However, Jerry faced a new problem. The Marvel world where he lives is the movies, not comics and animation series. The movie in this world was only released until 2012 “Avengers”, and his world was dated in 2015.

But this is not a big problem because he could stay in this world for a few more years.

With the current number of red stars, he couldn’t use “Refreshing” for a long time. At most, one and a half years would be almost exhausted. However, he could choose not to keep it on all the time.

While “Refreshing” is helpful to him, it is far less dependent and necessary than before.

As his body strengthened, his analytical ability and other aspects increased. He doesn’t need to use it every day. He is already a master in magic, and he could still learn things faster with what he has now.

If he didn’t turn on “Refreshing”, he could stay for thirteen years based on the constant consumption of 100 red stars every day. Of course, it is not ruled out that when he does important magic experiments and research, he will still use red stars at critical moments.

Therefore, he feels that after ten years would be enough.

The movie timeline of his previous life ends in 2019. At that time, the Avengers Endgame was just released, and his colleagues insisted on taking him to watch it. He refused because he wanted to participate in a competition.

But he did not participate in the competition and was reborn into this world.

The Marvel movies are estimated to be about the same in ten years, and he should probably know what will happen in the future.

As for how to get through this long ten years, this isn’t a big deal anymore.

If he finds a place to meditate and cultivate his power, as long as he doesn’t pay attention to the passage of time, ten years may pass in the blink of an eye.

After ordering a cup of coffee, he went to the sales office to buy a villa in Queens and started watching many movies on the TV every day. Not only the Marvel series but all related stories that may involve magic.

Because among these, there will probably be one or two new worlds that he will go to in the future. In addition to staying at home and watching TV, most of his time is used for research in magic.

Over the years, he has learned too much magic. He just learned the basics of it but did not study the depth of it. In these ten years, he could learn them all more deeply.

He would also go to his ring space to see the development of the Meownian, show miracles, send out various seeds, and give them more Ring of Carmen because the Meownian has a lot of talents in various fields because of the encyclopedia book he provided.

The City of Carmen has grown a lot in the past few years. There are gradually shops and various hawkers on the streets. The land outside the city has also been turned into rice and flower fields.

A large number of children are born every year, and the population of the Meownian has also begun to grow.

To make this region look more real in the future, Jerry needs to spend a certain amount of time every day to expand the area using the power of the Reality and Power Stone.

After he has a new understanding of the nature of the world, he will add some new things to the world to make it closer and closer to the real world.

His magic power also increases because his followers often use magic to treat injuries and illnesses.

Jerry has studied a lot of magic to cure various diseases in the past few years. The Book of Carmen contains all of the relevant information to do that. Now most of the ring users are working as doctors or any medical field-related jobs.

In this way, ten years have passed like a breeze.


“That’s quite sad.” Sitting in the movie theater, Jerry was drinking a Coke while watching the “Thor: Love and Thunder” premiere.

Thor went from being the prince of Asgard, the future king of Asgard, to face both of his parents passing away, his friends dying in war, his brother dying in the hands of Thanos, and now even his girlfriend, Jane, dying of cancer.

“Goodbye, Uncle Jerry!”

“Goodbye, Kelly.”

After the film, Jerry waves to a cute blond girl, and the man holding the little girl at this time is Dave’s daughter in this world.

After so many years, Dave married his girlfriend and has a daughter named Kelly, who is now seven years old. During the ten years in New York, he would also stop by Dave’s house when he was free and talk to Balthazar.

After saying goodbye to Dave’s family, who were watching the movie together, Jerry looked at the number of red stars on his panel.

“I guess time to go back.”

He has watched all the new movies and TV series released by Marvel in the past ten years, and the total amount of magic power has more than doubled from ten years ago. Although many plots have changed because of his existence, some information may remain later.

Like Thanos, he will try his best to collect the Infinity Stones. This includes many powerful figures in Marvel, like the Eternals.

He Apparated back to his villa, clicked on the panel, and returned to his room in the Ravagers spaceship.

“Two minutes before the jump point. Please fasten all of your seat belts.”

As soon as he returned to the room, the spaceship reminded them that they were about to do a space jump.

According to the information from Kraglin ten years ago. After going through the space jump, they will reach the Ravagers base operation, The Contraxia planet.

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Published On: September 13, 2023

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