Originally, when Jerry entered this time, he stored a total of more than 6,000 red stars.

He could stick with it for two months, according to his original plan.

He had to put in a lot of effort to study and learn a lot of magic because he was placed in Slytherin. As a result, he needed to eat a lot of red stars every day to utilize the “Refreshing” ability.

Therefore, in just eleven days, of his more than 6,000 red stars, there are only about 30 left.

Despite the fact that he ate less on the first day, he has been using the ability to study for roughly three hours every night since he started school. The “Refreshing” ability is inadvertently engaged every day during the day for a total of four or five hours.

He must begin “Refreshing” for seven to eight hours every day on average. When it is turned on, one red star is consumed every minute, 61 in an hour, and over 500 in seven or eight hours.

Just activating the “Refreshing” ability used up roughly 5,000 red stars in just eleven days.

Additionally, he will devour 100 each day that he stays in the world. Over 6,000 red stars will be eaten in eleven days.

If there are not enough red stars by midnight tonight, he will have to go back to the main planet. Fortunately, the insane study at this time period gained far more than it lost, despite using up a lot of red stars.

Along with learning some incredibly useful spells, he also significantly increased his magic knowledge and skill compared to before. He only needs a broomstick at this point.

It is unfortunate that it isn’t Gryffindor. Professor McGonagall does not offer the free Nimbus 2000, therefore Jerry is left with little choice but to devise alternate plans.

He initially intended to sneakily “borrow” a teaching broomstick for his flying lessons, bring it back, and then replace it.

He later learned that Madam Hooch’s teacher’s dorm was where the teaching broomsticks that were used in class were kept.

Isn’t it essentially a death wish to sneak into the teacher’s dorm and steal a broomstick?

He felt that he needed to find a different solution after giving it some thought. Particularly after activating the “Refreshing” ability, he meticulously recalled the details of a number of movies that were playing in his head.

In his memory, he eventually located a location where he could obtain broomsticks without charge. That is the Room of Requirement at Hogwarts.

He recalled that in the movie, it appeared that Harry discovered three broomsticks and managed to leave the Room of Requirement after Goyle Fiendfyre Spell, and that the Room of Requirements should be on the eighth floor.

Jerry entered the basement passageway by carefully opening the stone door.

Then, use the opulent marble staircase on the first floor to ascend to the second story after returning to the first floor via the corridor.

One hundred forty-two moving magic stairs are located on the second floor. Even though these magic steps prefer to roam about, there are rules that govern how they link to one another. On the first day of classes, the prefect explained these regulations to the students.

Around the steps, there are portraits hung on the walls. The majority of the people depicted in these photographs are currently asleep, while a handful is not. When Jerry showed up, they didn’t make a lot of commotion.

Every year, the young wizards go against the rules by going to the castle after dark. So as long as they are not caught by Filch and the teacher on patrol, then there will be no problem.

Knowing it wouldn’t be a big concern, he simply proceeded to the eighth floor to locate the Room of Requirement instead of going to the library to steal books.

Jerry carefully ascended the magic stairs and made his way to the ninth floor.

However, just as he entered the eighth-floor hallway, a little figure materialized on the guardrail of the passage. Upon closer inspection, it was Mrs. Norris. Argus Filch’s pet cat.

“Meow!” Jerry hurriedly pulled a prepared secret weapon from his left pocket and tossed it at Mrs. Norris when he saw that she had yelled at him and was ready to turn around to report to Filch.

In front of Mrs. Norris was a trout that had been grilled and was brown. Mrs. Norris stopped walking as she caught sight of the fish being grilled in front of her.

“Meow?” It gave Jerry a wary glance, as if to suggest that he was attempting to buy her off.

When Jerry noticed this, the corners of his mouth slightly lifted. He then pulled a tiny trout that had been grilled and browned out of his right pocket and threw it over.

She must have been enticed because she didn’t immediately reject it. If he adds more, the issue won’t be too severe. Who can argue that cats can’t eat fish?

After a while, Jerry did indeed casually stroll past Mrs. Norris while she was eating and search for what might be the site of the Room of Requirement.

“Found it!” Jerry’s eyes glowed as he regarded a large blanket hanging in the hallway.

A magician on the enormous carpet was attempting to teach the troll how to dance at the moment, but the troll chased after him brandishing a large stick. If he remembered correctly, the door to the Room of Requirement should be on the white wall directly across from this enormous tapestry.

Since Jerry acquired the power of “Refreshing,” he has discovered that many long-forgotten memories vividly resurface in his mind whenever he activates this feature and tries to recall memories of his past existence.

As a result, he was progressively able to remember every “Harry Potter” film he had viewed in his prior life, in addition to relevant news, brief videos, and some online trivia.

He had seen this method of entering the Room of Response at a little science popularization.

“I need that location to preserve belongings!” Jerry repeatedly considered this in his head before proceeding to stroll past that white wall three times in a row.

An extremely smooth door suddenly materialized on the initially blank white wall.

“Nice!” Jerry smiled as he took hold of the brass handle, flung open the door, crossed the threshold, and entered.

This space is the size of a chapel and is crammed with as many hills of various goods that former Hogwarts students hid.

The majority of them, though, are useless items like bottles, hats, boxes, chairs, bats, and so forth. But there are also very useful ones, just like the main goal of Jerry’s coming in this time, the broomstick.

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Published On: March 4, 2023

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