Unfortunately, due to some missteps, the Kree Empire now fought with a more formidable adversary. Carol Danvers, a woman they originally brought back from Earth, absorbed experimental energy.

This woman has tirelessly fought to free the colonial stars subjugated by the Kree Empire for two decades, often clashing with their fleets. Her overwhelming power and terror is what she is known for.

This woman’s menace led the Kree Empire to sign a truce with the Nova Empire.

Adding to their treaty, the most potent military force within the Empire, Ronan the Accuser, was exiled.

“Commander, this instance does not involve Danvers. It’s a different matter.” The Kree shook her head and pressed a small button.

Immediately, a holographic projection displayed Jerry in his colossal form, effortlessly severing a Kree Empire ship with a single swing of his sword and riddling a Kree ship with a barrage of ten thousand arrows.

The commander observed the hologram, “What’s the situation now?”

“After annihilating the patrol ships and combat vessels, the giant and the remaining Kata people vanished mysteriously. Over five hundred soldiers remain on the planet, and the collection ships are intact.” The Kree provided a report.

With eyes shut, the commander tapped the table. While he wanted to curse, his station compelled him to sigh again. The two decades since assuming command had been far from pleasant.

“Dispatch a team to recover the surviving soldiers and withdraw the collection ships. Specific actions await my report to the Supreme Intelligence before a decision is reached.”

“Understood, Commander.” The Kree saluted before exiting the commander’s office.

One man obliterated their ships and combat vessels singlehandedly—it implied the presence of a cosmic entity. Cosmic entities weren’t abundant, but their individual might be significant.

Beings like Odin and Zeus were incredibly potent, making planets blessed by their divine aura impervious to invasion. Hence, a planet untouched like Kata planet could be claimed. They’d confirmed the absence of divine presence through investigation and consequently deployed a fleet to colonize it.

“Let’s hope it’s not another Danvers.” The commander rose and approached a specialized device within the room.

Activating it, a silvery liquid emerged beneath him, gradually spreading from his feet toward his brain. An hour later, the commander used the command system.

“Inform about the appearance of the giant who assaulted the imperial ship to the most-wanted list. Offer a reward of a hundred million units for him.”

Inside the Ravagers ship, within Jerry’s quarters. Upon returning to his room, Jerry’s impatience drove him to enter the ring space.

Since he had contemplated the issue of resettling the inhabitants in his ring space, he’d already partitioned the entire world in advance.

The ring world’s current size is two provinces big approximately, divided into two distinct regions, each separated by expansive bodies of water. One region was preserved for his original villa, magical creatures, and various plantations of potions.

The other region resembled Earth’s plains—a dense forest, verdant grasslands, meandering rivers, and numerous hills teeming with diverse flora and fauna. This area was earmarked for future residents’ habitation.

Now, he opened a portal to the heart of this second region’s grassland.

Upon entering the ring space, Jerry refrained from materializing immediately, choosing to hover in midair instead.

The Kata people stood on the grasslands at this juncture, gazing at this verdant world starkly distinct from their homeworld. Bewilderment painted their faces. They arrived in an entirely alien realm after being liberated from demonic clutches.

Amid the whirlwind of newfound freedom, confusion loomed.

From above, Jerry surveyed the bewildered Kata people below. Initially, he planned to harness the Power Stone and Reality Stone to reshape the Kata city within this grassland.

This would provide food and water, hastening their recovery, after which he’d guide them in establishing a religion, promoting the Book of Carmen under his dominion.

Yet, upon reflection, this approach felt unneeded. People everywhere shared a common trait—imperfection.

His miraculous intervention in saving the Kata people was sufficient to inspire gratitude and awe. But the response might shift if he provided sustenance and shelter without challenge.

Hence, he deemed it wiser to allow them a gradual exploration of this new world, enabling them to rebuild their home step by step.

They hailed from an era of cold weaponry and lacked the refinement of modern individuals. He’d already populated the region with fruit-bearing trees, vegetables, and various animals through his Transfiguration Charm.

After a period of acclimatization, they could collaborate to reconstruct their homeland. Undoubtedly, challenges would abound during this process.

Everything here differed from their native environment, compounded by their lack of essential tools. Within this region, Jerry had conjured animals through his spell.

However, these animals like bears, tigers, leopards, and venomous snakes might pose dangers during the initial exploration.

But this is important.

He could guide them, nurturing an understanding of their world, spreading the Book of Carmen, and teaching healing and defense against beasts.

With this, reconstruction of their homeland would happen in a moment.

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Published On: September 12, 2023

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