“You see something there?” Jerry recalled the plot of Avengers when Star-Lord suddenly pointed to the street. It is a huge building with a large number of looters and bounty hunters.

Jerry glanced at the men and women who were dancing wildly there, “What’s that?”

“That’s the place everyone likes to go on this planet. Whether it’s a man or a woman, Yondu often goes there. If you’re interested, you can try it out before you leave at night. You should try it.” Star-Lord patted Jerry’s shoulder with a look that only men can understand.

Jerry raised his eyebrows and looked at the building again.

“Bionic robot?” Under his eyes, he immediately discovered the abnormality in that building.

It turned out that half of the people there did not have life characteristics but robots. Due to the advanced intelligent system and the design, it was impossible to see that it was a robot.

It can only be said that it deserves to be called an illegal planet. According to the information he learned from the bracelet, producing artificial robots is legally prohibited.

In the historical development of the universe, there was once such a powerful empire that was eventually destroyed by it because of the mass production of advanced intelligent robots.

Therefore, Nova Empire and the Kree Empire possess intelligent systems such as the Heart of Xandar and Supreme Intelligence, but they have yet to produce intelligent robots for their army.

However, these robots in Contraxia are not used in war but for special purposes. They are also enhanced with special functions. Moreover, there is no such thing as a civilian in Contraxia. Even if all these robots riot, they must fight the Ravangers and bounty hunters.

“I have no interest in robots. Have you noticed that many people nearby are looking at us wrong?” Jerry shook his head.

At present, he has yet to be able to create a large number of humanoid beings. But after communicating with Eriol, it would need a lot of learning to make one for himself.

“Whoa, am I that famous?” Star-Lord swept around and found that there were indeed a lot of eyes around him and Jerry, and a smug smile appeared on his face.

Gamora replied, “What those eyes reveal is obviously not admiration but bad intentions.”

“Hey, you might want to look at this.” At this time, Rocket turned on a device in his hand to Jerry and the others.

“A hundred million?!” He was immediately shocked when Star-Lord saw the content displayed on the device.

It turned out that Rocket was looking at the bounty list on the dark web, and the top one was Jerry, and the amount of the bounty was as high as 100 million. The person who offered the reward was the military commander of the Kree Empire.

“And yours!”

Rocket swiped to reveal another photo. The reward in the photo was one million, the person in the photo was Star-Lord, and the person who offered the reward was Ronan.

“Why does Jerry have one hundred million while I’m one million?”

Seeing that he was put on a bounty, Star-Lord’s first reaction was not fear but dissatisfaction that he, the captain of the Guardians of the Galaxy, was so much lower than Jerry. Rocket and Gamora immediately rolled their eyes when they heard the words.

“Of course, because your strength is too weak. What’s so strange about it?” Drax has always been a straight-headed person. When he heard Star-Lord’s words, he immediately laughed and told the truth.

Jerry looked at Star-Lord and was about to start a debate with Drax.

“Maybe it’s because the Kree Empire is richer, and Ronan doesn’t have that much money. We should just focus on getting your money.”

“You’re right.” As soon as he heard about the money, Star-Lord’s mood improved immediately.

“There are a lot of bounty hunters here.” Gamora reminded with a serious expression.

If it’s the one million bounty on Star-Lord, Yondu probably would’ve stopped them from attacking him. But Jerry’s bounty of 100 million is different. Let alone Yondu. She felt that even Stakar might be unable to protect him.

“Don’t worry about them. If they dare to make a move, I’ll deal with them quickly.” Jerry waved his hand.

They remembered what happened on that planet before. Jerry destroyed the Kree fleet by himself, and it seems they really don’t have to fear these people.

“Don’t worry about it.” Yondu obviously knew about this situation a long time ago.

“It’s here.” After walking along the street for about ten minutes, a building appeared in the eyes of everyone.

It is the black market bank of Contraxia, which can exchange high amounts of cash, but it charges a 1% of handling fee. Coming out to the black market bank, everyone had a smile on their faces.

But at this moment, a huge spaceship appeared over the entire Contraxia.

“It’s Ronan’s Dark Aster!” Gamora looked at the spaceship above her head and shouted.

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Published On: September 14, 2023

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