Set straight to Contraxia immediately!”

Ronan was angry because of being despised and threatened by Thanos. He was overjoyed when he heard the news and hurriedly ordered the Dark Aster to go to Contraxia. Ronan has lost track of Star-Lord and Gamora since the last time he came to Kyln Prison.

There was information that they appeared on a small Dead Star. Unfortunately, they had already left when he arrived, and he only knew that Yondu had taken them away.

Just as they were about to follow the trail of the Ravagers’ departure, they encountered the Nova Corps, who came to chase him.

The Nova Corps used the dark elves’ spaceships that Jerry sold to them and also mobilized some Nova Empire spaceships, which greatly increased their strength. Ronan had no choice but to take the fleet to flee to preserve his strength.

Considering that Star-Lord and Gamora were taken away by the Ravagers, they planned to come to Contraxia and hide the Dark Aster in the meteorite belt not far from Contraxia.

“Master, Contraxia has many Ravagers. Will our direct invasion cause them to counterattack?” Korath reminded hesitantly.

Before joining Ronan’s command, he was also a member of the Starforce. He worked together with Carol Danvers for a few days. Of course, he knew that since the Contraxia can always exist, the strength of the Ravagers should not be underestimated.

“It’s just a group of people. If they fight back, I’ll clean them up together.” Ronan snorted coldly, apparently determined to get the Power Stone no matter what.

It’s not that he is not aware of the strength of the Ravagers, but as the most powerful fleet of the Kree Empire, he is confident that he can win no matter what the situation is against them.

Because as long as he has the Power Stone, he alone is enough to destroy Xandar and achieve his goal.

“Understood.” Seeing that Ronan was so determined, Korath didn’t say anything anymore.


“He must have come to find the Orb. Ronan and Thanos reached a deal. As long as he finds the Orb, Thanos will help him destroy the Nova Empire.” When Gamora saw the Dark Aster appear in the air, she had a guess.

“So, someone informed him that we were here?” Star-Lord took out his gun.

Rocket also quickly pulled out his gun, “We’ve just arrived. How can he get here so quickly?”

“Ronan, I will defeat you!” Drax had already drawn out his dagger and let out an angry roar.

The purpose of his escape from prison was to find Ronan to revenge on his family. At this time, when he saw Ronan’s ship appear, he raged.

Jerry pointed to the right side of the street and looked at Rocket, “It seems that he has long guessed that we will be here and has already sent people to scout in advance.”

As Jerry’s voice fell, a tall blue semi-mechanized figure with a group of Kree soldiers walked out from the right side of the street.

“Long time no see, Gamora.”

“Settlers of Contraxia, we are here to arrest Star-Lord and Gamora. As long as you don’t interfere, we are not enemies. If you dare to be in our way, Ronan will take action himself.” At this moment, a huge warning sound came from the sky.

Several aircraft started appearing from the Dark Aster covering the sky. It seems that they’re ready to attack if anything goes bad.

“Hand over the Orb and go back with me. Father, have something to say to you.” Nebula said.

“Nebula, don’t get too excited.” Gamora pulled out her dagger.

Star-Lord also aimed the muzzle at Nebula and said, “If you want to bring Gamora, you need to talk to my gun first. Also, we have sold the Orb.”

“Sold?! To whom?” Nebula was shocked.

“To me.” Jerry smiled and took out the Orb containing the Power Stone.

What he was thinking about now was not how to deal with the Dark Aster in the sky. But thinking if Ronan attacked Contraxia, he would gain some red stars from stopping him.

Although he caused the matter, Ronan’s goal was also the Orb in his hand.

As long as Ronan attacks Contraxia and threatens the lives of the Ravagers. There would be red stars to be rewarded if he can stop him.

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Published On: September 15, 2023

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