Watching the Kata people below gradually wake up from their confusion and begin to elect their leaders, Jerry decided to let them develop independently for a few days. They have food, shelter, and they live a happy life.

Jerry floated in mid-air and opened the panel while observing how the Kata people below elected the leader.

“200,000. That’s good enough.” Seeing that the number of red stars on the panel had risen by another 200,000, Jerry’s face showed an expression as he expected.

He did not eliminate all of the Kree when they attacked the Kata people, but he liberated them from captivity and gave them freedom. While the reward is not a lot, it’s enough for him.

Thinking of this, he suddenly thought that if he liberated more planets controlled by the Kree Empire, would he get more red stars? But after thinking about it, he felt that it was not the case.

If it is those who have been colonized for a long time and many of the inhabitants are not on their own planet anymore. It may not be a good thing to do so because the rewards might be small since there is no sense of real threat.

The best one should be the one that just was about to attack, and he defended them like when he stopped the Chitauri army and dark elves when he was on Earth. But it is not easy to have such an opportunity like that, and it is not so easy for the Kree Empire to find a new planet.

[Panel upgrade!]

When Jerry was thinking about getting more red stars, a new button appeared. When Jerry saw the button, his heart suddenly burst into joy because this meant that he would be able to unlock a new world.

The magic in his other worlds before has helped him a lot, so he has always been looking forward to learning more new magic in a new world. It’s just that there has been no update for a long time since the last panel upgrade.

He almost thought that the panel could only provide three worlds.

Closing the panel, Jerry looked down again.

The Kata people below had already selected the leader to lead them to explore the new world. Not one or two, but three females were appointed.

Through the translator, Jerry knew that the three young females below were actually previous princesses of the Kata people.

It turned out that when the Kree Empire captured them, in order to prevent the riots from being easily controlled and brainwashed. They directly killed all the male royal families of the three different regions.

Therefore, at present, the three princesses have become the people with the highest status and the most recognition among the rest. The three princesses received the best education since childhood, and in the next few days, they will govern the Kata people.

Jerry named the three princesses Yellow Princess, White Princess, and Black Princess, respectively, according to the colors of their ears and tails.

The Black Princess is agile and good at combat. She leads all the young and strong Kata people to find all nearby wooden sticks, stones, etc., that can be used as weapons. They are responsible for protecting the weak and hunting for food.

The White Princess is good at management. She sits in the temporary shelter by the river and arranges various tasks in an orderly manner. She ordered everyone to make a fire to keep everyone warm, picking edible fruits and cooking food.

The Yellow Princess is the doctor type. She leads all the Kata people with medical knowledge to find and identify poisonous berries and herbs. They also try to treat the injured and sick people from hunting.

Of course, living in a completely unfamiliar world is not such a wonderful thing.

A week later, when Jerry came there again, the population was decreasing, and apparently, some had lost their lives exploring the new world.

The three princesses have done their best at it, but the reality is cruel. Some people will die when hunting bears, wolves, tigers, leopards, and other ferocious creatures.

After all, everyone is holding sticks and stones and wearing a leather pelt, not armor and spears.

When gathering food, some of them were bitten by snakes or poisoned to death by mistakenly eating a poisonous berry.

“Today, another 100 people have left us because I’m not good enough. If my brother were here, this situation would never happen.” The White Princess shook her ears and sat on the stone beside the bonfire, and blamed herself.

The Black Princess on the side patted the White Princess on the shoulder, “You’ve done a good job, and we’re doing amazing lately. It’s better than being taken to hostage by those demons. Although the beasts are powerful, at least we can defeat them together.”

“I don’t know what happened to him. Is he still fighting the demons?” The Yellow Princess flicked her tail with a look of reverence in her eyes.

Hearing The Yellow Princess mention the word “him”, The White and Black Princess also showed reverence on their faces.

Jerry floated in mid-air, nodded as he listened to the conversation of the three, and then stretched out his hand to slowly deliver some of the things he had prepared earlier.

A bright light suddenly appeared in the night, and all the Kata people were attracted by the light that lit up in the night sky. A closer look reveals that several objects are emitting that light.

Immediately afterward, a familiar voice sounded throughout the night sky, “I will be giving you all this to help you to survive.”

All the Kata people and the three princesses fell to the ground respectfully in an instant. Afterward, the luminous objects also landed in front of the three.

In front of the Black Princess is a sword and a golden shield. She respectfully took the sword and shield, and the Black Princess suddenly had information about the sword and shield in her mind.

The sword is called Carmen’s Sword. It is extremely sharp and can cut everything. The shield is called Carmen’s Shield, and nothing can break it. They are all great artifacts from Jerry Carmen.

Holding the sword and shield, the Black Princess knew that no beasts could harm her people in the future.

It’s just that there is a faint doubt in her heart. What would happen if she used the sword to cut the shield?

She immediately abandoned that thought because she thought it was a blasphemous idea.

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