“Jerry, you’re finally coming out of your room.”

After the spaceship passed through the jump point, Star-Lord saw Jerry coming and immediately unbuckled his seat belt. After getting along for this period of time, Star-Lord had already called Jerry’s name quite familiarly instead of “Mr. Carmen”.

The main reason is that he found out that Jerry is not hostile. Sometimes when he jokes, Jerry doesn’t care.

However, when Jerry now sees Star-Lord, he always has a feeling that he can’t bear to look at him directly because he can’t help but think about Star-Lord in the movies. For when he met his father, who was revealed to be a half-celestial being, and attacked Thanos in the face when trying to get the gauntlet.

“Jerry, why are you looking at me like that?” Star-Lord saw that Jerry didn’t answer him but looked at him with a strange look.

Jerry smiled, “It’s nothing. I just think you should work out more. Be careful. If you gain more weight, Gamora will look down on you.”

Just as Jerry was joking with Star-Lord, a planet appeared directly in front of the spaceship. It is the base of Ravagers, Contraxia. About ten minutes later, the spaceship broke through the atmosphere of Contraxia and landed in a city full of various neon lights.

Contraxia is a planet that suffers from icy cold weather all year round due to the depletion of solar energy. The entire planet has no resource value, but it gathers a huge amount of wealth.

Because there are a lot of looters, bounty hunters, wanted criminals, black market traders, etc., and all kinds of entertainment venues that do not exist on normal planets. The law of the jungle is applicable here. If you’re a weakling that came to this planet, there’s a high chance you will be hunted mercilessly.

Jerry, Yondu, Star-Lord, and others walked into the city. Contraxia’s sky is gray and dark, so it is unclear whether it is day or night.

However, walking in the city. They can see people drinking, dancing, and reveling with bottles everywhere. There are almost no ordinary people here, and they are wearing various armor with weapons around their waists, and they seem to be ready to fight at any time.

In terms of appearance, it is rare to see the same kind. Because they came from different planets, and even many of their kind did not exist anymore. Like Groot, he is currently the only one left in the universe.

“Jerry, what’s your verdict on joining the Guardians of the Galaxy I said earlier? You said before that you also want to travel in the universe. Why don’t you come with us?” Walking in the crowd, Star-Lord smiled.

He has money and strength. If Jerry could be invited to the Guardians of the Galaxy, there would be no problem in the future. With Jerry, his Guardians of the Galaxy will be the most famous group in the universe.

Jerry looked at Star-Lord, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, “I’m up for it.”

“Well, no need to refuse it quic- wait, you actually agreed?” Star-Lord originally wanted to persuade Jerry a few more times, but he was surprised to find that his answer was not a refusal but an agreement.

He invited him three times after leaving the Kata planet, but all rejected him.

“I will join, but there is one condition.” Jerry continued.

Star-Lord immediately tensed, “Well, the ship’s captain can only be me, and at most, you can be the deputy.”

“Not that. I’m not interested in being the captain, nor is the deputy.”

“I will join your Guardians of the Galaxy group, but you must accompany me to Earth first.”

“Earth?” Star-Lord hesitated after hearing this.

He hadn’t returned to his home planet Earth all these years because his mother died of cancer when he was taken away.

“You’re not really as scared as Yondu said, are you?” Jerry exclaimed deliberately.

Star-Lord immediately pretended to be disdainful, “I’m not a coward! After everything’s finished, we’ll go to Earth!”

Hearing Star-Lord agree, Jerry nodded in satisfaction. He had never planned to join Star-Lord’s Guardians of the Galaxy before because it made no sense to him at all. His original plan was to travel alone in the universe.

He has changed his mind now because he knows that Star-Lord’s father is a godlike being, a planet with self-awareness, and it is possible that before Thanos snaps his fingers, he can obtain the source of red stars.

Knowing his father, Ego, plans to devour all the planets he has visited in the universe and then use it to gain power and complete his plan to rule the universe. By then, the number of people who will die will be no less than Thanos snapped the people.

If he can kill Ego directly when he implements his plan, it is equivalent to saving the lives of those planets controlled by Ego. The panel will definitely give out a huge amount of red stars.

However, according to the scene in the movie where Ego wiped out a large number of enemies with a wave of his hand, he is not yet confident that he can kill him. Fortunately, because of his appearance, Star-Lord did not touch the Power Stone, nor did Ronan.

So Ego should not know the existence of Star-Lord now. Maybe he thought that Star-Lord did not inherit his power. Therefore, as long as Jerry fools Star-Lord to stay on Earth for a while and doesn’t let him make trouble in the universe, Ego wouldn’t know.

Also, take Gamora to Earth to prevent Thanos from taking her to exchange for the Soul Stone. Ancient One and Odin were defending the Earth. If Ego and Thanos knew about them, they probably wouldn’t dare to come to Earth to make trouble.

After a few years, The Ancient One didn’t want to live anymore. She passed the position of Sorcerer Supreme to Doctor Strange. Odin also died because of his age.

Going back to Earth at this time, he may catch up with the Sokovia incident and get a wave of red stars.

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