In front of the White Princess are also two objects. One is a book called “The Book of Omniscience” written in the Kata language, and the other is a holy flame that continues to burn. Similarly, the introduction of the two items also appeared in the mind of the White Princess.

“The Book of Omniscience” is an encyclopedia that contains a lot of knowledge, such as the introduction that the Great Jerry Carmen created this world.

There is an introduction to the names, habits, and distributions of all animals, plants, and insects in this world. Some things can be developed with various materials in this world, such as smelting, salt making, paper making, etc.

Finally, there is a map of this world on the back of the book. With a sign on the map that says “The City of Carmen”.

The second item is the flame. It is a flame created by the Great Jerry Carmen, which can be used to expel darkness and attack according to the user’s will.

With these two items, the Kata people no longer have to worry about eating poisonous things by mistake and can understand the world as quickly as possible. The White Princess can even hold the flame and lead the people to live in the City of Carmen.

The last one was given to the Yellow Princess, and there were also two items.

One is a box, and the other is a big book. The exquisite box is called Carmen’s Box. Although it is only the size of a palm, the space inside is much larger than a house. Inside it are 364 silver Carmen Rings and a Golden Carmen Master Ring.

The other one is the “Book of Carmen” passed down by the Great Jerry Carmen. As long as they learn the book and wear the ring, they can borrow the divine power of the Great Jerry Carmen and release magic.

The magic can not only be used to defend against the enemy but also to cure diseases and save the lives of people who wild animals have injured.

“Thank you for the blessing!” The three princesses held the objects, knelt on the ground respectfully, and bowed in the direction from which the objects arrived.

Because they know that with the help of these items, the Kata people can finally create a civilization in this new world.


“Now that it’s done, I will let them develop independently.”

Looking at them kneeling below, Jerry nodded. He Apparated back to his villa and continued his research on magic.

The Sword of Carmen and the Shield of Carmen are the sword and shield he created with the Transfiguration Charm, and then attached “Sword” and “Shield” clow card magic. The flame is also a magic he made with alchemy.

The City of Carmen that the map on the book refers to is a city made entirely of stones that he created with Reality and Power Stone in the past two days. There are many stone houses in the city, and in the city’s center is a huge statue of Jerry that is 100 meters high. These are all to help the Kata people survive better and deepen their belief in him.

The Book of Carmen allows everyone to sign a contract with him to learn the magic, and the Ring of Carmen limits the number of people who can borrow his magic.

At present, he has made over three hundred rings. Later, his total amount of magic power will gradually increase, and he will make more later.

Among them, a reduced version of the Ring of Merlin is added, which helps the user to learn and use the magic in the Book of Carmen faster than others. It won’t be long before his magic power will rapidly increase again.

Whether he is in the main world or going to the other world, it will not affect the borrowed magic power because he always carries them with him.

Three days later, Jerry was conducting research on soul magic. He suddenly felt a little bit of magic in his body disappearing for a moment and realized that they were already learned and used the magic in the Book of Carmen.

After another four days, the number of people who borrowed increased greatly. So does the magic power that was given to him.

Jerry stopped his research and Apparated from the spot. When he reappeared, he was already above the City of Carmen.

“Is this a meeting?”

Jerry saw a huge flame ignited under his state in the dark night. It was the princess who held the flame and said something while standing on a platform made of wood.

She stood on both sides while the Yellow Princess was wearing the Ring of Carmen and the Black Princess holding the sword and the shield. Below them are densely packed with the people of Kata.

“My people, we have gone through countless hardships and difficulties. With the help of the artifact bestowed by the Great Jerry Carmen, we finally found this place three days ago that would allow us to live in a new world.”

“Today, all of us hold a meeting here. Hoping that all of you can forget the pain caused by the demons in the past and start a new life in this world. Therefore, we jointly decided to unite and build a new and one society.”

The White Princess raised the flame and announced loudly, “The new society will be named the Nation of Meow, and we will no longer call it Kata but Meowian!”

The people seemed to have expected it long ago. They were holding hands and cheering loudly together.

In the past few years, they have experienced a lot of things. Almost everyone has lost their relatives. They have seen countless people being killed and desperately need a new beginning.

“I, Caroline, will become the ruler of the Nation of Meow.”

“I, Lylah, will serve as the general to protect the nation and our people’s safety.”

“I, Elena, will be the High Priest of the Holy Flame of Meownian Way. I will worship the Great Jerry Carmen and spread his teachings.”

The White Princess, the Black Princess, and the Yellow Princess stepped forward simultaneously.

“Come on, The Holy Flame of Meownian Way?”

Jerry stood invisibly on the top of his statue and listened to them worship him. He laughed and almost lost his balance. What made him surprised was that it was exactly what the translator said.

The main point is that the deity worshiped by the Holy Flame of Meownian Way is Jerry, which seems weird to think about it.

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